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Fanfic: Driving Mr Wandell 03/?

Driving Mr Wandell 03/?

Warning: This is Alternative Universe-story. If you can't stand to see Kevin/Scotty/Others in situations that are Out Of Character, stay away and don't whine to me about it.

By Marea67
Mainly Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sister belongs to ABC, but thanks this AU Kevin/Scotty can at least kiss.
Summary: walkersfics  wondered: How come even in AUs Kevin is always the one saving Scotty? And though she has her own great storyline for that, it sure made me think: “What if….?”


Scotty wipes the small fogged up mirror dry. The shower hasn’t really helped him to feel better, because as deliciously warm as the shower was, it didn’t wash away Kevin’s words that are stuck in his mind. Loser. Worthless. Useless. Is that how Kevin sees himself?

He brushes his teeth, annoyed that Kevin is so much on his mind. He can’t even put his finger on why it bothers him so much. Is it still the guilt that he feels over the accident? Or perhaps that he relates to Kevin’s loneliness, because he feels the same, be it for other reasons, because he has a different background?

“Look at yourself, Scotty. You’re nearly 30. You only work and the closest person to you considers himself a loser, when he doesn’t have to be. What does that say about you?” Scotty quietly asks the man in the mirror. He shrugs. He probably wouldn’t like the answer anyway.

When he enters the bedroom, it’s dark on Kevin’s side of the bed and Scotty sits down on his own side. He looks over shoulder at Kevin. Would that be his own future? Even more lonely nights? A lot of work, but no social life to speak of? He can’t even remember the last time he went out with someone….

He lies down realizing how pathetic it is, that he reads the sales-numbers of some company before he goes to sleep. He doesn’t even have a good book to read! He turns off the light. The sound of the rain is a continual drum. It gets colder in the room, when the steam from the bathroom dissipates, but Scotty is asleep before that.


Though he’s pretty sure that he fell asleep with his back turned to Kevin’s back and each on their own side of the bed, somewhere during the night he must have gotten closer to him and spooned up, because when Scotty wakes up he can feel Kevin’s back firmly pressed against his chest and belly and his arm is around Kevin’s waist.

They’re in the middle of the bed and it’s a nice, warm little spot to be, as Scotty notices when he tries to move and discovers how chilly it is in the room. So he remains close to Kevin where it’s warm. Now that he’s more awake he enjoys the scent of Kevin’s hair. It’s been so long since he had a man in his bed.

The curtains aren’t very thick and the bright green light of the ‘no vacancy’ sign shines in and by that glow he can see Kevin’s arm and he lifts his hand with the intend to cover Kevin’s naked arm, but instead he lets his fingers softly caress the strong shoulder. Kevin makes a little sound, but apparently goes right back to sleep.

Scotty can’t help but laugh softly. That little moan sounds so sweet. He waits a few minutes, but can’t catch his sleep again and, bored, he moves his hand. His fingers caress Kevin’s belly. It’s more a thoughtless act of boredom, but it makes Kevin moan and move his body back against Scotty, stirring all kinds of long forgotten feelings in Scotty.

Kevin opens his eyes with a shock, frozen all at once. He’s disorientated by the light, the hotel-room, the body pressed against his own and the hardness he feels against him and his immediate guess as to what it is. The soft touch on his belly is also unfamiliar. John would usually just give him a shove, to get on his hands and needs, if he wanted sex.

“Shh, I’m sorry, please, go back to sleep.” Scotty whispers soothingly and Kevin remembers how he got here and who he’s with. He relaxes and tries to move, but in doing so his now hard cock come in touch with Scotty’s fingers and the shock causes Kevin to move back and be reminded of what is lurking in the dark behind him.

Okay, so this is embarrassing.” He thinks, not sure what to do now, until he feels Scotty’s fingertips on his short. “Oh, fuck.” The fingers move ever so gently over his swollen member and Kevin can’t help but hold his breath and lie absolutely perfectly still, afraid that one move will make Scotty stop and he’s not sure that he want that to happen.

Scotty’s mind screams that he should stop, that he can’t do this, that Kevin is an employee, but Scotty’s hand is too eager to re-discover actions long forgotten. It slides back up to the elastic band of Kevin’s shorts, lifts it up and slips underneath to search without the layers of clothing blocking the path.

The skin of Kevin’s cock is soft, but the hardness underneath proves how eager Kevin is and when Scotty suddenly takes a firm hold of him, Kevin can’t help but let out a little cry and let his ass move along Scotty’s arousal. It’s just inevitable and this time Scotty responds as well.

