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Underneath the mistletoe 1/11

Underneath the mistletoe. 1/11

By Marea67
: Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: The boys belong to ABC.
Summary: Kevin still has one gift to unwrap after the events in 5.10 “Cold Turkey” and Chad and Jason want something else.


Kevin and Scotty stumble into their bedroom, all laughs and giggles.
“Seriously, I want to see Jason’s face when he sees that Kitty is dating someone younger than him.” Kevin laughs, all giddy because he drank too much red wine tonight. Scotty shakes his head.

“Kevin, you should not have sent it to him. It’s Christmas. You know. Peace on Earth and… stuff.”
“I know, but still…. That boy is a … boy.”
“He’s 27.” Scotty corrects him. “That makes him older than me, when I met you.”

“Yeah, but I was a lot younger, than Kit is now, when you met me. So, that doesn’t count.” Kevin pushes Scotty’s sweater up and tries to get to his skin to turn him on. Scotty however, turns away.
“No. Wait. We need to talk about this first, don’t we?”

“No. I don’t want to talk. I just want to have sex.” Kevin pouts and Scotty takes a long look at him. Of course, Kevin is right. The message has gone out to Jason now, there’s nothing he can do about it anymore.
“You’re right. It’s done, it’s done…. Nothing left to change.” Scotty sighs and Kevin’s face displays a silly, stupid smile.

“Well, duh. I was hoping you’d see things my way. Now, come here... and let me strip you and do dirty things to you…” Kevin suggests and Scotty takes a step back, only to land backward on the bed. Damn! Had the bed always been this close to the door? There’s no escaping Kevin hands now. They are simply everywhere.

Scotty starts to moan, unable to say to word, because Kevin’s mouth is on his. He tries to go for pushing away Kevin’s hands, but it’s useless and he loses the battle and surrenders to Kevin’s lips, to his caresses, to that warm body moving against his own. His sweater ends up on the floor, his t-shirt on top of it.

They quickly break free from each other to take of the rest of their clothes, both eager to be naked, pulling at each other’s clothes, but not really helping. Until, finally, Scotty lets himself fall back on the mattress and he takes Kevin on top of him and it doesn’t take long before he can feel Kevin’s hand between his legs.

Another quiet moan escapes from Scotty’s lips, when he feels Kevin’s fingers find their way inside him. First one, then the second. His breathing becomes shallow, the words he whispers as encouragement are not understandable, but they are all Kevin needs to hear to proceed.

Scotty moves underneath him, calls out his name and then Kevin cannot wait anymore either. He shifts his body and keeps Scotty on the edge of his pleasure, until Scotty start to move at the same rhythm as Kevin’s thrusts. Now it’s Kevin who begs Scotty not to stop and Scotty closes his eyes firmly to let his passion take over.


The airport seems busier than ever and he wonders why. Aren’t people supposed to celebrate Christmas today? He understands his own reasons. Delays in Berlin and in London make him arrive 8 hours later than expected. But surely not everybody here comes from Europe?

Getting his luggage is easy. Nobody notices the man with the dark hair and green eyes, with the big weekend-bag over his shoulder. He exits the place and head over to the parking-space. His car is exactly where they promised it would be. Once inside the car, he dives under the dashboard to find his mirror, so he can remove the contact-lenses.

A quick look in the rearview mirror reveals that his eyes are blue again and he starts to feel better. However, it isn’t until he’s back home that he carefully removes his wig to release his blond hair. He quickly combs his hair and after last look in his review-mirror he’s ready to be Chad Barry again.

Chad enters quietly and quickly re-activates the alarm, before climbing up the stairs to see the light coming from his study. He smiles and carefully knocks, before entering so that he doesn’t startle Jason too much. He’s greeted with a loving smile.
“You should have called me. I would have picked you up.”

Jason wraps his arms around Chad and kisses him. Chad holds Jason even tighter.
“I just wanted to be home with you. As quickly as possible. I’m so sorry that I missed Christmas…. I really wanted to be here with you.”
“I should have flown to Bulgaria instead.” Jason replies.

“And leave those who need you? Never!” Chad laughs. “Anyway, I’m all yours for the next two weeks…. What’s the latest gossip on this side of the ocean?”
“Aside from the fact that uncle Jack needs to have hip-surgery and that cousin Corinne is expecting her 7th child? Not much…..”

“Good. I don’t think I can handle too much drama right now after all the issues we had on the set…” There’s a quick, annoyed look on Chad’s face, but it vanishes like the bad memory that just came back to him and he smiles at Jason again. “But let’s forget about that. I want to concentrate on you. And only you.”

His hands slip under Jason’s shirt and he wants to kiss Jason, but he quickly notices that Jason is very tense.
“What’s wrong? What have I done? I can feel that you’re not that interested.”
“I am. I’ve been waiting a long time for your return…” Jason tries to show it by kissing Chad.

