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Underneath the mistletoe 4/11

Underneath the mistletoe 4/11
By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason and a bit of Alex. Oh! And Max is back.
Rate: NC-17-ish
Disclaimer: The boys belong to ABC.
Summary: Alex and memories.

(First though, I'm sorry. Real life had plans that differed from mine. Hope you guy enjoy this chapter anyway.... I wanted to close it calm and positively for the old year,.... mayhem will start again next year...)


“….Well, what else could I answer to that question? Couldn’t tell her the truth, now could I?” Chad finishes his story and Scotty wipes away his tears of laughter. When he looks up, he can see Kevin, having just as much fun over Chad’s story.
“You actors are just crazy.” Jason shakes his head.

“But you love me anyway?” Chad asks sweetly and Jason, who just got up to get some wine, ruffles his hair, before putting a little kiss on his head.
“Of course I do.” He replies automatically as if humoring a child, then he continues: “It was an excellent meal, Scotty.”

“I had great help while preparing it.” Scotty returns the compliment.
Kevin sits back, happy to see Scotty and Jason be so relaxed around each other. The entire evening has been so calm and wonderful. He cannot remember the last time he had this much fun with dinner.

Chad has the most outrageous stories to tell and he may not be such a good actor, as a story-teller he sure knows how to hold the attention of his audience and between Chad’s stories and Scotty’s cooking he starts to feel like a satisfied, fat cat. It feels so good that Kevin cannot control a little yawn.

“Someone needs to get some sleep.” Jason teases and Kevin opens his mouth to reply, when he hears his phone ring. Kevin takes his phone and makes a surprised face.
“It’s Max.” He says. Chad, Jason and Scotty suddenly sit up straight.

“Hi, Max. How are you?... Fine. Really. Chad, Jason, Scotty and I have some time to ourselves, but that’s not why you’re calling, isn’t it? What’s going on? … Oh. My. God… Not Alex again….” Kevin catches the peculiar look that passes between Jason and Chad, but ignores it to ask: “Are you sure about that?”


Earlier that day:


Alex stretches his back. The grass under his feet feels soft and wet from the rain that fell earlier. He’s out!
“Planning on going somewhere, Alex?” The voice behind him makes Alex cringe. It’s followed by a clicking sound that worries Alex maybe even more.

He slowly turns around and sees the smiling face of Max Carter. Around him are a few of the guards.
“Nice try, but we were on to you this time.” Max says with a little smile.
“On to me?”

“Yes, but the warden and I decided to let you dig your own grave. Didn’t occur to you that it all went rather
too smoothly? …” Max asks and Alex feels cold inside. Yes, it had. Why had he not listened to his inner voice? Obviously, because he wanted to get out of prison a little too much.

“We allowed you to find out about the system, allowed you to make an attempt to escape.”
“Well, any chance you had on getting out earlier has now been brought back to almost zero. I never want to see you out of that prison again.”

“You set me up!”
“You didn’t
have to escape.” Max shrugs.
“You knew I couldn’t refuse.”
“We always have a choice, my dear. You just made the wrong one.” Max replies.

Alex stares at Max. He feels angry and confused, then he says.
“I wouldn’t have gone after Kevin and Scotty, if that’s what you thought.”
“Doesn’t make a difference what you wanted to do. You will be back behind bars and Kevin and Scotty will be safe from you.”

Alex shakes his head.
“I’ll try again. I’ve nothing left to lose.” He warns, but Max is unimpressed.
“Give it your best shot. Just know that we will keep an eye on you, no matter what you do. You’re being watched. You’ll never hurt anyone again.” Max promises.


“Wow, so there’s no doubt?” Scotty asks. Kevin shakes his head. “This means we’re safe from Alex?”
“Yes, he’s back in his cell and he will have to pay the consequences for trying to escape. They will most likely give him extra jail-time.” Kevin confirms.

“Good.” Chad says and now he yawns as well. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m afraid I still am a bit jet-lagged. I need to get my beauty-sleep….”
“Don’t respond to that. He’s vain enough.” Jason immediately says, earning him a not-so-angry look from Chad.

“I stay out of this one.” Kevin says. “In fact, I may not be jetlagged, but I certainly feel as if I could use some sleep of my own….” His hopeful glance at Scotty doesn’t go unnoticed and Chad rolls his eyes.
“Why don’t we put everything in the kitchen and deal with it tomorrow?” Jason suggests.

For various reasons, the men find this idea acceptable and half an hour later, the room is empty, as are the bathrooms. The couples retreat to their own rooms, lights are switched off and silence reigns in the house, although it takes Kevin and Scotty a little longer to become quiet compared to Jason and Chad.


It’s nearly two in the morning when Scotty wakes up. He’s not sure why, but suddenly he’s wide awake. At first, he tries to fall back to sleep by listening to Kevin’s even breathing, but it doesn’t work and he starts to feel thirsty. With a quiet and annoyed moan, he gets out of bed to get himself a bit of water in the bathroom.

Only when he returns, he realizes that it will be unlikely that he’ll go back to sleep. He watches Kevin. Because Scotty pushed away his side of the duvet, Kevin is partially uncovered as well. He watches Kevin’s pale body, still naked from their love-making earlier on.

