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welcome to my fantasies
A bit of pic-spamming over B&S episode 5.10 
15th-Dec-2010 12:20 am
kevin/scotty ice cream

I've thrown in the towel! I agree that this series has become a spoof of it's brilliant self and that's okay, I can't be bothered anymore.
I guess, it's silly comedy from now on. Fine. Matthew Rhys and Luke Macfarlane can play anything and they proved it brilliantly in the 'dream-sequence'. Hilarious! I laughed so loud over the Heimlich manoeuvre. Just the memory of it puts a smile on my face.

Alright! What's the cutest couple on this show? Well, these two boys of course!

A little reminder of WHY I follow this series. ;)

Just love the way Kevin looks at Scotty in the dream-sequence. Started humming 'Can't take my eyes off of you." when I saw that look. ;)

Now, of course there was something to look AT:

I couldn't take good screencaps, but I like these two.

Nora's worst nightmare: Drunken Justin, Nana Holly, Straight (but not convincingly so) Kevin, Fat Kitty and Ice-queen Sarah ready to poison her.

I seriously love my boys, but is this ALL we're going to get this season? Sigh?

Of course, Scotty knows best.

And Kevin listens to him:

Sweet Saul/Kevin moment:

Getting hungry... and I'm not talking about the cake...!

Can I get a collective AWWWWWWWW?

16th-Dec-2010 02:50 am (UTC)
Awwww! You can really make a girl's day(things have been crazy and stressful here). Thanks for sharing these pics.
20th-Dec-2010 09:29 pm (UTC)
You're welcome. Sometimes we need a dose of cuteness and Matthew/Luke provide plenty! :D
18th-Dec-2010 09:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the photos,

this episode wasn't my fav this season but I liked the parts you captured.
Except how weird does Matthew R look with a moustache, lol
20th-Dec-2010 09:28 pm (UTC)
I don't think it's my favorite either, but it's definately better than some others, plus Matthew/Luke were hilarious in the dream. I can watch those two in the dream all day.

I don't think the moustache look so 'weird' on Matthew, but then I'm a fan of the British detective-series like Poirot, Miss Marple or Sherlock Holmes and somehow Matthew reminded me of that... As long as he's playing a part. But I wouldn't want him to have one in real life. Does that make any sense?
21st-Dec-2010 04:11 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that makes sense.

I do like Sherlock Holmes but I think Matthew just looked weird with it; maybe that was the point - make him as different as possible. Then again I did enjoy the stubble he rocked in the first few episodes.

I really liked the fact they still had Scotty in the dream as well; like whatever there doing or where ever they are, they will find each other; soulmates. Gave me an idea for a new fan fic but should finish the other one first
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