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Underneath the mistletoe 5/11

Underneath the mistletoe 5/11
By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason,
Rate: G
Disclaimer: The boys belong to ABC.
Summary: Am I going for partner-change? After Jason/Scotty, we get Kevin/Chad again.


Kevin moans softly when he feels Scotty’s kisses in his neck. He doesn’t dare to open his eyes, afraid he will discover it’s just a lovely, sweet dream, but slowly he has to accept that he’s awake and that Scotty is kissing him. With another sweet moan he turns over in Scotty’s arms.

“You brute, waking me up in such a horrible fashion.” He complains with a teasing smile.
“It was either kissing you or pour a cup of cold water over you, but I didn’t want to get out of bed, so… kissing it had to be.”
“How awful.” Kevin grins, finally able to reply properly to Scotty’s kisses.

Scotty is just about to roll Kevin on his back and deepen the kiss even further, when there’s a loud knock on their door.
“Kevin! Scotty! Wake up! Breakfast is ready!” Jason calls.
“I’m going to kill them.” Kevin mumbles.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda hungry … and not just for sex.” Scotty grins.
“Alright! If you really prefer eating ... over having sex with me.” Kevin pouts.
“No, I want to eat, so that I have enough strength to do that other thing later.”
“Promise?” Kevin asks and Scotty nods with a tender smile.


A couple of hours later, they all stumble in through the kitchen-door, noses red from the cold, the laughter still on their faces.
“That was rather un-minister-like behavior.” Chad scolds at Jason, quickly stealing a kiss.
“Ex-minister.” Jason corrects. “Plus, you had that snowball coming.”

Jason tries to open his coat, but his cold fingers don’t cooperate.
“Here, let me help you.” Scotty offers.
“Ah, thanks… Goes to show that a good snowball comes at the price of some pretty cold fingers.”

“Chad never saw that one coming…” Scotty grins.
“I can’t remember the last time I managed to hit someone 'whap!' in the face like that.” Jason laughs.
“Oh, the look on Chad’s face!...” Scotty laughs again at the memory.

“Hey! If you two giggling girls are done with laughing at me….” Chad’s words are grumpy, but his eyes reveal that he takes it with a sense of humor. “And, Jason, I’m going to make you pay for that one…”
“Anytime, love, anytime.” Jason gives him a quick kiss.

Scotty starts with the preparations for the lunch while Jason, Kevin and Chad change into some dry clothes. Kevin is the first one back and he takes over from Scotty, so Scotty can go upstairs as well and soon enough the four men enjoy their lunch as they laugh and talk to each other.

Then Scotty clears up the dishes and then turns to Jason.
“Jason, would it be possible for me to go into town? I thought it would be nice to have celebratory dinner, because we’re safe from Alex and finally able to have a good time without worries about something or another.

And I wanted to make something special, but I don’t have all the ingredients here. And I thought that maybe I could get them in town…?”
“I’m sorry, I’m not in the mood to go anywhere. Plus, I have a script to read.” Chad replies and Kevin makes a face.
“Yes, I'm still tired of our walk this morning. We have enough in this house, can’t you make something else?”

“I guess.” Scotty says, slightly disappointed. Jason puts his dish on the dishwasher on top of the others.
“I need a few things myself, but didn’t want to go into town for that only, but if we can do the both of them at the same time? I get what I need and you'll get your groceries.….?” Jason suggests.
“Are you sure it’s not too big an inconvenience?”

“No. Of course not.” Jason shakes his head.
“Okay. You two, go now, while there’s still enough light… I don’t like the idea that you have to drive back on these dark roads.” Chad replies.
“Meantime, we will get the kitchen ready, for when you come back.” Kevin promises.


“So, how well do you know the McCallisters?” Chad asks, hanging the dish-cloth back in its place. The kitchen is clean and ready for Scotty to come back to it again.
“Living-room.” Kevin points at the door and Chad goes in first to hold the door open for Kevin, who has made some coffee for them to drink, because it's too early for something stronger.

