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Underneath the mistletoe 11/11

Underneath the mistletoe 11/11

By Marea67
: Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason,
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: The boys belong to ABC.
Summary: In and out of consciousness.


Chad sits down on the bed and he carefully avoids the bandages around Jason’s leg. The nasty cut hurts, but the wound is clean and Jason has good pain-killers. They are both happy to be back in the house that belongs to Jason's family.
“Are you sure you’re not in too much pain?” Chad asks.
“Only when I touch it.” Jason replies.

Chad caresses Jason’s leg, starting from just over the knee and softly going up. Jason smiles at the gesture of tenderness.
“I was scared.” Chad says softly. “…thought I might have lost you… It was really weird how crazy the thought of that made me.” His voice is oddly serious.

“Good. It’s normal to not know what you’ve got, until it's gone. So, hopefully you’ll appreciate me a bit more from now on.” Jason teases, but Chad doesn’t smile. In fact he hangs his head, so Jason can’t see his reaction. “Chad?” he asks concerned, and Chad raises his head. His eyes are filled with tears.

Jason gives him an uncertain smile. It’s so rare to see Chad cry.
“Hey. It wasn’t that bad.” Jason says, trying to sooth Chad. Chad nestles in Jason’s arms and Jason kisses his hair. “I’ll be fine.” Chad holds Jason tightly and for a moment Jason lets Chad cry, knowing that Chad needs to let go of his emotions as well.

“I’m sorry… I …” Chad raises his head and caresses Jason’s face. “Jason, you can laugh about treating you better, but in fact, you’re not that far off base. I have been a terrible boyfriend at times and I know that I’ve often hurt you, by being insensitive to you, but…. I don’t believe I’ve ever told you how happy I am that you are a part of my life.”

Jason smiles happily. Though he suspected that Chad loves him, it’s nice to hear him say it in his own words.
“Chad. I love to be with you…”
“And I… love … to be with you.”

“So, we like each other. That’s perfect!” Jason laughs teasingly and he rolls away from Chad. “I have to take my pills. Is it alright if we get some sleep now? I’m tired.” He asks as he goes into the bathroom to take his pills. He doesn’t see how Chad nervously bites his lip and starts to pace the floor like some caged tiger…

The water no longer runs and Chad can hear the glass being put in place and Jason enters the bedroom again. Chad gathers all courage.
“Jason McCallister, will you please marry me?” he asks breathlessly.
“What?!” Jason asks flabbergasted.


Scotty holds back and Kevin moans in disagreement. He can hear Scotty laugh softly and Kevin knows that this is what he hates and loves the most. This is the second time they make love tonight. The first time they were done within seconds, or so it had seemed to Kevin, but this time Scotty really takes it slow and it drives Kevin mad.

“You’re so impatient.” Scotty teases.
“So will you be in a few seconds, I promise.” Kevin threatens.
“If anybody can make me impatient, it will be you.” Scotty acknowledges. His thrust makes Kevin grip the pillow even tighter.

Scotty makes him feel the full length of him and Kevin moans. Scotty’s hand caresses up Kevin’s back, gently following Kevin’s spine and he can see how Kevin simultaneously tries to get away from his touch and move closer to it, which is of course nearly impossible to do and the way Kevin moves his body just turns Scotty on even more.

Kevin’s hand disappears under him, but Scotty quickly takes his wrist and forces Kevin’s hand away.
“What’s your hurry?” He asks, his voice just a little whisper as he lets his fingertips slide down Kevin’s belly to let them caress Kevin’s hard cock. “Owwww, so that is your hurry.”

“I hate you.” Kevin answers, but his words only makes Scotty laugh.
“Then you must also really hate it when I do this…?” He squeezes gently at first. Kevin nearly cries out. “You’re close, aren’t you?” Scotty asks, seemingly more serious. Kevin nods, moving between impatiently Scotty’s fingers.

“Come for me.” Scotty asks softly, speeding up the movement of his hand. “I want to feel you come.” He continues, his voice more forceful. Kevin’s hand covers Scotty’s, setting the pace. Behind him Kevin can hear Scotty gasp, knowing that the change in speed ignited something in Scotty too.

Scotty’s hand slips from Kevin’s and firmly rests on his hips, as he can thrust deeper and faster. He can feel Kevin go over the edge and he closes his eyes tightly to plunge even deeper. Then his orgasm washes over him too and he lets himself fall on the bed to catch his breath.

“That was great.” He finally manages to say and Kevin makes a confirming noise, obviously not ready to speak in full sentences or even just words yet. Scotty grins and he’s about to turn to Kevin when both his phone and Kevin’s go off at the same time. They give each other a surprised look, but then both reach out to their phones.

Kevin reads his message and starts to smile.
“Kevin?” Scotty asks, handing his phone to Kevin and Kevin’s nods.
“Same message.”
“I don’t believe this…” Scotty laughs.


Kevin and Scotty race through the small corridor, while still trying to put some clothes on and they nearly stumble into the bedroom, where Chad and Jason sleep, without knocking, so they catch Jason and Chad in the middle of their kiss.
“Get a room, you guys… Oh wait…” Kevin jokes, then he holds up his phone. “For real??”

Jason nods and Kevin and Scotty are not sure who’s smile beams brighter, Jason’s or Chad’s. Kevin hugs Jason and Scotty hugs Chad and then they change places. All four of them are talking at the same time and no one is really listening.
“You said ‘yes’… This is the beginning of the end.” Kevin teases Jason.

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought I misunderstood at first, a side-effect of the pills or something, but, hey, I wasn’t going to let him ask me a third time and run the risk that he might change his mind…” Jason replies.
“I would have asked you another 15 times, if you would have asked me to.” Chad says.

“Awww…” Scotty reacts with a big smile… “This calls for a little celebration!” They all agree and soon enough they are all downstairs raising a glass to Jason and Chad.
“I can’t believe it.” Kevin says, shaking his head and Chad looks at Jason with so much love in his eyes, that Kevin and Scotty can only smile at each other.

“After what happened these last few days, I knew I had to ask Jason. I couldn’t imagine living one more day without him. I had a glimpse of a how a future without him would look like and I didn’t like it… I knew I wanted him in my future.”
“Any ideas on what you guys will do?”

“Not yet.” Jason answers. “I never believed that Chad would seriously ask me… But I have time to think things over… I don’t want to rush it and I do believe it’s important to give my family and Chad’s fans the time to get used to the idea. I just hope it won’t have too much a negative impact on Chad’s career, now that he has ‘made up his mind’.”

“The only fan I’m really worried about is my mother and she loves Jason, so she’ll be very happy.” Chad shrugs.
“Isn’t he the cutest?” Jason asks and unable to hold his happiness down any longer, he wraps his arms around Chad and kisses him and of course, Kevin can’t stay behind, quickly stealing an kiss or two from Scotty.


Tags: character - chad, character - jason, character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - christmas fic, series - underneath the mistletoe

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