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Fanfic: Driving Mr Wandell 17/?

Driving Mr Wandell 17/?

Warning: This is Alternative Universe-story. If you can't stand to see Kevin/Scotty/Others in situations that are Out Of Character, stay away and don't whine to me about it.

By Marea67
: Mainly Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Depending on the chapter - This one: NC-17-ish
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sister belongs to ABC, but thanks to this AU Kevin/Scotty can at least kiss.
Summary: walkersfics  wondered: "How come even in AUs Kevin is always the one saving Scotty?" And though she has her own great storyline for that, it sure made me think: “What if….?”


The hotelbed is soft and comfortable, when Scotty joins Kevin in bed.
“Anything good?” He asks, letting his head rest on Kevin’s shoulder. Kevin smiles at the sweet gesture, but then shakes his head.
“I don’t know.”

“You’ve been reading that diary for more than an hour now, haven’t you?”
“I guess, for myself, a lot of things are unimportant. It all feels like a pile of seemingly pointless notes, copies of landsales, land he bought… without anyone knowing. I still can’t imagine no one knew. He didn’t trust anyone…”

“Unless we believe that he is the shrew business-man you said he was.”
“Even then….” Kevin shakes his head. “He never gave me a chance to get to know him and now he’s gone and the secrets that come out makes him an even bigger enigma than he was before.

I keep asking myself: Why me? Even if he was mad at Tommy and Sarah, they’d still have more going for them to take over the company than I have. I have no experience, no background, nothing, yet he signs over not one, but two companies that he worked 40 years to build.

All this in the knowledge that I couldn’t stand him, he gave me permission to sell everything that he worked for so many years. He was a shrewd business man, so why do this? Wouldn’t it have been simpler to just forgive Sarah and Tommy? He knew he was dying, it was just a matter of time. Of all the decisions he could have made… Why this one?”

“Maybe, sweetie, you worry too much.” Scotty kisses Kevin’s shoulder and lets his hand caress Kevin’s chest. Kevin takes his hand and smile.
“And maybe you are distracting me too much from worrying about this.”
“And maybe….” Scotty nibbles at Kevin’s ear. “… that is exactly the plan…”

Kevin laughs softly and kisses Scotty, before he puts aside the diary and returns to Scotty’s arms. This time he allows Scotty’s kiss to become more intimate and he caresses Scotty’s back , in an attempt to encourage him to do more than just kissing. Making love with Scotty is always easy, because Scotty likes it so much. 

Scotty really doesn’t need that much pushing. Before Kevin can do more, he feels Scotty’s hands on his body, pushing him further on his back. His hands then explore the places they’ve been before. The ones that made Kevin arch up, that made him moan and quietly beg for more.

Soon enough Kevin can feel Scotty prepare him. The incredible tenderness, that Scotty gives him, still makes him feel weird. He’s so used to being pushed and shoved around, that the gentleness worries him sometimes, like he’s waiting for the mood to turn and for Scotty to become more forceful, but so far, Scotty hasn’t done that.

Kevin grabs hold of the pillow when Scotty penetrates him. It takes his breath away, but he doesn’t have much time to thinks about it. He simply enjoys the way Scotty takes him. The firm hold, those large hands on his body, the lips on his skin. Deep inside him something gives up control of the situation.

For a few seconds they become one, as they move in sinc with each other, but then Scotty takes control and Kevin lets himself go as well, surrendering to Scotty’s rhythm and thrusts, forgetting all around him for just those few moments where the worlds just stops spinning.


Kevin carefully sits up. He tries to not wake Scotty, but only succeeds to make Scotty turn over with a grumpy sound, so that now Scotty’s back is turned to him. With a soft smile he lets his hand caress that back. Scotty gives a soft appreciative moan, holds his pillow a bit tighter, but continues his sleep.

This is Kevin’s cue to pick up the diary again. In his dad’s handwriting he reads: “(faded out date) 1963. Steven really left. I’m glad. Mom cries a lot.” Not far underneath, written in a different color: “December 16, 1963. He won’t be home for Christmas. Good.” Good? Kevin wonders about that small word.

