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Fanfic: Driving Mr Wandell 1/?

Driving Mr Wandell 1/?

Warning: This is Alternative Universe-story. If you can't stand to see Kevin/Scotty/Others in situations that are Out Of  Character, stay away and don't whine to me about it.

By Marea67
: Mainly Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Depending on the chapter - This one: G 
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sister belongs to ABC, but thanks to this AU Kevin/Scotty can at least kiss.
Summary: walkersfics wondered: "How come even in AUs Kevin is always the one saving Scotty?" And though she has her own great storyline for that, it sure made me think: “What if….?”


Kevin quietly opens the door. One more look behind him at the man snoring on the couch and he shakes his head. He can’t even cry anymore. After this evening he’s all cried out. His body aches, when he carefully picks up his suitcase. The man on the couch, John, groans and Kevin freezes.

“Not now, don’t wake up now.” Kevin prays and John makes an annoyed noise, but then the monotonous snoring picks up again. Kevin lets a sigh of relief and he closes the door behind him. He hides his face half in the shadow of his cap when he passes people in the hall, not that any of them would bother to ask how he got the black eye.

Here, no one cares, just like no one would have bothered to call the police, if they would have heard him scream, when John had slapped him around again last night. All the next door neighbor had done was turn the tv a little louder… Kevin swallows his pain away as he opens the door of his car.

He’s not sure what he’s more terrified of. The prospect of leaving John for good or that he might turn out to go back after all. How many times, these last few weeks, had he not sat in his car, for hours, crying, swearing that this had been the last time and how many times had he not changed his mind and gone back up anyway…

Because he thought he loved John and John really was not a bad man. It was just the frustration because he was without work. And because Kevin’s little income had not sufficed. And of course John didn’t have a problem with alcohol, even though a lot of the money they did have was spent on it.

But if you work so hard to get a new job and just get snubbed all the time… well, it doesn’t hurt to get a drink, just to relax.. Maybe two drinks… John just didn’t handle liquor very well…. Maybe… John needs him… .he can’t leave… What if John would really hurt himself?

A car passes by and in the rearview-mirror, in the light of the other car’s headlights, he can see his eyes, the area around the eyes already darkening again. He raises his hand and touches it, it’s like a smudge that won’t go away. It hurts… And all that because he had come home last night, with the sad message that he had lost his job as well….

He may not have liked his job, but it had been hard enough to find a job, considering Kevin had been in jail for fraud. Losing the job had felt like another slap to the face. And he had hoped for a shoulder to cry on, instead all he got was an earful on what a loser he was. Then he had made the mistake of saying, that it wasn’t all his fault…

He had woken up two hours ago, on the other side of the bed, with an aching body, a dried up stream of blood under his nose and an eye that felt as if it wanted to get out of its socket… He had found John asleep on the couch, half in a coma with an almost empty bottle of Scotch next to him and Kevin had turned around and returned to the bedroom.

He had tried to ignore the dried up semen on his belly as he had pulled the t-shirt over his head. He hadn’t dared to take a shower, afraid it would wake up John. It was bad enough that John got violent, but just as bad was the fact, that seeing Kevin in pain, turned John on and these last few weeks John had not been the tender lover he used to be.

Kevin wipes away his tears. He’s so tired of it all, of all the worries, of all the pain… He needs to leave and he knows it. He turns on the engine and takes a deep breath. This was already further than he had come before.
“Drive.” He orders himself. His voice sounds small in the silence.

His 1972 Ranchero (of undetermined color) protests at being woken up and sputters, but then decides to give in anyway… Kevin lets out another sigh of relief as he leaves the street where he lived with John. Everything he owns in two suit-cases and a back-pack.

Kevin isn’t sure where he can go at the moment. He’s no longer in touch with his family, he has not friends to turn to, he has no house, because the apartment he lived in belonged to John, he has no job and only 400 dollars in his pocket… And he doesn't have enough fuel to aimlessly drive around for another hour.