He covers Kevin properly so that Kevin remains warm and asleep and then he quietly leaves the bedroom. Downstairs, he pours himself a drink and wraps the blanket, that’s lying on the couch, around him and he stares at the fire that is slowly dying.

“A penny for your thoughts?” He suddenly hears and when he looks up, he sees it’s Jason. “Can’t sleep either?” Jason asks.
“Something woke me up, but that doesn’t mean I should wake up Kevin as well.” Scotty smiles.
“Chad snores. Not very loud, but still, enough to keep me awake.” Jason sighs.
“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Well, to be honest, it’s usually not that bad. It’s just that he’s tired, still jetlagged, had a little too much to drink and to eat… His sleep is so deep, I don’t dare to wake him up. It will be better tomorrow.” Jason reacts.
“And then you will be doing the snoring, because you are tired?” Scotty teases.

“Something like that.” Jason laughs. “So, what were you thinking of. You seemed so far away. Not in distance, but in time.”
“I was thinking about how much my life has changed these last 4-5 years. I mean, five years ago I had never imagined my life to be what is now.”

“Drinking something alcoholic on a cold floor with a blanket around you while watching the fire?” Jason asks, then he starts to laugh. “I make you sound like a homeless man.”

“I think I would have been close to being one.” Scotty replies. “I sure wouldn’t have bothered to make much of myself then. And I was surrounded with people who were not satisfied with their own lives, but were busier complaining about it, than do something about it.”

“An now, you’re a cook, spending a week with an actor, a lawyer and an ex-minister who’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do. How is that progress?” Jason replies cynically.

“It used to be other waiters, a female stripper and a bartender…. I’ve gone up in the world…” Scotty replies with cynicism as well. “Though, I have to be honest, they were there for me when I needed friends, so I’m not looking down on them, their jobs or how much they make.

It’s just… they weren’t the ones that inspired me to make something of myself. In fact, they kept me on this idea that I would never amount to something better than a cater-waiter…. Until I walked into the office of Kevin Walker…”
“Was it really just Kevin? Or perhaps some other contributing factors as well?”

Scotty thinks before answering and then shakes his head.
“No, it was Kevin first…. I really liked him, but felt like I was beneath him, and at the same time, I knew I was a human being like him and he was not better than me. I was still trying to find out who I was and I rebelled against myself and my own convictions…”

Scotty stops there, a frown on his face. It gives Jason time to think over what Scotty just said.
“Sounds to me, that Kevin triggered something in all of us. Chad told me that Kevin was the one who made him finally come out.”

“What did he trigger in you?” Scotty asks curious.
“Some soul-searching of my own. I thought, I knew exactly how I wanted my life to be, but I fell in love with Kevin, who was exactly how I did not imagine my boyfriend to be like. We had not much in common.

I can look back and see that Kevin adjusted to me, but I never gave much back. I was so sure and certain of my own righteousness, that I never thought to try and look at things from Kevin’s perspective. Kevin saw what I needed and, maybe wrongfully, gave it to me.

He came to church regularly and I felt like I had changed him, made him a better man, but, I now know, that he was a good man all along and he only came to see me and I don’t think that my religion brought him much solace either. I looked at Kevin and saw all that I wanted to change and not what I liked about him in the first place…

That is a mistake I try not to repeat with Chad. I really like Chad and if that means that maybe I have to adjust my own standards, so he can be himself too, then I should accept that. If not, I will lose him and I don’t want that either. It’s a game of give and take by both and not just one person who gives, while the other one takes.”

Scotty nods quietly, he knows what Jason means with those words. He chuckles.
“I walked into Kevin’s office and once I realized that he was gay, I felt like I should teach him how to be gay as if my way was the only way.”
“Let me guess. You were the more … flamboyant… type?”

“Yes, definitely. I felt that Kevin wasn’t gay enough. That he too should be more out about it, just because I was. I even told him I liked my men with a little eyeliner… Or.. a lot.” Scotty remembers his exact words and they make Jason laugh as well.
“You would have been well off with Kevin several years ago…” he then says.

“Why?” Scotty asks, surprised by Jason’s words. Jason leans a little closer.
“Kitty still has pictures that Kevin sent her when he was about 18-19. He really did try to be more …. colorful… He just wasn’t any good at it... You should ask Kitty about those pictures. I’ve seen them only once. By accident.

Kitty swore me to secrecy. She says that, if Kevin finds out they still exist, he’ll hunt them down and burn them ritually, like he did with all the other pictures that had been made of him around that age.”
“Awww, so I should go to Kitty..? I’ll keep that in mind...”

“What did you think of the Walkers when you met them the first time? I thought the Walkers were weird. I met Kitty first, who didn't leave a very smart first impression, then Kevin, which was a desaster,  then all of them when Robert and Kitty got engaged… ”
“The infamous party where you guys wrecked the garden…”
“And the Walkers ended up in the pool…” Jason laughs.

