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2.16 ms 00012: Don't do anything I wouldn't do....

2.16’s missing scenes: Cut 00012

We missed a lot scenes that should have been somewhere in one of the episodes.... but in 2.16 so many pieces were missing that I decided to write them after all.

Here's the twelfth:
Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do….
By Marea67
About : Kevin / Scotty
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine
Summary: Scotty is not only worried about Kevin’s bachelor party....
“Please, promise me, you’ll behave.” Scotty’s voice is soft and nearly begging. He’s getting dressed for tonight, for his own bachelor party. Quinn will pick him up in about twenty minutes and Scotty is a bit nervous. Kevin smiles and kisses Scotty gently on the lips.
“Scotty, no one is going to stop me from making you mine tomorrow.”
“I’m not so sure… Walkers-brothers and alcohol is NOT a good combination.” Scotty objects, but Kevin is still smiling.
“Justin has to stay sober. He’ll be looking after Tommy and me.”
“And how is that supposed to make me feel better?” Scotty asks, not entirely sure that a sober Justin cannot get into trouble as well.
“I love you and I am not going to embarrass you. I will be there. I swear. But … you know, it is quite nice to be talking like that my brothers, but what about you? What will you do? And what guarantee do I have that YOU will be there and… on time?”
“Kevin, if I am the one not there and on time, it’s ‘cause I killed the one who messed this up for me and I will be in jail…. Will you bail me out?” he gives Kevin his most flirtatious look, but Kevin is hardly impressed.
“If you suddenly turned out to be a jailbird? Depends on your mood and if the cops took away your kitchen-knives.” Kevin jokes. “So, do you have any idea what plans your ….ahm… ‘bohemian’ friends have for you…?”
“No. Jordan made up the plan. All I know is that I will stay at his place tonight and tomorrow from his place I will go to your mother.” He looks at himself in the mirror and Kevin whistles in appreciation. Scotty smiles at him in the mirror and turns to go get his shoes. He passes Kevin on the way and cannot stop himself from giving Kevin a quick kiss, while passing by.
“I hope Jordan’s plans with you are honorable?” Kevin teases, enjoying the small token of love.
“They had better be. He’s not exactly my type.” Scotty grins.
“You know what? Why don’t you call me tomorrow morning to wake me up from whatever drunken state I’m in and so I can get myself ready…..
“Kevin, if I call you tomorrow and find out you are somewhere in Canada, eating pancakes with maple syrup I will definitely kill you.”
“Mhmm, what was it again with Canada and maple syrup?” Kevin quasi-wonders, which causes Scotty to throw the nearest pillow at his head.
Kevin is about to throw a pillow back at Scotty, when Scotty warns:
“Don’t throw with Liza.” And for one moment Scotty gets the impression the pillow gives a sigh of relief, but he must be imagining things…  ;-)
Kevin watches Scotty return to the bedroom, but about 5 minutes later Scotty is still not back and Kevin, after a look on the clock, tells him that Quinn will be here any moment. But he gets no reply from Scotty.
When he enters the bedroom, Scotty is sitting on the bed, staring at the wall, holding his jacket.
“Scotty? Sweetie? Is everything alright?” Kevin asks concerned.
“What?...Yes, yes, I’m fine.” Scotty replies, snapping out of his thoughts. As he runs his fingers through his hair, Kevin notices how his hand trembling. He takes Scotty’s hand between his own.
“Nervous?” he asks. Scotty bows his head and by placing his finger under Scotty’s chin Kevin forces Scotty to look up at him. “Talk to me.”
“I am terribly nervous about tomorrow. I’ve never been so happy as these last few days and the thought of something going wrong, just….. it scares me.”
“Yes, I understand that. Tomorrow everyone will be looking at us and see two men pledge their love and commitment…. They will see a ceremony (that has no legal ground), officiated by someone (who has no experience at it) and if everything goes well, they will be very touched by it, because our love will blow them away... " He smiles, when he sees Scotty's smile. "But… Scotty, at the risk of being terribly unromantic….
… If one of us goofs, the other one will be furious, but, whatever happens tomorrow, it has no impact on us, as a couple,… whatsoever. We already saw our request for a domestic partnership notarized, our bank-accounts are joined, we’ve dealt with the necessary paperwork to put this loft on your name as well. We are already a couple, we have already joined all we could join, including our names, even though we keep that bit to ourselves..
Except we have not expressed our desire for that commitment in front of everybody who matter to us, and let’s face it, that is all what the ceremony is about.” The stunned look on Scotty’s face makes Kevin sigh. He’s done it again. He said the wrong thing, as usual. “Sorry, I should have .. found… some other way to … encourage you…” he hesitates. He gets up and is about to walk away when Scotty pulls him back with such force that Kevin overbalances and tumbles on the bed next to Scotty. Scotty turns to him.
“Don’t apologize. THAT was hottest thing you’ve ever said to me.” He smiles carefree.
“It is?!” Kevin is surprised by the sudden change in Scotty. Scotty kisses him thoroughly and Kevin is vaguely aware this is not a good idea, because these kisses are usually foreplay for something they don’t have time for now. Scotty looks at him, all starry-eyed and breathless.
“…. You are right. We are already a couple, and we have fused our money, possessions and names, but there is something we have not fused since then….” He replies in a soft, low voice.
Kevin gives him an non-understanding look. And Scotty smiles as he shifts himself against Kevin, causing Kevin to hold his breath with a little hissing sound, which in return makes Scotty smile even more teasing.
“… our bodies and souls.” He bites his lip with some innocence and automatically Kevin pushes his longing body up against Scotty’s. The reply comes immediately as Scotty crushes him back on the bed and Kevin moans under the delicious pressure.  
There is a loud knock on the door…
“Saved by the knock on the door.” Scotty grins. He pushes himself off Kevin and Kevin regrets to feel that warm body leave. He quickly tries to get a grip on himself again. He sees himself in the mirror, as he hears Scotty greet Quinn and Jordan in the other room. And then he smiles. Yes, they are already a couple in many ways, but there is something left and tomorrow night….. Tomorrow night, Scotty will be his…in every way.
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