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Underneath the mistletoe 7/11

Underneath the mistletoe 7/11

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason,
Rate: G
Disclaimer: The boys belong to ABC.
Summary: Thoughts.


“I could reimburse you for lost wages… It’s kind of a big deal for me, you know. My whole family will there and I’d like to have you sitting next to me….” Your voice sounded so sincere. How could I have missed the meaning behind them?

“All I wanted to do was take you to a nice dress-up party with my family and now it has just turned into a quagmire… I never get like this, okay? … I never lose control over anyone… So could you please forgive me so I can stop getting drunk? … I promise I’ll never offer to pay for anything ever again… not a dinner, or a movie… not even a parking-meter…”

You gave me that begging-for-forgiveness look. I just melted. How could I resist you? I was so much in love with you. I still am. I still need you, Kevin, every day… It’s so dark… I’m so tired… It’s so cold… But I warm myself at the memory of how we danced that night…. You let me lead you… Your smile… It was so warm.. so tender… I’m so cold…


“Kev! Kev! Wake up!” The insistence in Chad’s voice makes Kevin open his eyes.
“Sorry, I fell I asleep. Was I snoring..?” His question gives him a déjà-vu feeling, until he sees the concern on Chad’s face. “What’s wrong?”
“I fell asleep as well, while reading that script… Kev, ... Jason and Scotty aren’t back yet!”

“What?!” Kevin looks a bit further. It’s dark outside and the wind has picked up considerably. He runs to the front-door to open it. Jason’s car is not on the drive-way, the driveway that is now covered in a thick layer of snow. He closes the door and looks with a panicked face at Chad.
“No calls? Nothing?” He asks. Chad shakes his head.
“I took the liberty of seeing if you had any missed calls, but neither of us has them. The phone is right with us in the room. We could not have missed it, if it had rang.”

“I don’t understand…. What do we do now?”
“I don’t know. I really don’t know.” Chad tries to not show how afraid he is, but Kevin can see right through it. He turns away from Chad and regroups himself. He’s the practical one. There has to be something. He swallows hard to suppress his fear and then turns back to Chad.

“Does the landline work?”
“It did a couple of minutes ago. ‘t Was the first thing I checked… I don’t know when the snow started to fall, so I first checked to see if the car was there and if we had missed some calls, before I woke you up.”

“Let’s call the local police and tell them that they are missing…”
“It’s not even been 48 hours, do you think they will listen to us?”
“We won’t know, if we don’t try….” Kevin says firmly and he checks the list beside the phone, glad that Jason’s uncle is a very thorough and organized man.

The landline works and quickly enough Kevin speaks to a woman who sounds young and cheerful and who tells him not to be too worried, that it could be that they were sent back, because experience has thought them that the road leading up to their place is no longer passable if there’s this much snow and the road is blocked…

Not entirely convinced, but slightly reassured, Kevin thanks her for her explanation.
“So, they’ve most likely been sent back into town?” Chad says with a nod. Both he and Kevin wonder, if that is the case, why neither of the men has contacted them, but neither Kevin nor Chad dares to voice the question.

“It’s plausible.” Kevin says, trying desperately to convince himself.
“Sure.” Chad replies and Kevin has to agree with Chad’s assessment that he’s not that good an actor. “We… better make ourselves comfortable while we wait… How about getting ourselves something to eat and drink…” Chad then suggests and Kevin agrees reluctantly.


Twice did I walk out on you. Twice did I believe that this time would be the last time. The first time I felt unappreciated, disrespected and I still stand by those feelings, but maybe I should have taken a look at myself first. I was so afraid to be seen as dependant on you, that I went completely overboard.

The second time I walked away feeling used and taken advantage of… but like I said “You didn’t drug me.”… And the truth was, I
knew what I got into and from the moment I saw you again, I knew I wanted you and I knew I’d pay any price for to be in your arms and in your bed again… Well, I thought I did, until I heard you talk to Chad....