However, Chad is still aware of the fact that Jason’s head isn’t on loving making and neither is the rest of his body.
“It’s not working.” Chad says, pushing Jason’s hands away from his body. “Talk.”
“It’s nothing. I shouldn’t let it get to me…”

“Oh… Is there some rumour about me in gossip-papers? Because, I swear, I’ve been completely faithful to you….” Chad immediately says and Jason can see the concern on Chad’s face.

“No, it’s not about you…. Kevin called tonight…” Jason starts and all of a sudden Chad is all attention.
“Is everything alright with him? And with Scotty?”
“Yes. Yes. They are doing great.”

Jason takes a deep breath, before he continues.
“They are working through their problems, they plan to adopt, Kevin seems to have forgiven Scotty and though Scotty’s cheating is not entirely forgotten, it’s not weighing so heavy on them anymore either. They’ll get there… No, Kevin called about Kitty… She dating another man….”

“Well, that’s not so bad, is it? She can’t remain a widow for the rest of her life.” Chad tries.
“I didn’t expect her to. But … She pulled the plug on my brother a little while ago. She’s constantly gone, leaving Evan with me or Justin or Kevin and Scotty or the nanny. And now she’s sleeping with another man under my nephew’s nose…?!”

“So, would it really be so bad for Evan to have another man in his life?”
“Chad, the kid is 27 years old and, according to Kevin and Scotty he looks like he’s 21!”
“That is their opinion.” Chad tries again to calm Jason down, but Jason takes his phone and shows Chad a picture.

“That’s him. At Nora’s house. Celebrating Christmas with Kitty and Evan…. Kevin send it to me.”
“Wow! That is …. young!” Chad frowns.
“I know, it shouldn’t bother me so much. Kitty’s a grown up. God knows, it was tough for her, all these months sitting with Robert, hoping, dreaming, praying…”

Jason becomes all quiet and Chad takes him in his arms.
“… but Robert was your brother and should not so easily be forgotten about?”
“Exactly.” Jason replies against Chad’s shoulder. “I’m unreasonable, I know… I’ve trying to get past it, but….” He shakes his head.

“Then don’t. Be angry. Talk to Kitty tomorrow and tell her how you feel…” Chad suggests, knowing very well that by tomorrow Jason will have calmed down and it will all blow over. Jason looks at him with a smile.
“Since when are you so smart?”

“Since I started dated clever guys like you and Kevin…” Chad replies without hesitation and he gives Jason another kiss. This time Jason relaxes in his arms and replies to his kiss with more passion.
“So, you’re all mine for two whole weeks, aren’t you?” Jason asks between two kisses.

“Mhm-mhmm.” Chad confirms and he begs quietly for another kiss.
“I might have an idea.” Jason says.
“Oh, no! Nothing like working in a soup-kitchen or something else humanitarian. I want some quality time with you and spoil you… and get spoiled by you…”

Jason frowns a bit at Chad’s selfishness, but at the same time he can see Chad’s point. They haven’t seen each other in over three very long months. He sighs.
“I know a place where we can go. My uncle has this lovely little home somewhere in the mountains. I could ask him if we could stay there for a week.”

“You. Me. A little place in the middle of nowhere. Lots of snow. Sounds good to me.”
Chad react excitedly and it makes Jason give him a nervous look. “What?”
“I’ve been thinking that maybe we should invite Kevin and Scotty along….”
“Kevin and Scotty? Why? I mean, I love them both, but…”

“So do I. They are our friends.”
“Sweetheart, I agree with you on that, but let’s face it, I’ve had my fair share of psychopaths and homicidal maniacs. And… those two attract them like a magnet. I have two weeks of free time and I don’t want to spend them being chased by murderers.”

“I know. Neither do I. But Kevin and Scotty could use a break.”
“Didn’t you say they celebrated their ‘second honeymoon’ recently.”
“Yeah. They went to Vegas… got stuck in the elevator, there was a water-leak that flooded half their room and their neighbors were so loud that Kevin and Scotty couldn’t hear themselves think… It was a disaster.”

Chad closes his eyes, not sure whether to laugh or cry and not sure if he wants to take Kevin and Scotty along.
“Plus, …” Jason continues. “… neither of us are that good at cooking and we both just know that Scotty will want to do the cooking…”

“That sounds very premeditated.”
“It is.” Jason confesses with a grin. “Come on, do you really want a week or so of my cooking if you can have Scotty’s cooking instead?” “How do I talk myself out of this one in a politically correct way?” Chad wonders.


Alex Grodin stares as the wall of his cell. He’s on his side and to every guard passing by he seems to be asleep, but he’s not. In his head he goes over all the possible scenarios again. He’s not sure his plan will work, but at the same time, he’s convinced it just might work out as he wants.

He also weighs the consequences of his actions against each other. Escaping now would seriously jeopardize his chance of a parole in the years to come, but the plan seems so well drawn up, that it cannot go wrong. Again, like a broken record, he goes over the plan of escape utniil he convinces himself again that it’s fail-proof. And that tomorrow is the day that he will be a free man again..


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