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Fanfic: Driving Mr Wandell 06/?

Driving Mr Wandell 6/?

Warning: This is Alternative Universe-story. If you can't stand to see Kevin/Scotty/Others in situations that are Out Of Character, stay away and don't whine to me about it.

By Marea67
About: Mainly Kevin/Scotty (and Justin!)
Rate: Depending on the chapter - This one: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sister belongs to ABC, but thanks to this AU Kevin/Scotty can at least kiss.
Summary: walkersfics  wondered: "How come even in AUs Kevin is always the one saving Scotty?" And though she has her own great storyline for that, it sure made me think: “What if….?”


“So, what will you do now? Go to his funeral?” Scotty asks the next morning at breakfast. Kevin doesn’t need a further intro. He shrugs.
“No. I already said you needed me.”
“Kevin, he’s your father.”

“No. He’s the man who got that woman pregnant who gave birth to me… Trust me. I don’t want to go there…”
“It’s been a long time. People change.”
“Not that much.”

“Will you really turn you back on your family?” Scotty loves his mother and father very much and he cannot imagine how Kevin must feel. At what point and when are you so hurt, that you decide to not go to your own father’s funeral?
“I’m sorry. I’m just tired of getting hurt by them.”

“What… if I would come with you?” Scotty asks.
“I need my boss to hold my hand when I meet my own family? Yeah, because that would make me look a lot better. They already see me as a loser…” Kevin shakes his head, but Scotty’s hands cover his.

“I won’t let them hurt you. I’ll be your shield against all evil.” He teases carefully, considering the delicacy of the matter. Kevin shakes his head again, but with a little smile this time.
“No, it would get way too ugly.”
“I’m stronger than you think.”

“Would you really do that for me?” Kevin asks, giving Scotty an insecure glance.
“Yes. You haven’t seen your family is such a long time. What if things have changed for the better? Wouldn’t it be sad to see you lose your family when you don’t have to? If it doesn’t work out, we’ll leave and I’ll never ask you to look back again…. I promise.”

Kevin hesitates, but then slowly comes around to the idea.
“Alright. Just, … don’t leave me alone when I’m there.”
“I won’t.” Scotty promises and he takes Kevin’s phone. “Now call your mother and tell we’ll be there…”


Scotty hadn’t known what to expect, but he certainly hadn’t expected the Walkers to live in a normal area, with a normal house and a normal garden. He has little information on them because Kevin doesn’t seem to willing to discuss the matter, yet he had somehow expected it to be more … sinister.

He watches Kevin as he parks the car. The closer they had come to the house, the more silent Kevin had become, if that is at all possible from someone as reserved as Kevin. It had looked like Kevin had withdrawn deeper in himself at every curve and twist in the road.

Scotty can literally feel every wall being pulled up as tension builds in Kevin’s muscles and make him all stiff and ready to run. It actually makes Scotty feel uncomfortable and he wonders if he has done the right thing to push Kevin into going home to see his mother.

Kevin’s entire attitude changes as his breathing becomes more shallow and he constantly wipes his wet hands against his pants to keep them dry. When they finally pull up, Scotty can see the mixture of fear, pain and sheer panic on Kevin’s face. Scotty places his hand on Kevin’s arm.

“Kevin, I hadn’t expected you to react like this. You’re clearly not ready for this. Maybe we shouldn’t do this…?” he expresses his concerns.
“I’ve come so far. Please, don’t leave me alone now.” Kevin nearly begs. “I must face them, even if it’s the last time I ever will.”

“Okay.” Scotty accepts. “Then relax. Breath in…. and out… and again… Good. Close your eyes and listen to me.” Kevin does as Scotty says. “The last time they saw you, you were a confused young man, with a lot of issues. They don’t know you. Not like I do. They have no idea who you are now.

They have never seen the man who works hard for his money, who stays out of trouble and is focused on building up his life. Look at me!” Kevin slowly opens his eyes. “I have lived with you these last few months and I have a pretty good idea of who and what you are. They are clueless.

You know I’m not a liar… So, please, believe me when I say that I think that you’re a great guy. Don’t let them tell you differently. They don’t know you like I do.” Kevin nods slowly as if hypnotized by Scotty’s words. The simply stated compliments feel so good and his stomach flutters with happiness.

“Let’s go.” Kevin says, feeling a bit stronger, due to Scotty’s words of encouragement. Scotty follows Kevin to the front-door. His hand is on Kevin’s back as if to silently give him support. He can see Kevin play with a key, obviously the key to his parents’ house, but instead he reaches for the doorbell.

It takes a few seconds, in which Kevin sincerely considers running away again, but then the door opens and Nora Walker and her son look at each other for the first time in a long time. She’s older and greyer than Kevin remembers, but the moment she sees him, the same old look comes back. Sadness, pity.