“April (waterstain), 1964. Friend of Steven says Steven didn’t come back from mission....Impossible! ” Why would his father think it was ‘impossible’? There was a war going on! “Tried to find out more. Don’t understand. Steven can’t be dead.” His dad’s inability to accept his brother’s death is painful to read.

He doesn’t mention anything. The entries are few and far between. 1965 has two entries that he can’t decipher because the paper is smudged. For 1966 only 3 entries about heavy rain and something about orchards. He finds the announcements of the birth of Sarah and Tommy, but not Kitty’s.

An entry reads “1973: War is over. Steven will be home soon.” And Kevin frowns. By now his uncle had been ‘missing’ for nearly 8-9 years. What would make his father think he’d be back? Kevin blinks as the letters start to dance before his eyes. He’s tired and his body begs for sleep, but there’s something about the diary that holds his attention.

His father had always been a quiet man, even the comments in the diary didn’t reveal any emotions. It was too bizarre for words. Not even the birth of his first born child had deserved more than a “Sarah born two days ago.” Kevin shakes his head, slowly feeling that William had never cared as much for any of his children.

He closes the book and looks at Scotty’s sleeping form and he sighs. He turns off the lights and slips back under the covers and he nestles close to Scotty. It seems to Kevin that every steps he takes to understand his father a bit better, pushes him further away from his dad.

Why had William always been so uncaring, so closed off? Kevin remembers that he once asked his mother about it and she had answered, that she had always believed that she could change him… Kevin wraps his arm around Scotty… Talk about an unrealistic dream. You can’t change a person character unless he’s willing to change and William would never change.

Scotty moans and turns in his sleep, so Kevin does the same, so he can push himself closer to Scotty and sure enough Scotty’s strong arm circles around him. He feels Scotty’s chest against his back. His own safe little cocoon. With a little smile he closes his eyes one more time and this time sleep takes over.


“Saul! Uncle Saul! That might be it.” Kevin yells as he sits up.
“….Huh?” is the only sound from underneath the covers and Kevin only now realizes that Scotty is still asleep although he himself had been dozing a bit.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart, go back to sleep.” Kevin replies, soothingly running his fingers through Scotty’s hair.

“Kinda pointless. I’m awake now.” Scotty grumbles.
“Sorry.” Kevin says again. “I just woke up and figured out who to talk to…. My uncle Saul!”

“My mother’s brother. He started Ojai Foods with my dad. He and my dad were close at the time, but they had a fight over something, and then Saul pulled out of the business and left Los Angeles altogether to move to San Francisco. I’ve only met him a few times when I was a little kid.

When dad started to suspect Sarah and Tommy, he contacted Saul again and Saul helped him… Maybe Saul can help me as well?” Kevin thinks out loud. Scotty frowns, He gets a bit tired of Kevin’s concerns about what William Walker would have wanted. At this point he feels that Kevin should just take the money and run.

“I know.” Kevin sighs. “You think I should stop worrying and just sell the whole thing and get it over with….” It is indeed what Scotty thought, but hearing Kevin actually say it, makes it sound as if he’s asking Kevin to throw in the towel and give up. Scotty caresses Kevin’s back.

“What I think or believe is not that important. You should do what you believe is right. I’ve met your family and they didn’t leave a positive impression on me, aside from Justin and Tyler,…” Both men smile gently at the memory of that lovely couple. “… I don’t understand what it is you’re fretting about.

However… I will support your decision, whatever it will be. If you want to keep the lot, we’ll see how we cope. If you wish to sell, than I’ll agree with you too. Don’t cater to my feelings, listen to your own. If your gut-instinct tells you there something going on, than act on that.

Don’t second-guess yourself. You’re an amazing guy. You’re smart and you’re sensible. Stand behind your decisions….” Scotty encourages Kevin.
“Really? You really think I should?”

“I have a decision I’ve been meaning to communicate to you for a few minutes now…”
“What is it?”
“I think… it would be a good idea to have sex after breakfast….” Kevin suggests.

“See how easy it is? You’re a very smart guy… I’ve reached the same conclusion from the moment I opened my eyes this morning…” Scotty replies and a little smile plays around his lips, before he moves closer to Kevin to kiss him.


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