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Fanfic: Driving Mr Wandell 2/?

Driving Mr Wandell 2/?

Warning: This is Alternative Universe-story. If you can't stand to see Kevin/Scotty/Others in situations that are Out Of Character, stay away and don't whine to me about it.

By Marea67
About: Mainly Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Depending on the chapter
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sister belongs to ABC, but thanks this AU Kevin/Scotty can at least kiss.
Summary: walkersfics  wondered: How come even in AUs Kevin is always the one saving Scotty? And though she has her own great storyline for that, it sure made me think: “What if….?”


The first three months had passed so quickly and Scotty can’t complain about Kevin. He’s not only a patient and trustworthy driver, but also a good companion along the road. He doesn’t talk much, but his background as a lawyer comes in helpful occasionally and he’s very smart, with a keen interest in the world around him.

He seems to have a knack for knowing exactly when Scotty wants quiet time to do his work and when Scotty needs something to talk about to unwind. The days are long, but Kevin has an even mood, so he’s never quickly annoyed or bored, unlike his previous driver could often be.

What pleases Scotty even more is that their relationship is strictly professional. Despite the long days they make, Kevin never talks about his past, his family, his life, his feelings and for someone private, as Scotty is himself, that is such a relief, for it means that he doesn’t have to share anything either.

He has to recognize that every time he’s done with a meeting or that he successfully concluded a sale, he’s glad to sit down in the car with Kevin and just relax. Kevin has become the oasis in his otherwise very busy life and soon enough Scotty can no longer imagine his life without Kevin in it.

For Kevin every day just seems to pass in the blink of an eye. Once he receives Scotty’s itinerary he plots the best and fastest way to drive. He loves the car, loves to take care of it and in general, he has no complains at all about his work or his immediate boss.

He’s surprised by how quickly he got used to getting up early in the morning, spending long days in or near the car, eating in restaurants along the way or sleep in hotels and motels that crossed their paths, if Scotty hadn’t booked something for them in advance. He usually even has his own room, because Scotty prefers to have some privacy.

Kevin cannot complain about that. They spend many hours together and time to be alone is appreciated, whether it’s in a hotel/motel or in the apartment above the garage, that is small, but big compared to what Kevin is used to and offers Kevin the feeling of a nice and cozy home.

He likes Scotty, who’s always kind and polite to him, which is quite a change from all the name-calling and debasing he’s had in his life. Scotty appreciates what he does, what he says and actually listens to him. Not that Kevin has so much to say, because they usually discuss general subjects and never anything more private and that is fine with Kevin.


“Are you not too tired?” Scotty asks, after seeing Kevin rub his eyes again. The rainfall seems never-ending and Kevin’s been behind the wheel for a few hours now and daylight is fading fast. At their last stop, Scotty had moved from the back-seat to the front to keep Kevin company.

“We still have at least four hours to go.” Kevin replies. “If we don’t go on, you won’t be in time for your meeting tomorrow.”
“That’s not what I asked.” Scotty’s voice is more stern that he planned to, but he wants to make clear to Kevin that he doesn’t want him to take any risks.

“Perhaps… if we see a truck-stop or something we can stop? … Just so I can stretch my legs, … clear my head?” Scotty looks at Kevin, surprised by the fact that Kevin seems to ask him if it that’s alright.
“If you’re tired, we stop. I trust your decision.” Scotty’s replies calmly.

“Then … I’d like to stop for a while… As soon as we can find a place to stop.” Kevin says hesitantly. Scotty nods that he’s fine with it and he looks out the window. Night is falling, they are both tired, they will only make it to their destination late tonight, if they continue.

The traffic has been murder all along and though now it seems calmer and Kevin can drive a little faster, there’s no way they can catch up the lost time fast enough.
“You know what? I think I just saw a sign that said that there was truck-stop a bit further ahead. Why don’t we stop there? Have something to eat and a bit of strong coffee first?”

“Are you sure? We’ll be even later if we actually stop for dinner.” Kevin points out.
“I’m aware, but I’m not going to see us killed over a meeting.” Scotty smiles and he keeps his eyes on the road. The rain just keeps falling and Scotty gets tired from just watching all the drops on the window. He can only imagine how Kevin must be feeling.