What he does have is an old rusty car, a few clothes, a battered body, a criminal record and he’s hungry. The giant M gives him at least one solution, he orders his food at the drive-through and he parks his car on the parking-lot to eat. He just doesn’t want to to in and have people stare at him.

Again he goes over his options. Go back is not an option. Not now that he has come so far. Maybe he should go to his parents’ house…? The thought alone gives him a queasy feeling. He hasn’t seen them or spoken to them in a long time. Does he really want them to see him like this? All hurt and dirty, poor and miserable, exactly the loser they had always predicted he would become?

The queasiness goes away. No. Not an option either. Just drive. See how far you’ll get. Kevin carefully steers his battleship over the parking-lot and searches for the exit, staring in the dark. His painful eye tears up and he tries to wipe away the tear. He doesn’t see the black mass that comes at him and hits his car in the side, full force.


“Are you okay?” Kevin blinks at the sound of the concerned voice. “Hey, at least you opened your eyes again.” Kevin tries to respond, but it’s more a little moan, than a constructive sentence. “Shh, police and ambulance will get here soon, I promise.”
“No… No police.” Kevin tries to say, but it’s too garbled for the other man to understand.

“Just stay calm…. Everything will be alright.” The voice soothes him. No, it won’t be alright. “Don’t worry about anything….” The tears start to form in Kevin’s eyes.
“My car?”He whispers.
“I’m sorry, I don’t think….” The man shakes his head. He has nice blue eyes.

“I’ll never escape, will I?...” Kevin says tiredly. “I will never …. Catch a break… at anything… will I?” He starts to cry, feeling more miserable than ever before. His head hurts and he can’t keep his eyes open anymore.

“Stay with me. Come on. Talk to me. Stay conscious. Don’t die.” The voice is less soothing, but more panicky.
“Don’t worry. Just let me die. It's okay. Just get away while you still can and leave me…” Kevin says between his sobs and he opens his eyes.

The man is younger, nice suit, too bad about the blood on it… nice eyes… blue… so blue… Who’s blood is on that shirt? … Not the other guy’s, he seems okay…. Kevin closes his eyes again in a strange detached realization that the blood on the other man’s shirt has to be his. Weird. It’s his blood. He’s bleeding. How weird…


When Kevin opens his eyes again, he’s in a small cubicle, surrounded by curtains… and it takes a few minutes to realize that he’s in a hospital. He tries to move his hand, but it hurts and he can’t help but make a small noise of pain. Immediately one of the curtains gets pulled away.

“Well, how are we feeling?” The nurse asks, checking Kevin’s pulse.
“Like I got hit by a truck.”
“Close enough….” The woman replies, turning to someone Kevin can’t see, saying something Kevin can’t hear.

A police-officer approaches Kevin’s bed.
“What’s your name? Do you remember?”
“Kevin Walker.” Kevin replies slowly. “What happened?”

“I was so careful.” Kevin moans, not able to understand just yet.
“The other driver takes full responsibility…. You should have no problems with your insurance company…” Insurance…? Kevin starts to laugh nearly hysterically. As if!
“I’m sorry, but that car was all I had and now it’s gone.”

“I’m sorry I have to ask you this… but do you know this man?” The officer pushes the curtain further away and Kevin sees the young man again.
“He was with me after the accident.”
“He caused the accident that totaled your car.”

“O.” Kevin doesn’t know what else to say.
“I’m so sorry. It was absolutely my fault. I wasn’t paying attention. I usually don’t drive in the car I was in.. And… There’s no excuse. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t matter. Nothing matters anymore.” Kevin replies tiredly.

“Mr Walker.” The police-officer interferes again. “You were covered in black and blue places. Did this man use violence against you?”
“My boyfriend did.” Kevin replies. “Ex! … Boyfriend.”
“Is this man your ex-boyfriend?” the police-officer now asks.

Kevin looks at the tall, young man with the beautiful blue eyes and concerned look, who’s dressed in an impeccable, though blood-smudged suit and he starts to giggle.
“Sorry, do I look like I would be able to bag a man who looks like that?” Kevin grins, as if it’s best joke he ever heard. “You must be kidding.”

