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Fanfic: Driving Mr Wandell 16/?

Driving Mr Wandell 16/?

Warning: This is Alternative Universe-story. If you can't stand to see Kevin/Scotty/Others in situations that are Out Of Character, stay away and don't whine to me about it.

By Marea67
Mainly Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Depending on the chapter - This one: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sister belongs to ABC, but thanks to this AU Kevin/Scotty can at least kiss.
Summary: walkersfics  wondered: "How come even in AUs Kevin is always the one saving Scotty?" And though she has her own great storyline for that, it sure made me think: “What if….?”


Kevin leaves the car and opens the gate. He takes a deep breath before moving on. The map of the Ojai-valley is beside him on the passenger seat, so he can keep track of where he is. And this should be it. The centre of his father’s other ‘empire’. Whatever Kevin had expected, this is not it. It’s looks rather disappointing. It's just an old ranch.

He slowly walks up to the house, somehow expecting at any moment that some chain-saw wielding man will jump out, ready to cut off an arm or a leg. Kevin shivers and he curses the fact that he came here alone. He should have come here with Scotty, as Scotty had suggested, but Kevin had felt that he should face his demons alone.

Standing in front of the house, he thinks that the place could use a bit of paint. It all seems run-down, but the windows are clean and none of them are broken. He had learned by now that his father had someone who’d clean the place up regularly, so he hopes that the inside is better than the outside.

Hesitantly he sticks the key in the lock and opens the door. The door opens without a creak and Kevin is glad with that. It’s creepy enough to be here on his own, in the middle of nowhere, with only the sound of the wind breaking the silence. So he tries to forget that he’s living the perfect intro to a horror-movie and he opens the door even further to enter.

He finds himself in the middle of a large living-room with a big comfortable-looking leather couch. The small table is empty, except for the remote of the tv in the corner. There’s a huge desk under the window and Kevin wonders if he can access his dad's computer. Furthermore , the room has a dinner-table with two chairs, old but solid-looking. Some old pictures are on the wall.

Kevin recognizes himself in one of them. A few pictures of other siblings and a huge, beautiful picture of his mother. He lets his finger slide along the top of the picture. It somehow touches him to see her picture here. He’s amazed that his father cared so much for his mother.

“Kevin?” The voice in the previously perfect silence makes Kevin jump in fear.
“Scotty!... You scared the hell out of me!” He yells and Scotty laughs.
“Sorry, sweetie, I know you wanted to be here alone, but … I didn’t want to leave you on your own here. Demons can be so hard to fight.”

The simplicity in Scotty’s words is sweet and, with a sigh, Kevin wraps his arms around Scotty.
“I’m glad you’re here.” He whispers against Scotty’s shoulder. Scotty holds him a few seconds longer, but then he lets go.

“So? This is it?”
“Yes.” Kevin answers.
“What do you think?”
“Nothing. It looks good.”

In the corner is an old bed, but when Kevin sits on it, he discovers it’s actually quite comfortable. Scotty meanwhile checks the small kitchen-area and finds the fridge to be working and there are cold drinks in there. Cold beer!
“Wow! Nice place.”

Kevin smiles and takes one of the beer from Scotty’s hand, while he opens the drawers of his father’s desk.
“Are you looking for something in particular?” Scotty asks. Kevin shakes his head.
“Not that I know of. Maybe I’d like to know how my dad was, when he was here.”

“Have you seen the rest of the place yet?”
“No, I just got here myself.” Kevin answers. Scotty and Kevin quickly browse around and they find paperwork, pictures and knick-knacks. Nothing important. 

So they focus their attention on another door, that leads to a very large storage-area, where Kevin finds lots of files. All the labels are written in his father’s neat hand-writing and they date back to nearly 25 years ago.
“This should be interesting for the accountants.”
“Probably,… I guess.” Kevin replies, still reading the several sort of labels.

“Shall we go upstairs?” Scotty reaches out to Kevin and Kevin takes his hand. They go to the first floor to find a small square corridor with 5 doors.
“Door number 1.” Scotty points and Kevin opens it. It’s an old, but clean family bathroom. Just a bath and a shower and a small sink.

“Looks pretty old to me.” Kevin says. “Must have been my grandmother’s.”
“I think so too..” Scotty replies. “Shall we go for door no 2?”
“Why not?” Kevin hesitates before opening the door, but then flings it open with decisiveness.

It reveals a woman’s bedroom. There’s a huge closet, a small two-persons-bed, an old chair in front of a dressing table and a writing desk with drawers. Kevin opens the writing desk to find that there are still letters addressed to Mrs Olivia Walker, his grandmother, and he finds an old framed picture of his grand-father. Well, he assumes it's his grand-father.

