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Fanfic: Driving Mr Wandell 11/?

Driving Mr Wandell 11/?

Warning: This is Alternative Universe-story. If you can't stand to see Kevin/Scotty/Others in situations that are Out Of Character, stay away and don't whine to me about it.

By Marea67
About: Mainly Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Depending on the chapter - This one: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sister belongs to ABC, but thanks to this AU Kevin/Scotty can at least kiss.
Summary: walkersfics wondered: "How come even in AUs Kevin is always the one saving Scotty?" And though she has her own great storyline for that, it sure made me think: “What if….?”


Justin looks up at his brother and he can see his red eyes.
“Kevin? Are you alright? You’ve been crying.” He asks immediately.
“It’s nothing. Something stupid.”
“If Scotty hurt you…”

“I got hurt by Scotty, but it was my own fault.”
“You know that’s a pattern, right? They always convince the victim that it’s their fault.” It takes a few seconds for Kevin to get what Justin means and, shocked that Justin would even think of it, but at the same time, glad for his caring reaction, Kevin laughs.

“Scotty isn’t abusing me… In fact… To be honest… Scotty is not my boyfriend. He’s my boss…. But we get along very well.. So well, that I thought that, after these last two days, he and I might…. You know… like each other…” Kevin nervously moves his hands and Justin tries to understand what he’s not telling.

“You thought that maybe you and he would really get a relationship?” He asks. Kevin nods. “But he turned you down?”
“He forgot to tell me that he has a fiancé. A good-looking and wealthy one at that, one who also has a large, influential family behind him… I don’t have a chance.”

“I’m sorry.” Justin squeezes Kevin’s shoulder. “I guess Scotty must a very good actor, because he had me and everyone else fooled… Including you apparently.” Justin sighs. Kevin nods, but then shrugs off his own worries.
“Why are you here?” He asks now. “You’re supposed to be on the plane to New York.”

“We need to talk.”
“Okay…” Kevin tenses up again. Now what? “Do you want a beer?” He asks.
“Yes, please. I could use one.” Justin waits for Kevin to sit down again and then he carefully starts:

“The will was read. This afternoon.”
“Not so cool. Kevin, this is a copy of the tape that he made for us. He has thrown the entire family upside down...”

“Give me the synopsis of the tape.” Kevin is suddenly curious what could have prompted Justin to be here and not on his way to New York.
“As it turns out, Dad made a new will two months ago, when he was diagnosed with cancer,… It would have killed him between now and somewhere next year. His heart-attack just speeded up the inevitable.”

“Oh, my God. That’s sad…” Kevin replies, not sure if it upsets him or not.
“Dad apparently had done some soul-searching when he turned 60, 4 years ago, but when he got the news that he wouldn’t live long, he came into action. First reveal he came with was, that a few years ago, dad found out that Sarah and Tommy were making questionable decisions.

He had entrusted Ojai Foods to them, while he tried to enjoy a bit more of his free time, but when he, out of boredom with all this extra free time, went over the sales-numbers, he found out that things didn’t add up. And here comes the second shocker. He got in touch with our uncle Saul. Remember him?”

“Saul? I haven’t heard his name mentioned in 10 years. He lives in San Francisco, right? Never really outgrew the 60s and the hippy-period?”
“He has an art-centre there… but he’s apparently still the bookkeeper he used to be, when dad and Saul just started Ojai, a bazillion years ago.

Saul and dad went over the numbers and Saul came to same conclusion. Sarah and Tommy were skimming money off Ojai. Don’t asks me the details, I’m not that familiar with it, but we’re talking about a steady stream of smaller amounts that wouldn’t really catch anyone’s attention, but on a yearly basis, comes to a nice amount of money.

Needless to say, Dad was livid and he decided that he would make the corrections, but he has barred Tommy and Sarah from his will, stating they lied and cheated him out of enough money over the period that he wasn’t in charge of Ojai. And that would be their inheritance.”
“I’m heart-broken.” Kevin grins. “What about mom and Kitty? And you?”

“He left mom enough money to keep the house for at least another 20 years, she’d be way over 80 by then. Tyler and I have suggested she’d sell her house and buy something smaller, less expensive and easier to maintain. Don’t know if she’ll do it though, but she seemed to like the idea.