“With me, the first time I was there, Nora outed Holly as William’s mistress…. Now, that was a lot of fun!”
“I met Holly only two or three times. She seemed nice.”
“She can be… But if you’re the wife who just found out that your dead husband had an affair with her for twenty years….”

“… You’re not a happy person?”  Jason laughs.
“Nope. And Nora made that fact known. Loud and clear.” Scotty finishes.
“I wish I had been there to see it.”
“It was embarrassing, entertaining, like a soap-opera, only better.”

“And that is when Kevin and you started dating?”
“Not quite. Getting another date with Kevin proved to be difficult and eventually when Kevin stood me again, I gave up and went out with another man and guess who I ran into? Kevin. At the movies with… his mom.”

“See, those are all details the family never told me about. I heard all about Kevin’s relationship with Chad, but I didn’t hear about you, until after Kevin and I broke up.”
“Robert didn’t tell you?”
“No. He figured that that was Kevin’s part not his. He, of course, didn’t know that I had little contact with Kevin.”

“Little?” Scotty can’t help but give his voice a sucking tone. Jason rolls his eyes.
“A little non-existent?” Jason offers as a peace-offer and Scotty nods. A creak on the stairs make them look up and they see Kevin come down.
“What are you guys doing down here?” he asks, still half asleep.

“We gossip about you.” Scotty replies.
“Stop that immediately and come back to bed with me, Scotty, and don’t stay here all alone, Jason, wake up Chad and tell him to stop snoring.” Kevin orders grumpily. Scotty gives Jason an apologetic smile.

“The boss whines.” He whispers and Jason waves his hand signaling that Scotty is free to go. He can see how halfway the stairs Kevin reaches out to Scotty, his hand slipping in that of his husband, a tender smile follows and then they disappear out of sight, but Jason is pretty sure they will kiss before they reach their door.

He sighs and decides to give them a few minutes before he goes upstairs as well. The fire is nearly dead, except for a small little glowing light and for a moment Jason indulges himself to get lost in his own memories of Kevin. He remembers their bickering while they tried to organize the engagement party for Robert and Kitty.

And yet, with every round on the phone, by text, by email or in person he had felt… something. Fighting with Kevin had amused him at first, then it had become like a drug. He had just needed to hear Kevin’s voice, to imagine the look in his eyes… And then there had been that moment in the pantry….

It had been impossible to control himself anymore. He just needed, wanted, longed to kiss those lips, taste them. He just wanted to silence Kevin’s sharp tongue with his own tongue, but instead Kevin had received him with ease, replied with a passion that had left Jason completely breathless and speechless.…

He remembers helping Kevin out of the swimming pool, later on, his clothes all wet and clinging to his body. Everybody was laughing and giggling, but all he could see where those pants all wet, accentuating Kevin’s ass and he had realized how much he wanted to touch him, just let his hands follow those curves.

Kevin had caught his look, had smiled, knowingly, their gaze had held just a little too long and then Kevin had murmured:
“I think I need to get out of these wet clothes and put on some dry ones. Fortunately, there are still some clothes of mine in my old room…”

The invitation in Kevin’s eyes had taken Jason’s breath away. He had been sure that he misread it. It could not be. And yet… he had counted to 25 before carefully following Kevin, following the wet footprints to the door on the first floor, hesitating at the doorknob, before opening the door…

Kevin had stood in the middle of the room, half-naked, slowly stripping the wet pants of his body, catching the look on Jason’s face, the way Jason bit his lip, caught between lust and common decency…. It had lasted several seconds and then Kevin’s pants reached the floor.

Kevin’s underwear hardly concealed the fact that the cold water hadn’t had much of an impact. Jason was with him in two steps. Lips met, hands searched, bodies came into touch, moans in the air, fingers tracing,… Jason would have been able to come just standing there being kissed by Kevin, if…

“Kev!! Hurry up!! We’re needed downstairs!!” Tommy’s voice had been loud and clear, as had been his knocking, and it had broken their moment of passion.
“We can’t do this here.” Kevin had said. “I don’t think the clothes I have here are good enough. Care to drive me home?” His smile had been suggestive and Jason had searched for his keys….

Jason closes his eyes as he remembers driving to Kevin's loft, ending up on Kevin’s bed, moving against him, they were both so hard, so eager, so desiring the other one.

He opens his eyes, suddenly aware that it’s not appropriate to think like that about your ex, who’s here with his husband, while your boyfriend is upstairs asleep.

He gets up and straightens his back. Slowly he climbs up the stairs. He hears a quiet laughter coming from room of Kevin and Scotty and he smiles as well. When he enters the room he shares with Chad, he’s greeted by Chad’s snoring. He walks up to the bed and get underneath the covers.

He presses his cold body to Chad, who wakes up with a hissing sound.
“You’re cold.” He complains softly.
“Sorry.” Jason replies, not feeling too guilty. “I couldn’t sleep.”
“Oh, was I snoring?”

“Sorry. You know that the jetlag…”
“I know… and I love you anyway.” Jason replies, giving Chad a sweet kiss.
“Lucky me.” Chad mumbles and he pulls Jason closer to his warm body. “.. love you too.”

END OF PART 4 and the end is not even near! ;)
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