marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: Take it slow

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: R.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: “However you define what we are, we are not platonic anymore.”
Extra: Set between 2.08 & 209
Scotty approaches Kevin’s bed slowly. He sleeps on one side of the bed as if he hopes…. Scotty knows, Kevin hopes that Scotty will join him. They have agreed to take things slow. Scotty has many doubts. He loves Kevin, that he doesn’t doubt, but he doubts Kevin love for him. He doubts that Kevin is over Jason. He doubts he can go through another break up with Kevin. But he longs for Kevin at the same time. He wants him desperately.
In the living-room an empty air-mattress awaits. Ready and made up. No strings attached. Here in the bedroom is a warm, good and comfortable bed in combination with a strong, solid, caring man who wants him…. But for how long? What if Jason comes back? And Kevin will fall in love with Jason again?
He sits down at the foot of bed. He takes his shirt off. He just continues to sit there for a moment when he hears Kevin softly say:
“Please get into bed with me…. Just be here… we don’t’ have do anything… just be with me..” Scotty looks at him. In the semi-dark room he can see just enough of Kevin to see the plea in his eyes. He moves over to Kevin. Kevin lifts the blanket and Scotty gets underneath it.
At first, there is a distance between them, Scotty turns his back to Kevin, worried that facing him will lead to kissing, which will lead to sex, which is not what Scotty wants. In the darkness he hears Kevin say:
“Scotty? Is it alright if I put an arm around you? Be a bit closer to you?”
It is a very uncertain little request. And Scotty nods and there is a little shift in the bed.
Scotty closes his eyes, tensing up as he feels the hair on Kevin’s chest tickle against his back. It reminds him of the many nights he slept with Kevin, the first time they were in a relationship and how incredibly hard it had been to get back to sleeping without him. He wills himself to relax and to enjoy the feeling of having Kevin close to him once again. Kevin presses his lips to Scotty’s shoulder. A little kiss. Kevin’s breath is warm on Scotty’s skin.
“Shh, it’s alright.” And in the dark he hears Kevin confess softly near his ear. “I’m scared too. I’m so scared I’ll screw this up again, that I will hurt you again, because I don’t want to… hurt you.” He caresses Scotty’s arm from his shoulder to his wrist to let his fingers thread with Scotty’s. “I can wait. Wait until you’re ready to give yourself to me again, but let me be with you.” Kevin’s voice is barely audible and Scotty feels himself choke up with desire.
He turns a bit in Kevin’s arms and offers him his lips. The kiss that follows is so filled with need from both of them that all they can do is just hold each other and kiss, until the kiss is broken by Scotty, who’s pushing Kevin a bit off him… Breathlessly he asks:
“My things are in the other room. Do you have some protection here?” Kevin blinks a few times, before the meaning behind Scotty’s question really registers.
“Are you sure? We don’t have to...there are other ways….” He says, equally out of breath, but Scotty’s hand slides along Kevin’s arousal and as a little ‘Oh’ escapes Kevin’s lips he grins:
“No, there are not… no other ways tonight, Kevin.” Kevin's happy smile is worth it and to Scotty it no longer matters if it is just sex or if Kevin loves him. He loves Kevin and he wants Kevin and so why take things slow. He, Scotty Wandell, is ready for this...
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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