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Fanfic: You’re part of the family.

You’re part of the family.

By Marea67
Scotty and the Walkers (sounds like the name of a rockband)
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, but ABC’s.
Summary: Scotty in the kitchen after the events from 5.10  "Cold Turkey"


Scotty sighs. He hears the laughter in living-room and stashes the dishes to put them aside.
“Hey! Why don’t you join us? There’s no need to stay in the kitchen, you know.” Justin says, when he enters to get some more wine for Annie, only to find Scotty working.

“It’s alright. Force of habit. I cannot sit comfortably knowing it’s a mess in the kitchen. Plus, I made the mess, because I did the cooking and I don’t want to leave it to your mom to clean up.”
“You’re way too polite.” Justin laughs, but he appreciates Scotty’s reason.

He hands Scotty the cups to put in the dishwasher. By now he knows that, just like Nora, Scotty has a way of filling the dish-washer as strategically as possible and, just like Nora, you don’t mess up the system without a firm discussion on the hows and the whys it should be done THIS way and not another, so Justin won’t even try.

“Scotty? I wanted to thank you for the figgy pudding you made for Annie. She was really impressed, …even though she had no idea what it was she had asked for…” Justin finishes slightly embarrassed.
“I thought so, by the look on her face.” Scotty grins. “But she was impressed?”

“She sure was.”
“Good. Mission accomplished.”
“Why don’t I help you with those as well?” Justin points at the ovenware. “You wash, I’ll dry?”

“No thanks, Justin, I can do those. I’ll be quicker done if I do it on my own.” Justin shrugs, not insisting any further.
“Don’t stay here too long by yourself. You’re part of the family.” Justin warns him however. Scotty watches him leave with Annie’s wine and he looks away.

‘Part of the family’. How long had he waited to hear those words? He pauses, realizing that it had been a long time. From that terrible night he had come out to his parents until the moment he had turned around, after kissing Kevin on their wedding day, and he had suddenly realized that he hadn’t only married Kevin, but also the Walkers.

Standing here in the kitchen, he suddenly remembers the love in Nora’s eyes and Saul’s proud smile and it makes him sad, because he never saw the same pride and joy from his own parents. He pushes the memory of Bertha and Wally out of his memory. Nothing can be done about that.

“Justin said you were here.” Sarah says as she walks in and places some used glasses on the counter. “Where do you want to these?”
“Just put them over there, they will have to go with the next batch of dishes.”
“Let me give you a hand…. That’s family is for.”

“No, thanks, I’ll be fine, I’ll be done in no time, trust me, just go back in and have some fun.”
“If you’re sure….?” Sarah replies, but the look on her face conveys that she’s not entirely agreeing with Scotty. So Scotty smiles and points her out of the kitchen.

He guesses he should be happy that Kevin is here tonight. What if it had been Kevin all the way in China and not Luc? He would have been very lonely. Thinking of Kevin puts a smile on Scotty’s face. Somewhere that night, while they were celebrating Christmas at Nora’s, Scotty had looked at Kevin and suddenly he had realized how much he loves this man.

And that one little moment puts a smile on Scotty’s face. Somewhere in the back of his mind a voice nags about what he should have done and should not have done, but the guilt he had lived with for months is slowly fading. Kevin doesn’t talk about the cheating anymore and neither does Scotty.

Sometimes Scotty wonders if Kevin is really ‘over’ it, sometimes he wants to know if Kevin still thinks about it, but he doesn’t dare to ask. Their lives are back on track, the restaurant is doing well, Kevin wins more and more cases and with those he wins popularity. They want to adopt again…

“Seriously, Scotty, you can’t stay here hidden in the kitchen as if you’re some hired hand, you’re part of this family.” Kitty says, reaching for another bottle of wine. Scotty hands her the cork-screw and she opens the bottle with more strength then Scotty imagined possible. But then, of course, she is a Walker.

“Why don’t I call the others together. If we all pitch in, it will be done in no time.”
“Thanks, Kitty, but I have it under control. Just, … go back to Seth and have fun. Make sure he stays away from your mom, before he hears all the embarrassing stories about you…” Scotty grins at Kitty’s shocked face.