“What can I tell you about the McCallisters?” Kevin repeats Chad's question. “They are insane. That is one thing. I mean, some of them are complete idiots. I think that you and Kitty picked out the only ‘right ones’ amongst the rotten apples.”
“That bad?” Chad asks in shock and Kevin relaxes a bit.

“To tell you the truth. I only met the whole stampeding herd twice. The first time when Kitty and Robert got engaged and they trashed my mother’s house, her garden and her sanity. And especially succeeding at that last one, was something I hadn’t considered them capable of.

The second time I met them was when Robert and Kitty got married. They were calmer, … or perhaps better sedated... then, but they made it very hard for me, because I had just broken up with Jason and I showed up with Scotty, the new guy. So I have some gripes with that family.”
“So they were rather nasty to the both of you?”

“Nah, in general, they were painfully polite to Scotty. They didn’t say not a bad word to him, they mostly ignored him, he might as well not have been there… I later found out that their politeness was at Robert’s explicit request. He told his family that whatever issues there were between Jason and me, neither he nor Jason wanted those to be taken out on Scotty… which was kind of neat.”

Kevin takes a second or two to remember Robert. Their relationship hadn’t always been an easy one, but he had learned to respect Robert and he had always appreciated that Robert had been kind to Scotty. And Kevin was still grateful that Robert had offered his own wedding-ring during their commitment ceremony.

He wasn't obliged to do that, it wasn't like he owed Kevin anything, but still he had been the first to step forward and Tommy had followed, a close second. And he also remembers that Robert had tried to help to Scotty when things didn't go well with San Estephe. Of course, Robert had his own agenda, but still, he had been there. In fact, if Robert hadn’t come up to Ojai, to help taste the different dishes on Scotty’s menu…

Kevin shivers. He doesn’t want to think about that awful accident anymore. Accidents happen and… He feels a hand on his shoulder.
“Hey? Are you okay?” Chad asks concerned.
“Yeah, your question brought back memories of Robert, that’s all.”

“Sorry. Good or bad?”
“Both… At Kitty’s wedding things were a bit tense between us. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone with Scotty. I should have come alone?” Kevin shrugs. Time and Robert's death had softened his views on what had happened that day.
“Were you and Scotty really back together again at that time?” Chad asks. Somehow he remembers Jason or Scotty telling him something differently.

“We were still trying to find the definition of the word ‘we’.” Kevin answers cynically.
“So the two of you weren’t …. doing anything?”
“We were trying to find the right balance, but we were not exactly platonic, if that’s what you’re asking.” Kevin replies now.

“I know, it’s none of my business, but I’m trying to understand the how and why they responded to you the way they did. Just in case, I ever get to meet them… I want to be prepared.”
“Mister Chad Barry, what on Earth on you up to?” Kevin asks, suddenly he’s suspicious.

“Nothing. It’s just that… if Jason and I will continue the way we have so far, then meeting his family will be inevitable and I’m nervous about that…”
“Chad, sweetheart, don’t think they are better than you are, because they’re not. You’re worth a hundred of them. Do you get that?”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Chad smiles. “It’s just that, ever since Robert died, or perhaps even before that, when he was still in a coma, I feel like I’m even more responsible for Jason. I know it sounds ridiculous, because he has family, friends, his religion, his work and he doesn’t really need me and yet …”

He doesn’t finish his sentence, but lets the words hang in the air. Kevin bites his lip, a smile around his mouth.
“You could of course, ask him to marry you? Then he would really be your partner.”
“Don’t be silly! Neither of us is interested in taking it to the next level.”

“If you say so.”
“It’s true.”
“I’m not going to argue.”
“Because you know I’m right, right?”

“I didn’t say that.”
“I hate you sometimes.”
“Yes, especially when I’m right.”
“Which you are not, not now anyway.”

“I will be.”
“Oh, get out. I have a script to read…” Chad scolds, reaching for one of the decorative pillows, but Kevin has already fled the room before Chad can throw something and Chad is back to being alone with his thoughts.


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