“Kevin. Honey. Come in.” She says, not very invitingly and Kevin and Scotty enter the house. “You must be Kevin’s boyfriend…..?”
“Scotty. My name is Scotty.” Scotty replies, shaking her hand. Kevin opens his mouth to say that Scotty and he are not couple, but Scotty smiles.

“Yes, you’re right, Mrs Walker, …”
“… Nora, I’m Kevin’s boyfriend.”
“Oh, that’s cute…” She says, still not very warm. “How long have you know each other?”

“Couple of months.” Scotty answers and he’s not lying. Nora nods and turns to Kevin.
“Your father… his body is in the study… if you wish to see him. Sarah and Tommy are with him now…. Through there.” Nora points as if Kevin wouldn’t remember where his father’s dreaded study was.

Kevin walks up to the door with lead in his shoes, then, just before he reaches the door, he turns to Scotty.
“I can’t do this…” He suddenly whispers, his face filled with grief. “He hated me so much. He just loved to punish me…” Kevin tries to hold back his tears, but it’s no use.

Scotty wraps his arms around him and comforts him.
“If you can’t do this, we’ll go. I promised you that.” Scotty says softly, after a while, but Kevin shakes his head against Scotty’s shoulder.
“No.” He sniffs. “You’re right. I have to face him,… them. All of them.”

“Kevin?” A younger man comes down the stairs. “Oh, my God, Kevin!” He nearly jumps in Kevin’s arms and Kevin catches him with a happy smile.
“Justin! I didn’t realize you were here. I thought you’d still be in Santa Barbara.”
“No. I’m here to give mom moral support.” Justin laughs and then he turns to Scotty.

“I’m Scotty, Kevin’s boyfriend.” Scotty explains and Justin greets him with kindness and curiosity.
“Sarah, Kitty and Tommy are in there now… Figuring out who’ll take over Ojai. You know. The King is dead, long live the new King, Queen, Royal Majesty or whatever…”

“So the division of the Kingdom has started?” Kevin asks cynically.
“Oh, yeah, dad was still coughing out his last breath when it got started. They’ve been at it for two days now. It will be big fun when the will is read. I don’t believe we’ll have a Christmas Armistice. 

Not that it really matters to me. I’ll be out of here come tomorrow-afternoon. Once the funeral is over and the will is read, Tyler, that’s my wife, our two kids and I, we’ll be on our way to New York.”
“New York?”
“Yes. Tyler can take over a hotel there and I will, for the time being, look after the kids.”

“I’m impressed.”
“Dad wasn’t. When I told him I would be just a dad to my kids, he said he was terribly disappointed that his youngest was a big sissy just like his faggot son…. End quote. His words, not mine.”

“I know.” Kevin nods with a smile. “He never changed, huh?”
“He never changed the way he referred to you, but something did change…”
“He started to see that his other three kids were pretty big losers as well.” Justin replies.

There’s a hardness in his voice that reminds Scotty of Kevin.
“Maybe that says more about him, as a father,  than about you guys.” Scotty says. Justin turns to Scotty, a genuine smile on his face. Obviously he has decided to like Scotty and that feeling is mutual.

“Yes. It did. I think he did have to face the fact, that if he was so deeply wrong about his three favorite children, then maybe he was wrong about his two black sheep as well. And, just to be honest, he may have thought of me as if I was a big loser, I don’t consider myself one.

I’m married to an amazing woman, I have two beautiful kids, I have a home to go to, in-laws who love me and support me and I’m about to move to the city that never sleeps, where my beautiful wife has her dream-job, so I can look after my two kids without worries. If that makes me loser, then I don’t mind being one.” He grins.

“I envy you.” Kevin replies, though he smiles as he says it.
“Hey, I think that you and Scotty will do just fine. He loves you very much, I can see that.” Justin’s words are said with such compassion that both Kevin and Scotty feel awkward, because they know that they are lying about their relationship.

“I do love your brother very much.” Scotty replies with a smile and he’s surprised by how easily the words leave his mouth. Kevin is surprised as well and starts to blush. Justin sees it, but knowing how difficult Kevin’s life had been in this house, he blames Kevin’s reaction to the unease that Justin, too, feels in his father’s house.

He gives his brother a little push to move forward to the study.
“You guys can say your sweet-nothings to each other later.” Justin laughs softly, weirdly charmed by what he thinks he’s been allowed to witness. He had always remembered his brother as a gruff, silent young man who moved through the house like a ghost.

This blushing, shy, seemingly deeply in love man doesn’t match with Justin’s memory, but he can’t dwell on the topic of Kevin as he sees him now, because the door opens and their brother and sisters leave the study. They stop when they see Kevin, and Kevin tenses up. Justin sees it and steps up.

“Scotty. This is Tommy. Sarah. Kitty. Scotty is Kevin’s boyfriend.” He announces and by placing Scotty between Kevin and their siblings he gives Kevin just a few seconds to compose himself and as Justin watches Scotty being greeted he realizes that he has more in common with Kevin than he ever imagined.


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