The break ups hurt. They hurt so much.. I promised I would never allow it to happen again. I vowed I would never see you again. But fate decided differently and there I stood in front of you, asking for your help… I knew… I’d let you use me again, if you wanted to… Because, when it comes to you, I have no self-control…

Wake up, Scotty… Move… Can’t move… So tired… So cold


Making dinner took their minds off Jason and Scotty for a little while, but once they sit down to eat, in front of the fire, Kevin no longer keeps up the lies.
“Why wouldn’t they have called us, if they knew they can’t come up here?”
“Kevin!.... Right now… I’d prefer to think of them safely together in some hotel, alright?”

Kevin can see the shiver of fear that runs through Chad. The wind decides at that precise moment to really howl around the house and Kevin cringes when Chad softly continues: “The alternative is that they are somewhere out there… I don’t want to think about that… Call me an idiot, but I want to believe that Jason is safe…. And Scotty too.”

Kevin nods. He puts his hand on Chad’s.
“I apologize. Of course, you’re right… I’m sure that they will have a perfectly good explanation tomorrow… after the storm… Something that we hadn’t thought of, but that will make perfect sense.” He replies softly and he continues to eat, without tasting his food.


It had been such a busy weekend, but they all raved about the food and I was exhausted but thrilled. And I was full of plans. At first I couldn’t stop talking. I wanted to change this about the menu, that about the place. Sarah, Robert, Rebecca, yes even Holly had given me so many good ideas..

Kevin had smiled indulgently and he had listened as I chattered on and on about all the things I wanted. I was tired, I sank deeper into the seat of the car. The safety-belt held me tightly in place and the humming sound of the motor made me sleepy. I allowed myself to relax. Kevin was driving. He’d keep me safe.

Everything became distant. I just closed my eyes, seemingly for a few seconds… And when I opened them again everything had changed…. Nothing would be the same again. Ever. The accident divided the Walkers in all these separate little islands, that not even Nora could re-unite

Saul would no longer be able to hide his secret or deal with it on his own terms first. Holly would have this long, painful recovery to go through. Kitty had lost Robert, though it took a while for her to realize that. It put an enormous strain on Sarah, as she suddenly became responsible for Narrow Lake.

It wrecked Justin and Rebecca’s marriage. It nearly wrecked ours. Just those few seconds.. They changed the lives of all of us. Forever… Things would never be the same again after the accident…. When the car toppled over
… Fell down… We slid over the road… the car drove into the snow bank …. hanging upside down.. No, I'm sitting straight up…. And eventually stopped … Hit a tree…


With a gasp Scotty opens his eyes. They hit a tree!… He blinks, but it remains dark around. Is he blind? Oh God. His hands search for the safety-belt. The clicking sound it makes as it releases, feel comforting. So, his hands work. That is a good sign. His arms slowly start to co-operate. They feel heavy, but it all seems to work as it should.

He tries to move his legs and lets out a sigh of relief when he hits his toes on something underneath the dashboard. The pain is short and sharp, but it proves to him that at least his legs and feet still function and that he still has feelings in them. Now, he can start to make out the contours of the dashboard. He’s not blind, it’s just very dark…

“Jason?” He asks and his voice sounds frail in the silence. There’s no reply. He turns his head to find out if he can see Jason. He refuses to believe that somehow God would claim another McCallister through a car-accident, although the irony of that doesn’t escape him…

Scotty start to shiver with fear when he sees Jason sitting there, motionless, his head to his side, so Scotty can’t completely see his face and notice if there is any injury. What if Jason is dead? He’s going to go insane, if that’s the case. He closes his eyes, can’t control the sob that escapes him, before he reaches out to Jason and touches him.

Jason feels warm. How long does it take for a dead body to turn cold, Scotty wonders? He wills his hand up to feel Jason’s throat and find out if there’s a heartbeat. There is. Faintly. But still a heart-beat. Scotty covers his mouth with his hand to keep a hold on his emotions.
“Jason?” He tries again. This time there’s a little moan, then Jason turns his head and opens his eyes.


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