marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: Trust


By Marea67
Rate: NC-17-ish
Disclaimer: Too bad they aren’t mine, I would NOT have come up with THAT stupid idea.
Summary: Guilty? - Happens prior to 5.05

Extra: I could have SWORN that I had posted this here somewhere, but I can't find anywhere (maybe I integrated it in another story?) 


“No. Please, don’t stop! Don’t stop….” Scotty whispers, eyes closed tightly, his hands in Kevin’s hair. Kevin’s fingers replace his mouth on Scotty’s cock. Scotty shakes his head. He’s so close. He can feel Kevin’s stubble on his belly. Kevin’s lips caress his skin. Scotty moans softly.

This is what he loves and hates the most at the same time: Kevin keeping him on the edge, but not letting him go over it. He wants the release, but it also means an end to Kevin’s torturing tenderness, that tenderness Scotty cannot get enough of. He moves faster underneath Kevin’s fingers.

His words are no longer coherent. Kevin’s teeth scrape the sensitive skin. The soft pain makes Scotty buck up, but it’s not enough to make him come. His breathing speeds up, between his eyelashes he can see the victorious smile on Kevin’s face. God, he looks so good, when he’s this confident. Scotty closes his eyes again.

The image of Kevin in charge of his body and controlling him, turns him on, fans the flames inside him. Scotty holds his breath as Kevin takes him over the edge. His body shakes with release of the strain Scotty kept on it. His moan is softer than usual, he’s out of breath.

He feels Kevin’s arms around him. It’s such a warm little place to be. He feels so safe and loved there. He shifts by turning to his side. Kevin caresses his back with slow, long movements and Scotty feels he could fall asleep like that. Just keep his eyes closed and drift off to world of dreams.

But reality sets in, when Kevin moves by reaching out for the clock over the bed.
“Nearly two.” He hums. “I have a client at two-thirty and I want to take a shower first.”
Scotty can feel that Kevin is just reluctant to let him go as Scotty is.
“Two more minutes.” Scotty begs softly.

Kevin kisses his hair and lets the back of his fingers brush along Scotty’s cheek.
“Can’t. I have to prepare.” He then says and pushes away the sheets. Scotty knows he needs to accept, that the little moment of intimacy is over.
“Anything big?” He asks.

“I’m not sure. I got a it a few weeks ago, but the woman kept cancelling her appointments. I only browsed through it, when I got it. Which is why I need to refresh my memory before she gets in... If she hasn’t cancelled on me again... Sad case... Husband’s a cheater, had two other girlfriends, one of them pregnant... Sad...”

Kevin has gathered all his clothes and is ready to go the bathroom, but not before he kisses Scotty softly.
“It’s cases like this that make me happy to come home to you. I know I can trust you.” Kevin whispers, then he kisses Scotty again and he moves to the bathroom and Kevin does not see the desperation, that his words have left on Scotty’s face.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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