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Fanfic: Driving Mr Wandell 12/?

Driving Mr Wandell 12/?

Warning: This is Alternative Universe-story. If you can't stand to see Kevin/Scotty/Others in situations that are Out Of Character, stay away and don't whine to me about it.

By Marea67
Mainly Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Depending on the chapter - This one: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sister belongs to ABC, but thanks to this AU Kevin/Scotty can at least kiss.
Summary: walkersfics  wondered: "How come even in AUs Kevin is always the one saving Scotty?" And though she has her own great storyline for that, it sure made me think: “What if….?”


“Hi, can I come in?” Jason asks and without really waiting for the answer he enters the apartment. “I believe we had a bad start and I came here to apologize to you. I was rude and assumed something I had no right to assume and if I’ve offended you or made you feel uncomfortable with my remarks, I apologize profoundly.”

The apology comes smoothly and quickly, but seems genuine.
“It’s okay.” Kevin replies. Jason’s boyish energy makes him suddenly feel tired and drained.
“I can tell you that Scotty was very angry. He really likes you…”

The words come easy and without intent, but Kevin believes strongly that Jason keeps a good eye on Kevin’s reaction. Kevin tenses up.
“That’s very nice of him. I like him too.” Kevin manages to keep his voice neutral.
“I’m sorry, but, you know. I often forget that Scotty is more reserved than I am.”

Kevin doesn’t say anything, because he can’t think of anything he can say. He can’t very well tell Jason that Scotty stepped out of their bed, naked, in front of his entire family. Something Kevin generally wouldn’t classify as ‘being reserved’.

“You see, I’m the one who always blabs about anything that comes to my mind, even when sometimes I should keep my mouth shut. Scotty and Ijust have different priorities in our lives.

Like today. Scotty told me, a while ago, that he had hired a responsible, careful, attentive chauffeur, who’s really dedicated to his work. And that he’s satisfied with your work.

And then I meet you and all I see is a good-looking guy I wouldn’t mind inviting to a more private place and do some pretty naughty things with.” Kevin gasps in shock over Jason’s words and Jason laughs: “I know, obnoxious of me! Especially considering that you don’t even seem interested in me…”

“… Or that you’re engaged to Scotty?...” Kevin reminds him.
“And there’s that little detail.” Jason admits with a casual nod. He can see a frown appear on Kevin’s face and it amuses him. It’s good to know that Scotty at least picked someone who apparently cares for him.

“Oh, please, sweetie, don’t be mad.” Jason coos. “Of course I love Scotty very much, but just because we’re engaged, doesn’t mean I’m dead. Nor that I’m blind. You’re drop-dead gorgeous and so is he and I know you two slept together. He told me all about it. And if he can have sex with others, than so can I.”

“Listen, Mr McCallister….”
“Call me Jason.” Jason waves away the politeness.
“… Mister McCallister,..” Kevin repeats. “I’m glad Mr Wandell was honest with you. I’m sorry to have slept with your fiancé, but he was the one who neglected to tell me that he was engaged.”

Jason stares at Kevin, suddenly aware that they act like they are in the middle of a Victorian play, about two gentlemen dueling over the hand of a young maiden – Scotty is so going to hate this description – and Jason starts to laugh.
“Okay, okay… I know that too. Stop being so uptight!”

Jason’s comment knocks the wind out of Kevin and his confusion is so obviously on his face that Jason takes pity on him.
“Listen. Scotty told me the truth. And I’m fine with it. He’s an amazing guy and I love him from the bottom of my heart. He’s my best friend. Our families have known each other for a long time. We grew up together.

When my father died, Wally Wandell became like a father to my brother Robert and me. Scotty and I came out around the same time, our families have always ‘known’ that we were made for each other and the relationship between Scotty and me was just inevitable.”

He sees the sad acceptance on Kevin’s face and Jason is impressed.
“I want to make it up to you that I was so incredibly rude and I won’t take no for an answer. There’s a family-dinner tonight and I want you to join us. You’re practically a part of the Wandell-family anyway and I think you should be there.”

“I can’t.” Kevin replies and he shakes his head.
“Yes, you can. You owe it to Scotty to be there. So, come on, get dressed and we’ll go.”
“Didn’t I say I wouldn’t take no for an answer?” Jason teases and, too tired to fight, Kevin gives in.


Scotty’s mother, Bertha, assumes that if it would have been someone other than Jason McCallister, Kevin would no doubt have been extremely annoyed with him. Jason is, like a hurricane, an unstoppable force of nature. But at the same time Jason is also very endearing, interested, clever and enthusiastic that Kevin relaxes quite quickly under his guidance.

In his own cheerful, teasing way, Jason introduces Kevin to the family and if Kevin would have felt awkward by being near Robert McCallister, the man most likely to be voted to be the new president, it is immediately taken away by the McCallisters and the Wandells.

