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Fanfic: Driving Mr Wandell 05/?

Driving Mr Wandell 5/?

Warning: This is Alternative Universe-story. If you can't stand to see Kevin/Scotty/Others in situations that are Out Of Character, stay away and don't whine to me about it.

By Marea67
About: Mainly Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Depending on the chapter - This one: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sister belongs to ABC, but thanks to this AU Kevin/Scotty can at least kiss.
Summary: walkersfics  wondered: "How come even in AUs Kevin is always the one saving Scotty?" And though she has her own great storyline for that, it sure made me think: “What if….?”


In the days after their rather intimate conversation Scotty feels awkward around Kevin. Like a spoilt brat he had whined about the supposed problems he had and about his feelings without considering that Kevin must have had much bigger troubles in his life and he feels embarrassed.

Kevin was as kind and professional around him as usual, but Scotty, having seen the other side again, cannot help but be completely fascinated by Kevin all over again. He had also finally allowed himself to think about what happened between Kevin and him that night at the motel and every time he did, feelings started to stir in him.

He had noticed it most of all in the car, when Kevin’s eyes were on the road and Scotty could indiscriminately stare at what little he saw of Kevin’s face. The memory of where his hands had been on Kevin’s body make him hot and cold at the same time and the nagging desire to do it again becomes harder to ignore.

He had even considered the possibility that he was falling in love with Kevin, but he had shrugged it off. He doesn’t know Kevin well enough to fall in love, but the sexual desire is there. He however knows that he has to control that, after all, Kevin may have overlooked it once, he wondered if Kevin would do it a second time. He turns his head to look out the window.

Kevin lets out a sigh of relief. He feels uncomfortable under the looks he often catches from Scotty. He doesn’t think that Scotty knows that he knows. Maybe he should have said something that morning, after Scotty had groped him, but damned, the feeling had been too good to make waves about it.

So Scotty had been lonely, so had Kevin been. There had been no harm done. They were both adults. One ‘no’ would have sufficed, he’s sure of that. But lately the looks he gets from Scotty make him nervous, because they bring back that desire to be touched again, to be caressed again… He focuses on the road ahead and tries to ignore that fluttering feeling in his stomach.

“Kevin! Can we take a break? I want to stretch my legs, get some coffee.”
“Yes. Sure. No problem.” Kevin easily parks the car and a few seconds later he follows Scotty into the diner, where they quickly find a booth for themselves and where the waitress brings them their coffee.

“This brew could wake up the dead.” Kevin says after his first sip.
“It’s just what I need. Something hot and strong inside me.” Scotty replies before he realizes the double-entendre in the words. He sees the startled look on Kevin’s face and he starts to blush, as he stammers: “I mean, …”

“The coffee is indeed very strong.” Kevin nods, trying to ignore the embarrassed vibe he gets from Scotty.
“Talk about waking up the dead….” Scotty mumbles and this time he can see Kevin’s held-back laughter. It’s so rare to actually see him laugh or even be remotely amused, that Scotty is surprised by how good Kevin looks.

“You should laugh more often. You’re very handsome when you smile.” Scotty says and this time it’s Kevin who starts to blush.
“No, I’m not.” Kevin says immediately and he shakes his head. Scotty opens his mouth to say something, when someone slams into their table.

An older couple, all over each other, looks down on them.
“Sorry, honeys,” The woman says in a sultry voice. “Daddy and I were just… having fun and we didn’t notice where we were going….” She has a high-pitched giggle, when the man kisses her neck.

“If you won’t stop, I’m going to have you take me right here on one of the tables.” She warns the man. “…You wouldn’t mind, now would you boys?” She says and then she growls in a way that Scotty assumes should be sexy, but she looks rather ridiculous.
“Actually….” Scotty back away a bit as the scent of alcohol crashes over him like a wave.

The woman’s eyes go wide.
“Oh! I’m so sorry. I’m so drunk. I’m usually better at picking out a gay couple. Oh, my God. You two are so cute together. It’s too bad that two men can’t have kids, because yours would be fucking adorable.

Oh, God! I’d pay to see the two of you have sex. I’ll bet it would be so raunchy, so sweaty and hot!” She bites her lip and Kevin now backs away as well, as if he’s really worried that she will take out her cheque-book and expect something in return. Instead she waves at them: “Ta-da! Have to go. But, damn, you boys are so cute together….”

Kevin and Scotty look at each other in total shock, slowly getting back at their table. The waitress storms up to them.
“I’m so sorry. The sweetest couple, really, but they just celebrated their 30 years of marriage, …. Had a bit too much to drink. So sorry again about the inconvenience.

Why don’t I offer you another coffee? On the house of course. It’s the least I can do. Like I said, I know them and she’s going to be so embarrassed when she wakes up and realizes what she said…. And how she behaved…”
“No worries. We’ll survive. And no thanks, no more coffee.” Scotty laughs.