“The officer thinks that we had some lovers-quarrel and that I’m the one who beat you up. ” The young man explains. Kevin shakes his head, as it all slowly comes back to him.
“No, it wasn’t him…I just left the parking-lot, feeling miserable, because I left my boyfriend, after he had beaten me up and … this guy hit my car…”

“I’ll take care of it from here on, officer.” The young man says and the officer nods, but before they leave Kevin alone in the room, the young man smiles at him and says:
“I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. My name is Scotty Wandell… I work for Wandell Industries…”


Scotty reads the file that was handed to him earlier. It’s a file on Kevin Walker. All his private investigator could find out on such short notice. Dark hair, blue eyes. Born in Pasadena 34 years ago, had a history with drugs and alcohol, some DUIs, studied law, was starting to make a name for himself… and went to prison for fraud, where he obviously cleaned up his act.

Unfortunately he didn’t exactly pick out the best of boyfriends. Hospital records show some injuries that the p.i. considered ‘not by accident’,… Scotty sighs, remembering Kevin’s tears when he thought that he wouldn’t be able to ‘escape’. Somehow it had all sounded so hopeless.

Scotty shakes the memory away and concentrates on Kevin’s bank-records. They show someone who barely stays out of the red numbers, though Scotty can appreciate that Kevin hasn’t used his credit-card in over two years. Scotty is a firm believer in paying cash for what he wants. Of course, he can afford to, so that makes it all a lot easier.

He reads the report that was made up for the totaled Ranchero. Kevin will never get back what the car had meant to him. The report shows that the car was old and rather withered in color, but technically it was in top-shape. The inside was well-taken care of and aside from the clothes and some personal possessions on the back-seat, the car was clean.

Scotty looks at the papers on the desk and feels guilty. Here’s a man who’s already had so much going wrong and he, Scotty Wandell, had just made matters worse. What could he do? He somehow feels that some financial compensation will not do. Though he can easily afford it, money is not the solution.

He thinks about the people that work for his father and wonders if someone can help him. Maybe a new chance as a lawyer? After all, the gentle Wally Wandell is extremely popular and his position as the owner of Wandell Industries has given him, but also Scotty, quite a vast network to build on.

But Scotty feels it’s too early for that as well. All they will see is Kevin’s past record and a man who's all black and blue and that will not work in Kevin’s favor. With Kevin he’ll need to start smaller. He knows Kevin’s problems aren’t his to solve, but he feels bad that the accident he caused would bring more devastation to Kevin’s life.

Scotty has taken care of the hospital bills. Thank God, Kevin’s injuries were only superficial and nothing serious, more likely worsened by Kevin’s depressing life, than by the accident itself. Even the doctors found that it wasn’t so much Kevin’s physical situation that worried them, as it was his mental condition instead.

Scotty puts all the papers aside and his opened up agenda shows him that he has many appointments next week. How will he be able to get all his work done next week? If only he wasn’t so scared of flying… He’s glad that his father allowed him to use his car, while Scotty’s car is in for repairs… Scotty lifts his head. Of course! That’s it!


Kevin carefully buttons up his shirt. He’s allowed to leave the hospital at last. The door swings open and a familiar face shows itself. Kevin smiles. It’s the 4th time in 3 days that Scotty check in on him. They were the little few minutes-highlights of his otherwise boring days .

“Are you ready to leave?” Scotty asks. Kevin nods.
“Thank you… For everything you’ve done for me…. Hospital and everything…” Kevin nervously waves his hand around. It’s been so long ago since someone did something nice for him.

“What are your plans?” Scotty asks.
“I don’t know yet.” Kevin shrugs. “I guess, I’ll first have to check my car and what’s left of my possessions. Then I have to go look for work…. I imagine I look really reliable all bruised and covered in spots in all colors of the rainbow.” Kevin tries to joke.

Scotty looks at Kevin. He sure looks better now, than he did 3 days ago.
“Kevin? Did you like to drive that Ranchero?” Scotty asks.
“Yes. It’s a battle-cruiser, I know, but I like big cars… The bigger, the better.” Kevin smiles.
“Really? … Then maybe this accident wasn’t so unfortunate after all.”