And Kitty? Dad has made sure that her debts will be paid, he left her money in a trust-fund, that should give her a certain amount of money each year to spend. He obviously realized that if he gave it to her all at once, it would all be just one big shopping-spree.”
“And you?”

“He gave money too. He wanted me to financially independent from my wife…” And, realizing how silly that sounds he starts to laugh. “Guess it wasn’t so bad that he kept mom on a tight financial leash, but the other way around, his son shouldn’t be depending on his wife… Talk about double standards.”

Kevin and Justin both have a good laugh.
“Don’t you want to know what he left you?” Justin now asks.
“Can’t be much. He hated me. The things he called me, the things he wrote me, I think he would rather see me dead, than leave me something.”

“You’re wrong…. He heard you got out of prison quite a while ago and he had some guy search for you. That guy found out where you worked and … hold on, here it comes!… dad followed you for several days. He casually spoke to people, including your boss Wally Wandell… and everybody was very positive about you.”

“Wow! That must have sucked for him.”
“Not exactly. With Sarah, Kitty, Tommy and me out of the running, he turned to the only person he had always considered a failure to begin with... He therefore left everything to you.”
“What?!... And what could this ‘everything’ be? A run-down company and a lot of debt?” Kevin sarcastically asks.

“Not exactly. Ojai Food isn’t doing bad. But he has decided that neither Sarah nor Tommy will run it. He has left that up to you. But, and here comes the real shocker, he gave you his blessing to sell the lot if you don’t wish to take over Ojai Food. .…. So you either become Sarah and Tommy’s boss or you sell the company from underneath them.”

“I… I’m shocked!”
“There are also some pieces of land, I’m not sure how much, or if it’s worth something, but knowing dad, if he thought it was a good idea, it probably was.”
“Sooooo, what’s the catch?”

“There isn’t one. Mom, Kitty and I get money. Sarah and Tommy get nothing. You get the rest.”
“There has to be a catch. Dad hated me! ... Oh, let me guess?  I can only get it if get married to a woman and pretend that I’m straight... or something?”

“No. No catch. No obligations. No conditions. He was disappointed in Sarah and Tommy. Mom was never interested in Ojai, me neither. Kitty is a flake.”
“And what am I supposed to do with Ojai? He never wanted me near, afraid I would turn his 'vegetables into fruits'.”

Justin chuckles and then gives Kevin a gentle smile.
“Then sell it. Sell it all. Just get rid of it. Take the money and run… Live!”
“Baby-brother, I don’t want to call you a liar, but I want to read or see that will. I don’t believe you. It’s too unlikely. Dad would never do me a favor.”

“Here’s the tape. Here’s a copy of the written transcript, signed by dad.” Justin places everything on Kevin’s table. “I hate to run, but if I leave now, I might still catch my plane or I’ll have to wait for the next one.... I know you’re shocked and that’s been a rough couple of days.

Just… let it all sink in for a few days before you make any decision. Call me when you’ve made up your mind. Call mom, talk to her, she’s so confused by how it all turned out.... Sarah and Tommy are in complete shock and Kitty… Kitty will get over it too, when the new fashion-magazines come out.”

Kevin walks Justin to the door and says his goodbye. He watches Justin drive off and sighs, as he closes the door to lean against it. What a mess! Would his father really have left him everything? He has to be in an alternate reality, because this doesn’t happen in real life. Of course there’s a catch. They just didn’t catch it yet.

Somehow, someway, it will all fall to Tommy or Sarah. It just has to. They were his favorites children. He might want to give them a good scare, but block them completely…? It’s too unlikely to be true. His father had always been loyal to those he loved. Surely that would apply to Tommy and Sarah?

But what if he did block them? How will they survive? Ojai Foods was all Tommy and Sarah ever had, they’ve worked there almost their entire lives. He doesn’t like either of them, but does he hate them enough to twist the knife, that his father put so firmly in their backs?

And what about his mother? Will she really have enough to support herself for the years to come? And Kitty, she’s such an airhead… What will happen if she runs out of money? And what about Justin? He can laugh at his dad’s wish to make him financially independent, but what if the New York-deal backfires?

He pushes himself away from the door, with the intend to check out what Justin left behind, when there’s a knock on the door. Maybe Justin forgot something. He opens the door with a great swing, but standing there is not Justin Walker, but Jason McCallister.


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