“You have a point. Are you sure….?” She asks and Scotty is amazed by how much she can sound and look like Sarah sometimes.
“Just go.” Scotty sends her away and he’s alone in the kitchen again. Putting all the empty bottles together, he thinks about Kitty.

He’s not sure how he feels about Seth. He seems like a very nice guy, who seems very interested in Kitty, but it all gives Scotty an uneasy feeling. It hasn’t been that long ago since they buried Robert… And Scotty shivers as the memory of that terrible night comes back to him. He could have lost Kevin….

He doesn’t often stop to ponder about this, but what if he had…? If there was one thing that their weeks apart, due to the cheating, had proven to Scotty, it’s that Scotty can no longer imagine his life without Kevin. He knows now, that he never realized, how big the impact, that Kevin had on his life, had been.

He never missed reaching out for Kevin in the morning, when he woke up, until Kevin was no longer there to touch. It had taken him a few days to stop automatically making breakfast for two and also to remind himself to make the coffee, which had always been Kevin’s part of the breakfast.

He had never known how many times a day he called Kevin over something important or completely insignificant, until Kevin had stopped taking his calls. He had forgotten how empty the bed was, until Kevin no longer slept in it. For a moment the memory takes Scotty’s breath away.

What if, like Kitty, he would have lost the man he loved? He shakes his head. The mere thought that Kevin would never, ever, be there again to laugh with, to cry with, to argue with, to snuggle up to…. It is something he cannot handle…. Better focus on something else.

The dish-washer is ready to be turned on, but there’s still so much left that didn’t fit in… that means doing it by hand. Not he minds, washing dishes has become a part of his daily routine. He fills up the sink with warm water and searches for the dish-cloths when the door opens again.

“Scotty….” Scotty is still amazed by how much sentiment Nora can put in just mentioning his name and this time it means ‘don’t you dare contradict me’. “I just heard what you were doing from Justin… Are you crazy? You’re not going to spend Christmas night doing the dishes…”

“I just don’t want to leave you with the mess I made.”
“That’s sweet of you, honey… I’ll help you.”
“No, you don’t have to….”
“Scotty! I will help you.” She turns around and walks up the door.

“Yo! Walkers! Kitchen!” She barks and, though Scotty really doesn’t know why it should surprise him, he sees Kitty, Sarah, Kevin and Justin enter. “Scotty cooked for all of us. We will of course all help him.” Nora explains in a voice that doesn’t accept no for an answer. Kevin winks at Scotty.

“I’ll help you wash…” He says and Scotty sees how they all take some place in the kitchen. Annie enters and smiles when she sees all of them at work like that.
“What can I do to help?” She asks.
“Help me with the dishes. ” Justin replies.

Seth, searching for Kitty, enters as well.
“Dr Carl is talking to the old lady.” He says. “And Evan misses his mom…”
“Awww.” Kitty picks up her son. “Wanna help us with the dishes, sweetie? Here, you can take all these little spoons and put them here on the table.”

Soon enough she’s lost in a game with her son and Nora doesn’t really expect that much will get dried off by them. But it’s alright. Evan is still young, but he has to learn to take his own place in this family and that place comes with responsibilities and it’s fun to see Kitty play with her son like that.

Scotty takes a quick look over his shoulder at all those Walkers and those who are a part of their lives and he smiles. He never knew how important the Walkers had become to him, until he feared that he had lost them. But they had confidence in him, in Kevin and in the relationship they had.

Of course, Nora can never take the place of his own mother, but she comes close. And it’s for the first time that he realizes that he’s become as dedicated to them as Kevin is, but above all that he’s received quite some love and tenderness in return from this amazing family…

“Hey, babe, are you alright?” Kevin asks.
“Yeah, just a bit surprised by all of you suddenly being in the kitchen…”
“Oh, honey, we wouldn’t let you struggle through all this on your own… You’re part of the family.” Nora shrugs as if it’s the most normal thing in the world.


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