Scotty can hear Kevin breathe faster and more loudly. He’s no longer holding his breath or trying to not to move. Trapped between Scotty’s hand and Scotty’s body there’s not so much he can do anyway, but give in. Kevin’s hand covers Scotty’s, but not to push it away, but to guide him, show him how Kevin likes it.

In the darkness, their movements become more coherent, they catch each other’s rhythm. Kevin starts to moan as his orgasm comes closer, his body shivers and shakes, he’s not even sure what is going on, what game is being played or if there are rules to obey, or if he’s even allowed to come, but he knows he can’t fight anymore.

With a soft noise he loses it all. He can feel Scotty hold him closer as if he wishes to feel Kevin’s reactions vibrate into his own and Kevin undergoes the delicious torture without much of a sound. It isn’t until after the initial glow is over, that Kevin notices that Scotty is still unsatisfied

Slowly Kevin turns around in Scotty’s arms and lets his hand slide down. He must be insane to do this, he knows, but he feels that Scotty needs his release as well. The darkness seems to protect them for any shyness and Scotty holds on to him, feeling Kevin’s hand between his legs.

He’s too aroused to hold on for long, and his gasps become louder as he too can no longer control himself. Soon enough he comes all over Kevin’s hand. He’s pressed up close against Kevin and in the dark Kevin can hear something that sound like sobs. He strokes Scotty’s hair and holds him close.

“Shh, it will be alright.” Kevin whispers, though he’s not sure what he’s talking about or even if Scotty is really upset about something, but he just needs to comfort Scotty. In fact he isn’t sure about anything that just happened here in the bed. They hadn’t talked to each other, nor had they kissed. No words of love or attraction had been said.

Although it all feels weird, Kevin’s too tired and too satisfied to think about it for long. A short analysis of his own feelings, tells him that he doesn’t feel threatened, nor had Scotty’s actions really been unwanted. He doesn’t really feel violated, just a bit confused, but in all, it’s okay with him and while he still holds Scotty, he drifts off to sleep.

Unfortunately, Scotty doesn’t feel the same. In his head he’s calling himself an idiot for what he just did. He thinks of the repercussions that can follow. Kevin could sue him for this. What was he thinking groping his chauffeur in the middle of the night? Had he really become this desperate for a some affection?

He worries for quite a while, until he gets that Kevin is in a deep sleep and obviously doesn’t feel too bothered by what happened. So Scotty prays that Kevin won’t cause trouble and although sleep doesn’t come as easily for Scotty as it does for Kevin, after lots of worrying thoughts, Scotty can’t keep his eyes open any longer.


“Wake up!” Kevin’s voice is insistent and Scotty finally opens his eyes. “It’s time. I’ve taken the liberty to order some sandwiches for the road, but we have to leave within 20 minutes, if you want to be in time for your meeting. Take what you need and I’ll pack the rest and put it in the car.”

Scotty rolls out of bed, suddenly awake. At the same time he remembers why he slept so bad and he feels guilty. He tries to gauge how Kevin feels about it, but Kevin’s face is closed and he acts as if nothing happened.
“Kevin…?” Scotty starts, but at that moment Kevin looks right at him.

“I don’t know about you, but I slept well last night, except for some rather vivid weird dreams…. I won’t bore you with the details…” For a few seconds Kevin and Scotty just look at each other, then Scotty slowly nods, that he understands.
“I need a few minutes to get … dressed.” Scotty says.

He quickly picks his clothes for the day and changes in the bathroom. By the time he steps out, their bags are gone and Kevin is outside next to the car. Scotty checks the room if they haven’t forgotten something, once he’s satisfied that he hasn’t, he closes the door.

“I’ll take the key back to reception.” Scotty tells Kevin and Kevin watches him leave. He places Scotty’s still hot coffee in the cup-holder in the back and also gets the one he bought for himself. He divides the sandwiches. It’s only then that he has enough time to stand still and think.

He has decided that it would be best to ignore what had happened last night. Scotty had never shown any interest in him before and he can’t imagine that he will now. He does know that Scotty is almost always alone. Maybe the loneliness got to him or something, but Kevin has decided that he will not dwell on it.

Scotty sits down in the back and he can hear the car start. They are back on the road and, while chewing on his sandwich, he stares at the passing landscape. Every once in a while he looks at Kevin, who keeps his eyes on the road ahead. Slowly Scotty’s fear starts to fade. He’s nearly sure that Kevin won’t create trouble.

He has no idea what had possessed him last night, but he’s sure that nothing will ever happen between him and Kevin again. They were just lonely souls looking for some warmth. No one will ever need to know. They will go back to their professional behavior and forget it ever happened. …. He hopes.

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