Slightly embarrassed they get back to their car and continue their road. During their drive they are both quiet. Darkness sets in and neither can see the other one, because Scotty isn’t working on anything that requires light.
“Are you asleep?” Kevin suddenly asks, quickly looking over his shoulder.

If he doesn’t get an answer, that will be his answer.
“No, I’m not.” Scotty says slowly. “I was just thinking about what that woman said.”
“About us?”

“She was funny.” Kevin admits. “And you know what they say about children and drunks, they always tell ….” Kevin stops as he sees what he’s about to say. “They’re often wrong.” He quickly corrects himself.
“Yeah….” Scotty replies slowly, knowing as well as Kevin does, that the proverb ends differently.


Kevin cannot remember the last time he was this happy to go to his hotel-room and relax.
“Thank you.” He says as Scotty gives him his key-card to enter his room.
“It was a bit of a weird evening.” Scotty grins shyly.
“Yeah, it was…” Kevin nods, trying not to look at Scotty.

“I was wondering… I know you’re tired… You.. ahm… wouldn’t be interested in joining me… for a nightcap, would you?” From the way Scotty asks the question very nervously, Kevin knows that ‘a nightcap’ is not exactly what he invites in Kevin for. “You can say no.” Scotty immediately backtracks. “I mean, I know it’s been a long day and … things were weird and...” He rattles on.

“I’d love … a nightcap.” Kevin suddenly blurts out. The two men stare at each other for several seconds. Scotty wonders if Kevin is really sure about this, but Kevin’s smile answers the unspoken question. Scotty nods noticeably and stiffly opens the door to let Kevin in.

He pours a drink and he talks, though he has no clue what he’s saying. Something about the meeting tomorrow… He hands Kevin his glass of Bourbon.
“To a positive result tomorrow.” Kevin suggests, raising his glass, Scotty agrees, as he sits down next to Kevin. The glasses make a dull sound as they touch each other, because they both hold their glasses too tightly.

Scotty feels his heart beat faster, not sure what he should do now. He looks at Kevin searching for an answer and he sees the same confusion. He opens his mouth wanting something clever to say, but there are no words, just the longing in his eyes that speaks louder to Kevin than a thousand words could have.

This time Kevin takes the first step by bringing his head closer to Scotty’s. Scotty sighs and lets his lips brush against Kevin’s, it almost hurts, so strong is his desire to kiss Kevin. Then his lips kiss Kevin’s upper-lip, before moving to Kevin’s lower-lip. Carefully, delicately, he holds Kevin’s mouth captive, until he feel Kevin’s lips part to allow him access.

Scotty’s hands are suddenly in Kevin’s hair, holding tightly as he crushes Kevin’s lips under his own. It should feel scary for Kevin, because it should feel rather dominating, but instead Kevin completely relaxes under Scotty’s grip, lying down on his back, taking Scotty on top of him until he can feel Scotty’s arousal brush against his own.

They both moan in their kiss, when Kevin’s hands reach up to undo the buttons on Scotty’s shirt. Scotty moves his lower body strongly against Kevin’s, making them both even more aroused. Kevin has managed to undo Scotty’s shirt and he takes it off Scotty’s shoulders.

It falls on the ground and Kevin’s fingers finally touch the skin on that strong back. Scotty tightens his grip on Kevin, feeling Kevin shiver as Scotty’s kisses reach the side of his neck. Kevin moans loudly and Scotty lifts his head to look down on Kevin and see the excitement on Kevin’s face.

A sharp noise pierces the silence and Scotty looks around at what it could be.
“That is my phone.” Kevin says astounded and Scotty lets him go, so Kevin take the call. Kevin looks at him. “I don’t like this. There’s only one other person who has this number….” He explains with a concerned look at he picks up.

“Hi… Yeah, it’s me… No. I wasn’t asleep. Why are you calling me?.... Is he alright?.... Thanks for telling me…. No. I won’t be there… Because I have a job and my boss needs me there… Yeah, whatever…. Thanks for calling, Justin. Bye.” Kevin switches off the phone and picks up Scotty’s shirt of the floor.

“I’m sorry, I… think I’ll pass on the nightcap.” He then says.
“Kevin? ..” Scotty asks, feeling Kevin owes him some explanation at least. Kevin sighs.

“There are only two people who have this number. That’s you, because you’re my boss and you gave me this phone so you could reach me. And I gave it to my kid-brother Justin, just in case there was some emergency and my family needed to reach me…”

“And there is an emergency?”
“Not anymore.” Kevin shakes his head. “My father… he had a heart-attack earlier this evening…”

“Oh, my God, is he okay?” Scotty asks.
“Perfectly okay. He’s dead.” Kevin replies and Scotty has never heard more hatred put in such few words. “I’m going to my own room now, if you don’t mind.” Kevin says stiffly and without waiting for the answer, he leaves.


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