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Underneath the mistletoe 8/11

Underneath the mistletoe 8/11

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason,
Rate: G
Disclaimer: The boys belong to ABC.
Summary: In and out of consciousness.


“Scotty?” Jason’s voice sounds weak. “I dreamed of Robert… Saw him… I wanted to talk to him, but he walked away…” There’s a little sob.
“Maybe he’s not ready to talk to you. It’s very emotional for him too.” Scotty sooths, realizing that Jason is still half in his dream-world.
Jason closes his eyes. It’s cold in the car, but Scotty can’t see him breathe.

“Jase?” He asks, surprised by how easily this version of Jason’s name falls from his lips. Jason coughs a bit and opens his eyes again, seemingly more awake.
“I’m here. I’m sorry… The accident… my fault.”

“Don’t worry. Just stay awake and stay with me…. Can you move?”
“My foot… Stuck… Can’t move my leg.”
“Can you wiggle your toes, move your ankle?” Jason apparently tries and lets out a little yelp of pain.

“I can move it, but it hurts, it’s trapped...”
“Do we have a flashlight in the car?”
“In the back… under the groceries.”
“I’ll try and see if I can find it.”

Scotty opens the car-door carefully. The snow is high and it takes a few moments of walking slowly and holding on to the car to reach the back of it. He manages to open it, happy that it doesn’t work on remote. His hands search in the darkness, until he finds the flashlight. He lets out a sigh of relief.

He says a small prayer, before he pushes the button and nearly cries when there’s light coming from it. He quickly looks in the bags and finds some cookies and water. Next to the bags he finds four old sleeping-bags, which he throws on the back-seat, so he can easily reach it once he’s back in the front.

With his hands full he staggers back to the front and gets back in the car.
“Look. Light, something to eat, to drink and to keep us warm.” He says more cheerful than he really feels. Jason nods. Scotty first looks under the dashboard. Yes, he can see Jason’s foot in stuck.

“I can’t free your foot without hurting you.” He tells Jason and from Jason’s sigh he understands that Jason had been afraid of that. “There’s a terrible storm outside. It will useless to try and climb up. I think we’re actually safer in here, then out there. The car is firmly planted against the tree and not moving anywhere, that’s a plus.” Scotty grins.

“Parking a car is my specialty.” Jason jokes back. “Can I have some those cookies? I’m starving.”
“Yeah, sure…” Scotty gives a few to Jason who quickly eats them. “I only have two bottles of water, so we have to careful… If we use melted snow it might be too cold….”

Scotty seems concerned and Jason leans back.
“I’m glad you’re here with me.” Jason suddenly says. “It would have been terrible to sit here alone, in the dark, with no immediate hope for rescue, hungry, thirsty… trapped.” He tries to move his foot again.

“Don’t do that. You might actually do yourself more harm.” Scotty warns.
“You’re probably right.” Jason sighs.
“Are you hurting anywhere else? Chest? Legs? Arms?”
“I don’t think so. My foot doesn’t really hurt either, as long as I don’t try to free it.”

“Good.” They quietly eat the rest of the cookies, The silence isn’t really oppressive, but Scotty does wish he had something to talk about. Instead, it’s Jason who suddenly asks:
“Is it true that Kevin once serenaded you in a karaoke-bar? Kitty told me that and I could not believe it. He must have been very much in love with you to do that.”

“He did sing for me, partially to prove his love for me, partially because he wanted to prove to my friends that he was not uptight, but mostly because he was completely drunk.” Scotty laughs. “But it was cute, and I was flattered, and he did win my friends over and he did make me feel special, so I probably shouldn’t laugh at him.”

“Have you tried to call Kevin?” Jason suddenly asks.
“No. I just assumed that we have no reach here.” Scotty replies.
“Can you try anyway…?” Scotty nods and says a quick prayer for help.
“I think, I’m going to be run out of prayers by the end of the night.” He jokes.

“Don’t worry… God sometimes also takes requests.”
“I’ll take your word for it.” Scotty nods and he tries to call, but the phone clearly lets them know, there’s no reach… “Well, we tried.” Scotty replies with a sad smile.
“And all we can do now, is wait.” Jason assesses.


