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Fanfic: Driving Mr Wandell 18/?

Driving Mr Wandell 18/?

Warning: This is Alternative Universe-story. If you can't stand to see Kevin/Scotty/Others in situations that are Out Of Character, stay away and don't whine to me about it.

By Marea67
About: Mainly Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Depending on the chapter - This one: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sister belongs to ABC, but thanks to this AU Kevin/Scotty can at least kiss.
Summary: walkersfics  wondered: "How come even in AUs Kevin is always the one saving Scotty?" And though she has her own great storyline for that, it sure made me think: “What if….?”


Saul opens the door and greets Kevin and Scotty as if they are old friends. Within 5 minutes Kevin and Scotty both feel completely comfortable around the 70+ plus man, who doesn’t look a day over 60 and has the energy of a 20 year old. It actually surprises Kevin how vivacious the man is.

The colorful Hawaiian shirt, the faded jeans, the sandals, his love for bright-colored, not necessarily matching socks… In all, it’s obvious that Saul lives in a more cheerful state of mind than Kevin and that he enjoys his life. Kevin can feel the energy that comes from Saul and it makes him feel stronger as well.

Saul introduces him to his life-partner, Jonathan, a man close to Saul’s own age, but more calm and thoughtful in his ways.
“Saul, why don’t you give the boys something to drink. Not that awful brew you drink, but some fresh coffee.” Jonathan suggests.

Soon enough they are in front of the fire-place drinking coffee and Kevin can finally tell Saul the reason why he came to see him. Kevin starts to explain the troubles he had with his father, at first hesitantly, but once he notices that he has Saul’s full attention, he becomes more self-confident and his voice becomes stronger.

He talks about his fights with his dad, how he left the house, his life after that, his time in prison and briefly about how he met Scotty and what his involvement is, and then his father’s death, the outcome of the will and the shock and of course, he talks about the insecurities it had raised in Kevin. And to finish it all, he shows Saul the diary.

Scotty watches, rather surprised, how Kevin and Saul seem to be focused on each other. To them Scotty and Jonathan no longer exist, wrapped as they both are in that world of thoughts and memories where William is still alive. But Scotty also notices the worried frown on Jonathan’s face and he wonders who Jonathan’s concern is for. Kevin or Saul?

When Kevin stops talking, Saul leans back. He doesn’t immediately reply, but for once, seems to think before he answers. Then he smiles.
“You were always the brightest of the bunch…” He turns to Scotty. “You picked the best of the lot, did you know that, kid?

I’m not sure why William left everything to you, but rest assured that he did it with no intent to take it away from you again…. You wonder:  why not Sarah or Tommy..? Well, it’s simple. They betrayed him. Betrayed. Him. And there’s something you need to know about your dad.

William was tough man, but he loved Sarah and Tommy endlessly. He would have walked through fire for them and, he believed, that they loved him as unconditionally as he loved them… Then he found about the skimming of the money…. Of all the things…. He would have given them anything they wanted. He gave them everything they wanted… 

Willliam was shocked, hurt… Kevin, he sat there at our table and cried like a child over the deception… I’d known him for quite some years and I had only seen William cry once before… That was when your mother had that car-accident and nearly died…. when he sat at her bed and cried and begged her not to die….

I never saw William lose his control before or since,… until that day that I confirmed to him what he suspected. That Sarah and Tommy were lying to him… It was like someone tore his heart out of his chest…” Saul clenches his fist, shakes his head that he can’t go on as he temporarily overtaken with emotions.

“In fact, your father looked so bad, that Saul and I feared that he was close to a heart-attack.” Jonathan’s warm voice takes over. “That night he stayed here and Saul and William talked for hours... We were also the first to know that he had cancer…”
“And that he had changed the will, though we didn’t know the details.” Saul adds.

“But when he came here, after he had it changed it, he was in the best of moods ever and repeatedly said that those who betrayed him would get the shock of their miserable lives… And he’d chuckle as if he just told the best joke ever.” Jonathan finishes. Saul nods that he agrees with Jonathon’s explanation.

“You have to understand Kevin, your father was a man who was loyal to those he loved. He worshipped your mother, never even thought about cheating on her. He love Kitty and Justin, although, to him, they were losers, who somehow never got a grip on their lives.

He however believed that Tommy and Sarah would be the ones to keep his family afloat if anything would ever happen to him, and then they turned out to be big fat liars and your father wasn’t the kind of man to forgive or forget. Yes, he was a loyal and loving man, but he could also be a vindictive, unforgiving bastard.”

“Yes, I know.” Kevin replies with a sad face. “My dad never forgave me.”
“Kevin, I’m not sure what happened to your dad over the last few years. He never really confided in me. He never confided in anyone…” He places his hand on Jonathan’s and signals something to him with a nod and a frown. Jonathan nods and leaves the table.