Kevin is amazed. He’s in awe by how well-preserved the room seems. It’s like stepping back in time and he realizes that the hair-brush on display on the dressing table must have once belonged to his grandmother. He opens the closet and finds the neatly stacked sheets, towels and washcloths. There’s a strong scent of moth-balls.

Kevin opens another door and finds his grand-mother’s dresses hanging on coat-hangers, side by side. Several of them are plain dresses, and mostly likely the everyday dresses. There's a ‘festive’ dress with cute little embroidered flowers and of course a completely black dress, obviously for funerals. Kevin opens one of the drawers, only to quickly close it again with an embarassed grin, when he sees it’s his grand-mother’s underwear.

“I feel like, any moment now, she’ll walk into this room and ask us what we’re doing here.” Scotty whispers.
“I know, weird, huh? I never knew my father cared so deeply about her. She died so long ago. She was never real to me to begin with, but now…

I mean, she’d sit here and brush her hair with that hair-brush, she’d walk over to that door and wonder what dress to pick for today, she wrote letters….” Kevin’s eyes fill with tears, as he feels a strange sense of loss. Scotty wraps his arms around him from behind and kisses his shoulder.

“Why don’t we move on?” He suggests, his voice calm and caring. Kevin nods and follows Scotty out of his grandmother’s room. The next door has a clear name-shield, that says “Steven”. Kevin braces himself, but opens the door anyway. This room is also a throw-back in time.

Only this room methodically cleaned. The books on the shelve are neatly in a row from high to low. The desk is clean, and sure enough Kevin finds everything in the top-drawer. His uncle’s closet has clothes that come straight from the early 1960s.
“He went to war in 1963 when he was 20 years old….” Kevin says quietly.

“And your father?”
“He never fought. They discovered he had some medical problem. He never told me what…. Or maybe I didn’t listen… Who knows?”
“He lived here in the past.” Scotty states, as he looks around him.

“It would seem like it. It’s as if my grand-mother or my uncle could enter at any time and resume their lives exactly where they left off. It’s creepy, but also very sweet and it’s so different from what I had expected to find from my dad.”
“I assume that one of the other doors is your dad’s room….”

Kevin quietly agrees. The door marked “William” now gets opened and Kevin steps into the room. It’s almost empty. There’s no bed, no closet, nothing. There’s however an old writing desk and above it hangs a discolored high-school banner (Tommy's maybe). Kevin feels disappointed.

After the all the ‘secrets’ the other rooms had given him access to, this emptiness feels like another snub from his dad. Scotty quickly checks the writing desk, but finds nothing worth noting, while Kevin looks around with growing anger.
“There’s an attic too.” He says in a strange rough voice and he slams the door closed.

They climb up to the attic, but only find a large empty space there. The sum of his dad’s life here: Two perfectly maintained rooms, an empty attic, an empty room and some files… How sad… Scotty leads the way back down and Kevin lets himself fall on the leather couch.

“Well, those last two doors were cold showers.” Kevin finally says. Scotty hands him another beer.
“I agree. What do we do now?”
“I wish I knew.” Kevin answers and he takes a long gulp from his beer.

“I came here….” Kevin continues, thinking out loud. “… to find answers. I had hoped that, in here, I would find out what my dad wanted me to do, what he expected of me, but I’m even more confused now then I was this morning, because earlier I only worried about what to do about Ojai Food and San Estephe wineries and now, there’s this place too….”

“You can still consider selling it all. Holly Harper is interested and she offers for the winery alone, what your father’s competitor offered for everything. You’d be rich and you can give the money to your family as you see fit. It will provide all of them financial independence to solve their problems.”

“I agree… I could do that….” Kevin nods, hanging back, watching through his eye-lashes how Scotty sits down in the desk-chair. Scotty childishly makes the desk-chair spin and Scotty can’t help but grin. Scotty looks so sweet. Scotty stops and opens another drawer, one that Kevin hadn’t tried yet.

He reaches in to take something but gives a yelp of pain and he quickly withdraws his hand to suck on one of his fingers.
“Scotty?” Kevin immediately jumps up and runs to Scotty.
“It’s nothing. Paper-cut. I just didn’t expect it.”

Kevin carefully sticks his hand in the drawer and feels that something is stuck in the back. He tries to shake it lose and after some pushing and shoving, it finally gives in and Kevin can pull out a note-book. He immediately recognizes his father’s handwriting and then notices the dates of the notes and he understands he’s holding his father’s diary.

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