She sees her husband, Wally, offer Kevin a drink and she wonders why Scotty looks like he just saw a ghost, when Kevin walked in. Or why Jason keeps hanging around Kevin, while at the same time staying clearly away from Scotty. Soon enough she sees Kevin in discussion with Jason’s uncle Jack. Bertha comes closer and pretends not to listen in.

Jack, a lawyer himself, is surprised to hear that Kevin wanted to be a lawyer, but also takes away Kevin’s shame, when he remembers Kevin’s case, by telling Kevin that he feels that a big injustice had been done to Kevin. And to prove it, he gives Kevin his business-card and tells him to come and see him sometimes.

Kevin can see Bertha’s appreciative nod and he’s worried. Why is she constantly staring at him? Does she know about Scotty and him? Does any of them know? Do they dislike him for it, because they assume he might come between Scotty and Jason? Kevin likes the McCallisters and the Wandells, but they make him a bit nervous.

Occasionally Kevin’s eyes meet Scotty’s, but Scotty makes no attempt to get closer to Kevin and, in a way, Kevin is very happy with that. He still feels lied at and being so close to Scotty hurts, but he doesn’t want to disappoint all the people at the dinner, who are so nice to him.

The dinner itself is rather casual and the atmosphere is good. Such a huge difference from the Walker-dinner earlier this week. No drama, no mean stabs at each other. Instead there’s laughter and interesting stories to be told…. That is the way a group of people should be together… and that realization makes Kevin feel even worse about his own family.

Eventually, halfway the dinner, Jason stands up and taps with his spoon to ask for silence and it takes a few seconds to have everyone look at him.
“Alright, people, I have an announcement to make. In fact, to be more precise, Scotty and I have an announcement to make. …”

“Oh! You finally picked a date! A summer wedding?” Bertha guesses and the idea seems to go well with the others too and suddenly the ideas for huge parties, with lots of food, flowers and wine pop up, but Jason shakes his head and raises his hands to get silence again.

“No. No plans. In fact…” He looks at Scotty with a loving, gentle smile. “In fact, Scotty and I have had a long debate - Approximately 3-4 minutes - about this and …” He waits for everyone to stop laughing. “We’ve decided to call the whole thing of. What seemed like a good idea, so many years ago, now just no longer works.

Scotty is happy here in Los Angeles and I can’t wait to get out of here and return to Washington… I think, there was a fork in the road somewhere and our paths have moved away from each other. Though we still love each other very much, and we’re still the best of friends, we both realize that we are no longer ‘in love’ with each other.

And we both look for something else in our prospective partners. I wish to spend my life with someone who wants to party and enjoy life to the max, where Scotty indicated that he thought it was time to grow up, settle down and relax and this became so important to Scotty, that he asked for this break up, because he has fallen in love with someone else…”

“Jason….” Scotty whispers insistently. Jason doesn’t mind being the centre of attention, but he does, and he hates that all eyes are suddenly fixed on him. Especially when he sees Kevin’s pale face. Keving seems stunned by what just happened. Scotty smiles at him, a bit insecure. Kevin smiles back, shyly.

“I sincerely hope that,…” Jason continues. “…now that Scotty is a free man again, that he will find the happiness he seeks with that other man… and I believe he can.. Of course, I’m crushed, ...devastated and completely lost, but I’ll get over it in …. Half an hour?” He asks Scotty, who laughs.

“Half an hour sounds good to me.” Scotty looks at all the smiling faces, no one seems to be completely shell-shocked by the announcement. It’s almost as if they’d been waiting for this to happen. He doesn’t dare to look at Kevin and when he does, they both quickly look away again.

Bertha catches the glances and wonders what is going on. Is her son in love with his chauffeur? She’s not shocked, or particularly devastated, that Scotty broke up with Jason. It had always seemed like a strange mix anyway. They were just too different in so many ways, that really mattered.

She knows that it doesn’t have mean anything. Opposite attracts, but she always quietly believed that, that her son would get enough of a guy like Jason. It had surprised her that Scotty had held on the way he had, but now it all starts to make sense to her. They were never going for a life together in the first place…


Scotty counts down the seconds until the dinner is over and sure enough, as soon as everybody can leave the table, he maneuvers through the room until he reaches Kevin, but when he finally reaches him, he can only look at Kevin’s face. He doesn’t know what to say, instead he just smiles dumbly at Kevin.

“Because of me?” Kevin whispers. There’s hope in his eyes and Scotty can see him hold his breath. Scotty can only nod and watch, with a fluttering feeling in his stomach, as a shy, but big smile appears on Kevin’s face.
“Because of you.” Scotty finally answers.


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