“Here. Drink this. Nothing bad, just some hot chocolate.” Chad offers. Kevin looks up.
“Chad, I…”
“Humor me, okay? I’m going crazy for not being able to do something, I’ve made this. Please, drink it… Give me the feeling that I’ve done at least something worth doing.”

“Thanks.” Kevin takes the cup and stirs. “I’m sorry. I just feel so useless.”
“You and me both, baby, but you heard what they said. There’s nothing we can do now. We have to wait until the storm is over…” Chad reminds Kevin and Kevin sighs. That’s right. That’s what the police said when they called an hour ago…

“I’m glad that that truck-driver that nearly ran Jason off the road went to the police.” Kevin says.
“From what I understood he didn’t exactly run Jason off the road. The road is very narrow, there was a curve, Jason drove rather fast and had the outer-curve, the truck drove closer the mountain, Jason drove closer to edge of the road.

His car swerved and disappeared over the side of the road… The truck-driver did the best he could in contacting the police when he was able to.” Chad’s voice is soothing. “I’m glad we know where they are, but I’m scared to think of them alone in this blizzard.”
“I just hope they aren’t hurt.” Kevin looks as scared as Chad feels.

“The driver did say that he could see the path of Jason’s car, but not Jason’s car itself. It’s a wooded area… Anything is possible… We just have to…” Chad hesitates as the words sound strange from his lips. “… have faith.”
“Now you’re channeling Jason.” Kevin laughs softly.

He stretches out on the floor, in front of the fire, and he feels tired. Chad sits down beside him and Kevin lets his head rest on Chad’s leg. Chad softly caresses his hair as if he’s soothing a child and Kevin closes his eyes. Chad can see Kevin smile.
“What are you thinking of?” He asks.

“Scotty… How we met up again. At my office. Jason had left for Malaysia and I was lonely and then he walked back into my life.”
“Love at … what was it, second, third sight?”
“I don’t know what it was, all I noticed was that he looked amazing. Hot as hell.”

“You should have done something about it…”
“I was with Jason, I didn’t want to cheat on Jason, but Scotty had invited me over to San Estephe, he had made me dinner. I forgot all about Jason, until Scotty leaned over to kiss me …. Very embarrassing.” Kevin laughs softly, his voice becomes dreamy.

“Why did he make you dinner?”
“I had helped him in court. Something fairly easy, but Scotty was impressed enough to thank me with the first of the many meals we had there…”
“You’re so lucky to have a cook for a husband. Jason isn’t bad in the kitchen, but me…?”

“Yeah, I remember that….” Kevin yawns. He’s really tired.
“ Why don’t you go upstairs and sleep a bit. You seem like you can’t hardly keep your eyes open.”
“I don’t want to be alone.. I’ll go mad in that bed, thinking of what could have happened to Scotty.”

And, as if to remind Kevin and Chad of how bad it is outside, the wind picks up again. Kevin shivers and Chad caresses his back. The gentle and soft motion, makes Kevin move a little closer to Chad to find some comfort. No, he doesn’t want to go upstairs. He cannot stand the thought of being alone up there or leaving Chad alone downstairs.

But weirdly enough, he had expected to stay awake and worry half the night away, but he can’t keep his eyes open. Chad watches Kevin relax and eventually drift off to sleep. He slowly gets up and puts a pillow under Kevin’s head. He puts a blanket over Kevin and gets one for himself.

After making sure that Kevin is firmly asleep, he goes into the kitchen to wash away the residual of the sleeping-pills he gave Kevin. What’s going on is bad enough. There’s nothing that either he or Kevin can do. He takes another pill, this time for himself. He sets the clock. He knows Kevin will be furious tomorrow, but he’ll deal with it then. At least, time will pass quickly when they sleep.

The wind howls again and in his sleep Kevin makes a little noise. Chad smiles. It’s been a long time since he had heard that... He lies down on the floor, in front of the fire, very close to Kevin, he wraps an arm around him, not sure if he wishes to protect Kevin or seek some comfort of his own or both… He closes his eyes as well.

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