“Over there.” Scotty points at the bright lights that show up. He can hear Kevin sigh of relief and realizes that Kevin does seem exhausted. The restaurant looks clean and bright and Kevin and Scotty quickly find a place to sit. The waitress is cheerful and sweet and not long after she brought the coffee, she brings them their hamburgers and fries.

Scotty looks at what is supposed to pass as the salad and decides to leave it where it is and stick to the rest. He catches Kevin’s grin, something rather rare with Kevin.
“If I were you I’d make sure it’s dead before you eat it.” Kevin jokes, pointing at the salad. Scotty looks at it again and grins as well.

“I will. There’s something crawling in there that looks like a parasite I once saw in a horror-movie.” Scotty points out and Kevin laughs.
“That’s is their way of pretending the salad is fresh…”
“By adding baby-cockroaches?” Scotty asks and he shivers.

They both laugh and eat their food, but as the hour moves on, the rain turns into a flood. Scotty catches the concerned look on Kevin’s face. And though he understands Kevin’s looks, Scotty is actually more interested in the sign that blinks in the night and that says ‘motel’.

“I’ve been thinking and maybe we should check if they still have rooms for us, so we can stay here tonight and move on tomorrow. Maybe the weather will be better tomorrow.”
“You’ll barely be in time for your meeting, if we do.”

“Let me worry about my meeting.” Scotty replies with a wink and both he and Kevin get up to pay. Kevin still can’t get used to the fact that, when they are on the road, Scotty pays for everything. He’s so used to always being the one to pay, that it still feels weird.


“I’m sorry, love.” The woman behind the desk says. “But with this flood there are many people who decide to not move on. I only have one room left… with a double bed.” The look on her face betrays what she thinks about two men in one bed. Scotty looks at Kevin, a question on his face.

“We’re mature adults…” Scotty says. “Unless you insist….”
“I really don’t care, as long as I can get some sleep.” Kevin replies. Getting up after the dinner and walking to the motel has made him aware of how exhausted he really is.
“We’ll take the room.” Scotty decides and he checks in for Kevin and himself.

The woman hands him the key and the ‘no vacancy’ sign goes up, while Kevin gets the car and parks in front of their room on the ground floor and takes Scotty’s overnight bag and his own. Scotty opens the door to room number 5 and is surprised to see that though the room is cheaply furnished, it is large, clean and cheerfully decorated.

“I like this room.” He says, slightly surprised by how pleasant it looks.
“I agree.” Kevin replies and he places the two bags on the bed to have a look around. Aside from the rather small bed, there are two chairs and a small table. It doesn’t look to sturdy, but looks can deceive.

There’s a small bathroom attached, so they can shower and he tv-remote actually works.
“Looks good enough.” Kevin eventually says.
“Yes, I can’t wait to get some sleep. I don’t know, but I guess I didn’t really realize how tired I was. … Hope you don’t snore.”

“My ex had a lot of complaints about me, but snoring wasn’t one of them.” Kevin replies absent-mindedly, staring at the map he holds in his hands. Scotty is about to laugh when he sees that Kevin isn’t joking and the simple way Kevin’s words are stated is almost resigned, as if he agrees with his ex about his many flaws.

“What on Earth did he have to complain about?”
“That I was fat, dumb, a loser, worthless, useless, basically that all I was good for was to…” Kevin stops just in time, looking up from his map, as if he just woke up. His look is suddenly shy, because he sees that maybe he overstepped.

“Wow, he must have really loved you.” Scotty comments, but then he seems the hurt on Kevin’s face and he quickly says: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t judge so quickly. It’s just that,… I like you and I don’t recognize any of those words when I look at you and I see at work, that’s all.”

“Thanks.” Kevin replies slightly sarcastic. “But you don’t have to make me feel better. I’ve been hearing those words applied to me all my life. It’s nothing new…. It's just who and what I am. If you don’t mind,…” Kevin rubs his eyes. “.. I’d like to get some sleep. My eyes are burning and I’m starting to get a headache.”

“I’ll take a shower first… If you stick to your side of the bed, I probably won’t wake you up when I come to bed. I’ll be very quiet.”
“Is it okay if I take that side?” Kevin ask.
“Perfect… Goodnight.” Scotty closes the door to the bathroom.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - au (alternative universe), series - driving mr wandell

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