marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: Rain


By Marea67
: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine, which is very unfortunate for Kevin/Scotty, because with me they at least would had have a sex-life!
Summary: It involves… rain.


“It’s raining.” Kevin announces, after having stared out the window for at least 3 minutes. Scotty looks up from the menu.
“It’s been raining all morning.” He replies, unsure what Kevin’s point is.
“And it’s still raining.” Kevin sighs.

“I think we already established that..”
“I’m bored.”
“After two days with Olivia and all the family-shenanigans with Tommy, I’m glad we have the house to ourselves again, to be honest.” Scotty says, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

“Really?” Kevin turns around. “Because you sure seem busy with everything else… and you look ... tired.”
“I am tired.”
“Come here.” Kevin says, reaching out to Scotty.

Scotty’s sigh is an annoyed one, but he gets up nonetheless and walks over to Kevin, who’s still standing by the window. He looks out over the wet street, where people hurry to get out of the rain.
“This is boring.” He replies.

“Not really…. See that woman over there, trying to protect her hair with the umbrella?”
“The umbrella that keeps folding up, so she gets soaking wet?”
“Yes, I'll bet she planned to have a hot date….” Kevin speaks softly and he lets his hands rest on Scotty’s hips to looks past his shoulder. Scotty grins.

“A blond guy?” Scotty asks.
“Dark hair?” Kevin offers.
“Deal… Someone Ssssscotish!”

“Scottish? Really? How stereotypical.” Scotty shakes his head, but he feels Kevin’s hands softly caress his sides and then slowly move to the front, over his belly. He smiles. He likes the path of Kevin's thinking.
“Scottish guys can be cute and gorgeous.” Kevin points out.
“I agree. Okay, Scottish he is….. What about that guy?” Scotty points at a tall man crossing the street.

“I know him.... Straight.” Kevin replies.
“Oh, I would like him to be gay.” Scotty pouts.
“Then make him gay. If any man can do that, you can.” Kevin whispers sweetly. Scotty turns around in Kevin’s arms and wraps his arms around Kevin.

“I don’t want to turn him gay, I want to turn you on.” He replies, claiming a little kiss. Kevin bows his head to break the kiss and teases:  
“Nice word-play, but what you do with me once I’m turned on?” He asks innocently and this time he allows Scotty to kiss him a bit longer.

“….Get you in our bed…” Scotty fantasizes.
“… I’m not sleepy…” Kevin grins, between two kisses.
“… naked…” Scotty continues.
“… on this chilly day?...” Kevin points out.

“… hard…” Scotty goes on as if Kevin hasn’t said anything.
“… chilly, remember?...” They now both giggle between their kisses
“… underneath me….” Scotty bites his lip at the suggestion.
“… sounds good…” Kevin sighs, leaning closer for yet another kiss.

Scotty pushes him gently backward towards the bedroom, not too bothered by the fact that Kevin’s shirt ends up on the couch and his own t-shirt on the floor. He doesn’t stop to consider that he won’t remember where he kicked off his shoes, though he might eventually find them back if he looks underneath Kevin’s jeans.

Kevin sits down on at the foot of the bed and crawls up higher, not taking his eyes off Scotty, who removes the last of his clothes, in a way that leaves Kevin breathless and hungry to feel his husband’s body against his own. He can’t wait for Scotty to join him, but Scotty picks up the blanket off the floor first.

He throws it around himself before he crawls on top of Kevin and kisses him passionately. The way Kevin moans and moves underneath him, proves to him that Kevin is completely in the mood for some love-making.
“Not so chilly now, huh?” Scotty teases and Kevin grins back up at him.

“Can’t you ‘feel’ that?” Kevin asks, moving his body up against Scotty’s and Scotty can feel Kevin's point of view in no uncertain terms.
This, you mean?” Scotty’s hand is between their bodies and his fingers gently trace Kevin’s hard cock and he laughs when he feels the shock run through Kevin.

He watches how Kevin closes his eyes and how he enjoys the light caresses first and then the firmer grip. Kevin’s face is so expressive and Scotty loves to see the lust and desire build up on his face. To see him reach that point where the reserved lawyer disappears and the  man demanding satisfaction emerges.

He takes his hand off Kevin’s cock and starts to prepare him, hardly able to control himself any longer either. Under Scotty’s hands, Kevin responds to the touches and the way Scotty’s fingers move inside him.
“No more.. Do it. Do it.” Kevin encourages and Scotty stops for a second.

“I’m not sure….” He starts, but Kevin nods that he’s ready. It’s all the approval Scotty needs to shift position and enter Kevin’s body. He closes his eyes, because it all feels so good. Scotty moves careful at first, but after the first two, three thrusts he loses control and he gives in.

That desire to just be as deep in Kevin as possible, to own him and possess him overtakes Scotty and at the same time, he can feel Kevin give everything he has to give to satisfy Scotty. It’s all too intense suddenly and Scotty comes, so much faster than he expected, but he’s not too worried, because he has easily taken Kevin with him.


“It’s still raining.” Kevin points out. Scotty, with his head still on Kevin’s shoulder, opens one eye.
“...Don’t care.” He replies in a groggy voice. Kevin plays with Scotty’s hair, just turning it around between his fingers and letting it fall.

On any other day, Scotty would have taken this as a subtle hint that he should have his hair cut, but right now, it all feels so weirdly protective to Scotty. There’s nothing more comfortable than sleeping in the arms of the man you love, he supposes.

“Just thought I’d mention it.” Kevin says.
“Still don’t care.” Scotty moans this time, but he doesn’t react until after a few seconds, when he lift his head. “Don’t tell me, …. You’re bored… Again?” And he thinks that maybe that last little word is a little too hopeful, but Kevin has noticed and he grins.

“I can’t help it. There’s something about being in bed with you when it rains, that is so sexy…. No, wait, scratch that,.... there’s something so sexy about being in bed with you,…Period. ... Regardless of the weather.” Kevin laughs. “
“Awww,… Just for that…” Scotty kisses Kevin’s lips. “... you are in charge this time.”

Kevin laughs and pushes Scotty on his back and kisses him thoroughly and as their fingers find sensitive places and their caresses create the desired effect, neither Kevin nor Scotty really notices, that it gets even chillier in the room or that the raindrops continue to slide along the window.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, rate - nc-17

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