“However, he gave me something to give to you, just in case you’d make the connection and you would think to come here… These last few years your father was really working on his goodbye. He was obsessed with the idea that he’d die sooner than expected, something confirmed by the diagnosis of cancer, and he wanted to be ready.

So, he spent a lot of time trying to fix his errors of the past. He made amends with former business-partners, he set up the trust-funds for Kitty and Justin, he wanted to make sure that your mother would be safe and protected…. He and I had a long talk and I ended up forgiving him for his terrible behavior to me when he found out I was gay.”

Jonathan joins them again and gives a large envelope to Saul, who holds it tightly for a few seconds as if it pains him to let it go, but then he gives it to Kevin.
“I don’t know what is in it, I only know that it was important to William and it was something he’d been working on for quite a while.”

Kevin plays with the envelop for a few seconds, unsure if he can handle opening it.
“Saul? Why don’t you help me in the kitchen for a few minutes.” Jonathan suggests and he makes a movement with his head to quietly tell Saul to leave Kevin and Scotty alone for a few minutes.. Saul takes the hint and the two men leave.

Scotty’s hands take Kevin’s hands. He can feel them tremble a bit.
“I’m scared.” Kevin whispers.
“He can’t hurt you. Not ever again.” Scotty replies in an equally quiet voice. “Whatever is in there,… I’m here to protect you…”

“Scotty Wandell, my knight in shining armor.” Kevin smiles sweetly.
“Hey! You should see me ride on a white horse…” Scotty jokes.
“I’d rather ride you.” Kevin teases and he gives Scotty a flirtatious look.

Scotty holds Kevin’s hands for just a few moments more, until Kevin says:
“I’m glad you’re here.”
“ Where else would I be? You’re my boyfriend and if you need me, I’ll be here for you.” Scotty seems to think it’s the most normal thing in the world and Kevin can only give him a happy smile.

“Alright. Shall we open it?” Kevin asks, but he doesn’t really wait for Scotty’s answer. He tears open the envelop to find several plastic bags inside. They seem to contain letters. Saul and Jonathon join them again and Saul picks up one of the plastic bags.
“Letters?” Saul asks surprised.


Despite Saul and Jonathon’s efforts to have Kevin and Scotty spend the night at their place, Kevin is adamant that he wants some privacy for himself and Scotty and that he he’d feel embarrassed to stay overnight at Saul’s home. Saul only accepts after Kevin promises him that he’ll be back the next day.

Jonathan cleans up the table, brings the glasses to the kitchen, surprised to see Saul throw an extra log on the fire.
“Are you cold?” He asks, concerned that Saul might be getting sick.
“No. I have something to burn.” Saul says.

It’s only now that Jonathan notices a large envelope lying next to Saul.
“What is it?” He asks. Saul looks up at him. He suddenly seems so tired.
“William Walker’s last will and testament. The one he made after he make that one that names Kevin as his heir.”

“There was a newer will?” Jonathan asks, shocked. Saul nods slowly.
“Yes, and he gave it to me. He said he had faith in me to do the right thing…”
“… which would have been…?” Jonathan’s voice is soft, but Saul can’t overlook the slightly menacing tone of it. He won’t lie to Jonathan.

“Kevin is right. Of course William Walker would never sign over his life’s work to a nobody. He was convinced that Kevin would do ‘the right thing’ … But if he would decide to sell Ojai, I had to step up and show the Walkers this more recent will and take everything away from Kevin again…

But… hearing Kevin talk about his youth, about his misery… it brought back all the pain I went through… I thought William wasn’t only my brother-in-law, but also my best friend… It was though enough to come out to him and admit that I was gay, but the way he responded…. The things he said… The words were such a slap to face…

If it had been anyone else, … I would have 'understood'… then I could have walked away. Other people’s opinions didn’t matter. His opinion however did….” Saul sighs. “And then he forbade to come near his children, near my sister… and Nora… agreed… She stood by and let me be chased out of her life, just like she stood by as Kevin got chased away….”

Saul’s eyes fill tears and Jonathan wraps his arms around him.
“It was all so long ago.” Jonathan reminds Saul.
“I know, but I remember it all as if it happened yesterday.”
“You forgave him.”

“Have I?” Saul asks. “This meeting with my nephew sure opened up old wounds. Which is why I’m going to burn this will.”
“Saul, you can’t do that…”
“Yes, I can. I could. If Kevin did the right thing.”

“But we have no idea what Kevin will do.” Jonathan protests.
“The term ‘the right thing’ is a broad one. Having met Kevin today and having spoken to Scotty I’ve reached the decision that Kevin will do ‘the right thing’. Whether it would be what William would have wanted is another thing entirely.

But I’m convinced that Kevin will do what he considers ‘the right thing to do’ and whether it is selling the place, keeping it or burning it to the ground… It’s no longer my concern.”
Saul throws the envelop on the fire and he watches the flames lick at the paper and he smiles when the papers curl around. No one will ever take anything away from Kevin again.

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