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Underneath the mistletoe 2/11

Underneath the mistletoe 2/11

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Jason and Chad and a dash of Alex Grodin
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: The other boys may belong to ABC, but Alex doesn't, HE is a figment of my very dark imagination.
Summary: Plans are made and meeting inevitable.


The next morning:


“Wellllll, admit it, it was a lovely Christmas-day yesterday.” Scotty sighs as he stretches out on the bed and places the tray, with the remains of their breakfast, on the floor.
“It sure was… Loved Santa’s presents too…” Kevin grins, letting his naked body move against Scotty’s equally naked body. “I did enjoy watching you make breakfast in that get-up.”

“Or lack thereof…” Scotty replies. He brings Kevin’s head closer to his own and plants one sweet kiss on Kevin’s lips.
“I so enjoyed unwrapping you last night.”
“Kev, I repeat, I am not the Christmas present…” Scotty grins.

“That what you said last night too, but you quickly stopped protesting….” Kevin smirks.
“…because my mouth was busy doing something else...” Scotty reminds Kevin.
“… even after we stopped kissing..” Kevin starts to kiss Scotty
“…My brains were all downstairs…” Scotty manages to sigh between two kisses.

“…Well, that certainly helped to get things… up…”
“… and up it was…”
“… and up it is again…” Kevin teases.
“… maybe you should deal with it, like you did last night…” Scotty suggests under Kevin's touch.

At that moment their phone rings. Scotty makes an annoyed noise and reaches for the phone.
“Hold that thought.” He tells Kevin, but Kevin smirks.
“It wasn’t the thought I planned to hold…” and his little squeeze makes Scotty yelp in shock before warning him to stop while he picks up the phone. Kevin laughs out loud.

Scotty gives him a warning glance and Kevin, pouting overly reprimanded, takes his hands from underneath the sheets.
“Hello? .. Oh, hi, Jason…” Scotty says and he nods as Kevin mouths the word ‘McCallister’. “… No, you weren’t interrupting anything important…”

Scotty grins when he sees the mock-insulted look on Kevin’s face. He now pouts even more.
“No… We have no plans for these two weeks… I could manage a week... Saul can easily take over and I have a good sous-chef… I’ll ask Kevin.”

Scotty’s hand covers the phone and he whispers:
“It’s Jason… He and Chad plan to go to the place in the mountains, that belongs to one of Jason’s uncles and he asks if we want to come along.”
“I’d love to. I don’t have much planned for these days anyway.” Kevin replies.

“Kevin agrees. So, what’s the plan, what are we supposed to take with us?...” Scotty gets out of bed to find a piece of paper and write down the items that Jason mentions. At the same time he’s not unaware that he gives Kevin a good view of his naked body and he blows Kevin a little kiss that Kevin pretends to catch. Scotty smiles.

“… Yes, that’s fine, Jason… We’ll be ready.” Scotty then replies and he throws his phone on the desk after switching it off and he gives Kevin his most beautiful smile. “And now… my focus is back on you, Mr Walker.” He warns Kevin as he approaches the bed. The sexy look Kevin gives him proves that Kevin is not entirely disapproving of the attention.

Scotty gets on the bed and crawls over to Kevin and he uses his tall body to overpower Kevin, although Kevin isn’t really putting up much of a fight. With Kevin underneath him, Scotty is quickly aroused again and this time he doesn’t have to fear that the telephone will interrupt them again…


“Oh, my God, this place is lovely.” Scotty gasps and Jason grins proudly as he hears the other two men voice their opinions as well.
“Good enough for some snow-fun, huh?” He laughs enthusiastically. “It’s remote, but not too much so. The nearest town is half an hour away. Yet we have privacy, we can have snow-fights and….”

He opens the door further.
“….There’s a huge fire-place, where we can have hot chocolate with either or not something alcoholic added to it.”
“Then most likely it will have something added..” Kevin notes.

“There are four bedrooms upstairs.” Jason continues, without giving more attention to Kevin’s words than a simple smile. “The kitchen is over there…” He adds, noticing that Scotty without missing a beat immediately disappears in that direction. “And we can enter the tool-shed from inside the house, which is always a good idea, if it snows.

In the shed there should be the sledges and the ski-gear from my nephews, wood for the fire-place and, in case of an emergency, a second car, but I don’t know if it’s good enough to drive with, so perhaps we shouldn’t really try to use both cars and go in different directions.”

