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Fanfic: Ice-cream


By Marea67
Rate: R for innuendo
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: K/S talk about … well, … ice-cream ... amongst other things.
Extra: I'm cleaning up my computer and also my story-files and I ran into a story I started 3 years ago and just never finished, a large chunk of "Ice-cream" was a part of that old story.  Now, I may have used it before, because I actually like it so much and I sometimes cannabalize other stories that don't move to help those that do go somewhere. I'm however not sure if I actually did it with this. I THINK I may have, but I cannot remember where/when/what story. And maybe it's just because I've read it SO often. I don't know. So if anyone has read this before, I'm sorry. I did re-write a bit to fit it more into this season's context, (instead of season 2) so maybe "Ice-cream" will still seem 'fresh'. ;)


Kevin sips from the champagne and purposely drinks it slower than Scotty does. He likes the effect that it has on Scotty. Despite his time with the Walkers, Scotty is still not used to drinking so much and he’s more talkative than usual on this NewYear’s ... what is it, ... very late at night-, very early in the morning moment and Kevin enjoys just sitting back and listening to him.

Scotty’s eyes shine brightly and Kevin is mesmerized by them. Scotty is so good at re-enacting the behavior of some of his customers, that Kevin needs to wipe the tears of laughter away, as he grins:
“I’ve missed this, Scotty. Just us, together like this.” Scotty looks away. Suddenly a bit shy.

“I know, that I’m largely to blame for the terrible low in our marriage, these last few months.” He replies softly. Kevin nods and suddenly more serious he asks:
“Maybe we should forget about last year. Or the year before that.” Kevin suggests.
“I’m not sure. I mean, it wasn’t all bad?” Scotty says, filling his glass again, noticing that Kevin doesn’t drink as much as he does.

“No, we had some fun times too.” Kevin agrees.
“Do you remember that day at the beach? When you fell asleep?”
“Yes, that was a good reminder of why you shouldn’t do that… I was terribly burnt and you…. You were making the worst jokes about it.” Kevin pouts.

Scotty laughs and mischievously replies:
“Maybe, but I cannot remember you protesting too much when I put all that lotion on your body to soothe your skin..” They make eye-contact for a single second and Kevin remembers how hot he had been, and not just his skin!

And it reminds him of another way that Scotty cooled him down that day.
“You accidentally dropped that ice-cream in my lap….”
“Accidentally?” Scotty asks in a sucking tone, looking at Kevin from the corner of his eye. Kevin’s jaw drops.

“Scotty!! You did not…..”
“Mhmm, mhmm.” Scotty confirms.
“That was…. I was naked!”
“Mhmm, mhmm.”Scotty re-confirms. That‘s exactly how he remembers it too!
“The ice cream was cold!”

“One of definitions of ‘ice’-cream, my dear.” Scotty replies, with an even bigger smile.
“Damn, Scotty, you could have done some serious damage….” Kevin says quasi-offended.
“Yes, but I didn’t, did I? I mean, the ice cream melted... right in my mouth...”

“Yup, the ice cream sure did.” Kevin admits, wetting his lips with the memory. “I guess, I should still thank my lucky stars that you were there to … ahm.. save me?”
“Well, it was a lot of hard work… all that … ice-cream.”

“You could have used a cloth instead of your mouth….”
“Yes, but that would not have been as much fun, now would it? Besides, didn’t I correct my earlier ‘mistake’ in a most satisfactorily way?” Scotty inquires, biting his finger and giving Kevin his most innocent look.

“Yes, you’re right, you did get everything straightened up…ahm…Out, I mean…”
“Thought so… and the boys in school would always say I wasn’t any good at ball-games.” Scotty pouts. Kevin nearly choks on his champagne.

“I’m too drunk to reply to that…” he says with a huge grin and their eyes meet, longer then they should. Scotty’s opens his mouth a little. His lips are wet. He looks so delicious, that Kevin wants to taste… Just a nibble…. Kevin moves a bit closer and kisses Scotty’s lips.
A second later he can feel Scotty’s hand at the back of his head, demanding a more intimate kiss, which Kevin gives him.

“Shall we finish this conversation in bed?” He asks after breaking the kiss.
“Can we do that without talking?” Scotty gets up and pulls Kevin off the couch.
“Not sure… but I don’t I’ll be too articulate anyway.” Kevin claims another kiss.

“No…. You never are.” Scotty grins, leading the way to the bedroom.
It takes them a while to get there with all the stops along the way to kiss, touch, caress, undress, but eventually Kevin lies down and he feels Scotty on top of him.

“Mhmmm?” Scotty’s lips leave Kevin’s skin as he lifts his head to look down on Kevin.
“I love you.” Kevin replies, with such sincerity.
“And I love you, baby…. Scotty replies, lowering his head again to show Kevin just how much he loves him.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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