Kevin looks at Scotty, wondering what he means with those words.
“I… I have to travel. Often. All along the coast. I'm afraid of flying, so I’m often on the road and I used to have a guy who would drive for me, so I could work while he took me from one place to another. That was until a few weeks ago..

He had a family and he felt he could no longer work all these long days for me. I mean, working for me is almost a 24/7 job and I’m very demanding and strict when it comes to my work. I’ve been trying to get a new driver, but … I’ve been so busy. I hardly have the time …. I need someone who wants to drive my car for me….”

He looks at Kevin and slowly the meaning of Scotty’s words sink in.
“Why not? It would be perfect. ..You said that you like to drive. With me, you’ll be often on the road. You’re looking for a job, I have one.

You said you have no one to turn to and no family to take care of. With my workload, if you’d be working for me, you wouldn’t have time for them anyway. You don’t have a home and I have an empty apartment over the garage, where our cars are.

Between my mom, my dad and me, we have about 10 different cars. A part of my parents’ house is mine, but I’m hardly ever there, because I’m always working, but, for the limited time that I am home, I can offer you a place of your own to put your belongings in.”

Kevin looks at him with disbelief. This is all too smoothly.
“What’s … the catch?” he asks slowly, feeling slightly suspicious. Scotty smiles.
“There is none. None that I can think of, anyway.”
“But I get paid?”

“Yes. Of course.” Scotty replies with an even bigger smile.
“I think you should know that I have a past…”
“You have a criminal record. I know. Fraud. Not smart. But I’ve also read that you haven’t been in trouble with the law since your time in prison?”

“No, not with the law.” Kevin mumbles and Scotty understands the meaning.
“You look like could use time away from everything and everybody. All I can offer is long days on the road, sleeping in hotels, lots of waiting time, while I have meetings with customers.

The only catch I can think of is that you’ll be spending a lot of time with me, and to be honest, I’m one of the most boring persons in the world…. All I ever do is work…”
“Boring sounds good to me. I’ve had it up to here with ‘interesting’ people.” Kevin smiles, suspecting Scotty may not be the worst that can happen to him.

“Why don’t you think it over while we head back to your Ranchero?”
“Where is my car anyway?”
“In a poor condition in my garage, I’m afraid.” Scotty winces. “You really liked that car, didn’t you?”

“’t Was the only good thing in my life.” Kevin replies sadly and Scotty feels that those words seem to sum up Kevin’s life at the moment.
“I’m sorry.” Scotty says quietly, feeling even more guilty when he sees the pain and loneliness on Kevin’s face. Kevin looks at him and smiles.

“Hey! It was an accident. And I got hurt, but you apologized, you took real good care of me and … it was an accident…right?”
“Right.” Scotty answers, now smiling as well.
“Then let’s forget about it, nothing we can do the change what happened.”

Scotty leads Kevin to the entrance of the hospital. Though Kevin seems to be fine and tough, Scotty suspects that the loss of the Ranchero  cuts Kevin deeper than he lets on. He agrees with Kevin that logically there’s nothing that can be changed, but that doesn’t mean the pain is over.

“Oh! Wow! Now THAT is a car. That’s the one that hit me?”
“No, her twin-sister did and still needs to have some repairs done. This one belongs to my father, but I can borrow it for the time being.” Scotty explains. “Wanna try?” He holds up the keys.

Kevin lets his fingers slide lovingly over the hood and along the window.
“Oh, I want to drive this one, but I have mixed feelings… I’m not sure, I don’t have the feel for the car just yet and it’s not mine and it’s very busy this time of day…. But I’ve seen how you drive, it got me in the hospital…” He gives Scotty a quick glance.

For a few seconds Scotty thinks that Kevin is serious, but then he realizes that Kevin is actually teasing him.
“I think, for now, I’ll drive then.” Scotty grins. Kevin nods and sits down beside Scotty and he listens carefully while Scotty explains to him how everything works.


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