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Underneath the mistletoe 9/11

Underneath the mistletoe 9/11

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason,
Rate: PG-15
Disclaimer: The boys belong to ABC.
Summary: Hot and cold.


Scotty sits as close to Jason as he can. He has divided the sleeping-bags as well as possible and as far as he can reach, but the bags are thin and old and only meant for the warmer days of summer when Jason and Robert would take Sophie and Jack hiking. Of course, that’s been quite a while ago.

There’s not much room to move and at first they had managed well enough, but during the last hour the cold has slowly, but relentlessly penetrated the car. They have their hats and gloves to protect themselves, but it’s insufficient.

For a long time they had tried to keep their spirits up with silly games, music-quizzes and trying to exercise a bit to keep warm and keep the blood flowing, but as the storm had built even stronger, they had became more quiet and finally Jason had fallen asleep, but Scotty is too afraid to sleep, afraid he will not wake up.

It’s nearly 1 am and it seems to Scotty that the storm is either calming down or he has grown so used to the howling, to a point that he no longer hears it that much. Either way, he’s cold and it’s becoming painful to move. He has no idea how high the snow has reached by now, but he does wonder if it has something to do with the building coldness in the car.

Wasn’t snow supposed to work as an insulation as well? He’s not sure anymore. Nonetheless, he still feels like the cold creeps up on him more and more. He can see the clouds that Jason’s breathing forms and he’s happy to see that Jason is still breathing. He vaguely remembers that it’s not smart to fall asleep in such cold circumstances.

So, he tries to stay awake and when he gets tired, he’ll wake Jason, so Jason can keep an eye on him… It’s quiet and dark and Scotty has enough time to think about so many things. He takes time to think about his mother, alone in her house, she quickly picked up her life after his dad left, which should please him.

But at the same time, she goes to church even more and she has become even more fanatic in her religion, which makes their conversations even more uncomfortable. His relationship with his dad however, has become even stronger. Wally and Kevin get along a bit better as well and Moira is a kind and caring person, just what his dad needs.

He sighs and takes off his gloves to get some more cookies, but there are none left. The light from the torch-light shines on his ring… and suddenly Scotty feels fear. What if he never sees Kevin again? What if he’ll never be able kiss those lips again? What if he never gets a chance to see Kevin's beautiful blue eyes again?

He puts his glove back on and makes himself even smaller. It’s so quiet in here. So very, very quiet. And so cold. His eyes grow heavy.
“Wake up, Scotty.” He whispers to himself and he thinks it’s time to wake up Jason… in a minute… He blinks in the darkness and then closes his eyes.


“… I should go back to my air-mattress.” I can hear Scotty say and I wonder if I really hear the unspoken question or if it’s just my imagination.
“Yeah.. you should.” I reply, but I don’t mean it. I don’t want him on that air-mattress at all.

I’ve watched him all night. How gorgeous he is, how well he fills his shirt, how easy he laughs at my stupid jokes and how comfortable it is to just talk to him about…well… anything, really.

There are no restrictions. I can’t remember the last time I felt this care-free… He always brings that out in me. With him I can be as free as I want to be.

There’s just a little silence after my words. I know exactly what I want, but I’m not sure he wants the same. I feel this need to kiss him and I turn to him in the hope that he will not refuse me, but his lips are on mine before I know it. He must have read my mind. Oh God!

He holds me tighter, his hand is on my back. My hand is behind his head, I don’t want the kiss to stop. Ever… I can feel the touches, the kisses and how he uses his body to end up on top of me, where I feel he belongs… I keep my eyes closed so tightly, afraid it’s all a dream…


I can see Kevin close his eyes tightly and even the tears in the corners, he whispers my name and I silence him with a kiss. A kiss he replies to with such hunger that it takes my breath away. I know he’s been very lonely these last few weeks, but I had not expected this big a surrender on his part.


It felt so good to be touched, to just feel Scotty’s hands pull up my shirt and caress my skin. Oh, baby, you know what I like. He still knows exactly how to touch me, where to caress me and I push up against him. I can feel him push me back down and he’s so incredibly hard, that he make me gasp.

It’s been a long time ago, but I still remember exactly how he used to make love to me and I want him to do it to me again this night. I want him in my bed. Inside me. I want him to drive me crazy as only he can. Then Scotty breaks the kiss and lifts his head. I look up at him….


I look down on him. I can see the longing in his eyes. Damn it. I’m lost again. I know I should not do this. I must not give in… but he looks at me and he his eyes beg for tenderness, he begs to be loved and be made love with and that’s what I want to do, and what I want in return.

“Kev?” The question burns on my lips, but I dare not ask it. If he turns me down now, I’ll never be able to look at him again.
“Scotty, please.” He whispers in return, I can’t resist his silent plea, I cannot look away from those beautiful eyes…


“Scotty!” Kevin sits up with a gasp. Chad stirs beside him.
“You’re awake.” He mumbles.
“Chad, it’s nearly 5 in the morning! What’s wrong with me? How on Earth can I fall asleep while my husband is out there, God knows where?!”

Chad’s awake now as well and seeing the guilty look on Kevin’s face, he feels bad.
“I’m sorry, Kevin. I put some sleeping-pills in your hot chocolate last night…” He tells Kevin honestly and when he sees the shocked look on Kevin’s face, he says:

“There was nothing we could do last night, due to the storm. I thought that with a good night sleep, we’d at least be able to go look for them with a clear head and an able body.”
“Chad! That’s my husband out there!”
“And my boyfriend! There was nothing we could have done last night!”

“You could have at least given me the choice to make that decision for myself…” Kevin yells and he runs up the stairs. “I’m getting dressed warmly, the storm seems to be over. I want to go look for them.”
“Kev. It’s five in the morning. It’s still dark out there…”

“I don’t care! I need to find him, now that the storm is over.”
“And how?”
“I’ll walk down the mountain if I have to.”
“Don’t be ridiculous.”

Kevin pulls a big sweater over his head and looks angrily at Chad.
“Do you have a better idea?!”
“Yes. Maybe. We can take the other car. The one that’s in the shed.”
“It’s not a reliable one.”

“It sure beats walking in the snow. Come on, that car is made to drive in the mountains with bad weather.” Chad replies with certainty and Kevin caves in.
“We'll try. If it doesn’t work, I’ll walk.”
“If it doesn’t work, I’ll walk with you.” Chad promises.

Chad checks the car first and Kevin is surprised by how much Chad seems to know about them. Chad merely smiles and closes the hood.
“Let’s see if it works. Be nice to her.”
“Her? …  Don't say that. It reminds me of a horror-movie I once saw.” Kevin grins.

“Well, let’s hope that this one is less temperamental and less devilish… Why don’t you let me try, that may be better…” Chad takes the seat and turns the key. For a few seconds the car seem to reconsider whether or not to start, but then the motor kicks in and Chad lets out a sigh of relief, while Kevin opens the door big door to the shed..

“Here we go…” Chad drives very carefully and with some slipping and sliding. The car almost crawls on the road, that is how slow Chad drives, but Kevin is focused on the road ahead and if there’s any way they can see where Jason’s car went off the road. Though Chad doubts it, because the snow had covered too many tracks, he doesn’t dare to take away Kevin’s hope.

There’s another turn in the road and suddenly the dark night is bathed in light.
“Oh, no. Not some stupid road-block!!” Kevin nearly cries, he’s desperate to find Scotty.
“Kev. I don’t think it’s a road-block. That’s the police and an ambulance… I think this is the place where Jason’s car went off the road…”

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