Kevin nods in approval of the place, just as Scotty exits the kitchen.
“It’s an amazing place, Jason, and the kitchen is great! I can really do some cooking in there.” Scotty says and Kevin frowns, turning to Jason and Chad, aware that he hasn’t informed them yet of the new rule he implemented a few months ago.

“One thing though, boys, just because Scotty cooks, doesn’t mean he’s in that kitchen all alone. We will all be helping him. I’m a bit sick and tired of Scotty missing out on most of the fun, because he’s in the kitchen, while others sit around twiddling their thumbs. That works in the restaurant, but not among friends and family.”

Jason and Chad give each other a quick glance, but both agree with this whole-heartedly.
“Bedrooms are upstairs?” Chad changes the subject. Jason nods and they follow him.
“I’ve been thinking that maybe we could take this room, Chad, and Scotty and Kevin can take the other one, over there, at the end. This gives us room to be… ahm.. noisy.”

They all laugh, but agree that a bit of space will not do them harm.
“There are two bathrooms also…”
“What? No, showering together?” Chad says with mock-disappointment.

“Only in your dreams.” Kevin confirms.
“Can I suggest that we unpack first ? And then, later on, go for all the food and gear that is still in the car?” Chad suggests.
“Good idea!” Scotty replies enthusiastically, nearly pushing Kevin into the room. Kevin is about to protest, but the door closes behind Scotty.

Before Kevin can say something, Scotty is behind him tilting Kevin’s head backwards so he can kiss him. Kevin moans, as Scotty’s hand doesn’t even bother to play first, but goes straight for his jeans. Scotty laughs in the kiss when Kevin makes a shocked noise as Scotty’s fingers roughly caress his growing erection.

“S-Scotty… We’re supposed to unpack… Jason and Chad….”
“…Are going to have to wait.” Scotty decides, turning Kevin in his arms and kissing him again. “I didn’t come here to spend much time with them, I came here to have sex with you…” He confesses.

“What about them?” Kevin nods in the direction of the other room.
“I’m sure ‘them’ can keep themselves entertained.” Scotty replies absent-mindedly, because his attention is more focused on that hard cock he’s taking in his hand and Kevin shocks back against Scotty as a result.

Scotty pushes Kevin on the bed and Kevin expects Scotty to cover him and take him. Instead Scotty pushes his chest to Kevin’s back and he focuses completely on satisfying Kevin. His strong hands drive Kevin nearly crazy. He presses closer to Scotty, he begs Scotty for satisfaction.

At the same time, Kevin can feel from the hardness pushing down on him from the back that his satisfaction comes at a price. He’s caught between Scotty’s hand and Scotty’s body, but he knows exactly how to move to turn Scotty on as well. Behind him he can hear Scotty moan and he grins.

“Just know that we’re going to bed early tonight….” Scotty whispers. “And you’ll be on your hands and knees and I’ll…” He doesn’t finish his sentence, he doesn’t have to, because the way he moves his body leaves nothing to the imagination. Kevin moans.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” He laughs softly.

“I’ll have you all night….” Scotty says and his hand moves faster and Kevin just answers something incoherent, his body tensing all of a sudden, as he comes all over Scotty’s hand. He sinks down on the bed. He takes a moment to catch his breath again, but all along he can feel Scotty against him and eventually he turns in Scotty’s arms.

“I completely agree with the early to bed thing, but … I have a different idea on what happens next….” He warns, letting his hand slide down Scotty’s chest, teasingly caress his belly, playfully wander over Scotty thigh, before going back up by inside of the thigh, ready to return the satisfaction Scotty just gave him.


Alex looks around. This is the moment. He carefully lifts up the grid that he found. Behind it is the old ventilation-system, that no-one uses any more. It had taken him quite a while to find an access to it. And once he had found it, it had taken another couple of days to carefully screw the grid loose, without anyone seeing it.

That was difficult enough, because the guards usually keep an eye on him, so he had do everything painstakingly slow. But now the guards are both pre-occupied with a fight between two other prisoners. They are understaffed because of a flu-outburst and the next head-count won’t be for another hour.

This is the moment to run…. He ducks away, no one sees it happen, he crawls in the narrow space, carefully places the grid back, so his point of escape won’t get noticed too easily. He turns back and starts to crawl. He prays his sense of direction is still as good as it use to be. He doesn’t have much time, but if all goes right, he should be free in an hour or two.


Tags: character - chad, character - jason, character - kevin, character - scotty, series - underneath the mistletoe

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