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fanfic: you should...

You should….
By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17 for sexual content.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: I shouldn’t have written this.
1.05 Date night
After Kevin has pulled him into his apartment Scotty and Kevin can only look at each other, their kiss at the door still burning on their lips. Kevin stands merely inches away from Scotty. His lips close to Scotty’s. He longs for another kiss but he’s too shy to ask for it. But Scotty moves a bit forward towards him. Their lips touch. Nothing more than a touch. Kevin closes his eyes.
“I should… offer you some…coffee?” He says, Scotty kisses him again, this time more than a just a touch, when his hand moves to Kevin’s cheek and he caresses it with his thumb.
“…or tea…?” Kevin’s voice is softer than before, his hands carefully resting on Scotty hips, his fingers crooking under the hem of Scotty’s vest and t-shirt, moving them up and touching the skin underneath. Scotty makes a little sound, he is not really protesting.
Scotty’s kiss intensifies as Kevin wraps his arms around him, parting his lips for Scotty tongue. The very intimate kiss combined with the way Scotty moves against him turn Kevin on like a light-switch. He forgets how lonely he is, he forgets about promises broken, he forgets about everything except this beautiful man here in his arms .
Kevin shivers with desire. It’s been so long since he felt someone else’s hands on his body, and then he moans against Scotty’s mouth:
“Or maybe… I should just…show you the bedroom…?” And Kevin knows everything else will just have to wait, when Scotty replies:
“Yeah….. you should.”
1.14 Valentine’s day massacre
Scotty helps Kevin to his door.
“Give me the keys.” He says. Kevin manages to find them after a short search. Scotty opens the door and they tumble into Kevin’s loft. But barely the door is closed or Kevin moves closer to Scotty.
“Please, don’t go. Don’t leave me. Stay tonight. I…. I want you.” Kevin pushes Scotty’s shirt open and tugs up the t-shirt he’s wearing underneath.
Scotty is not as drunk as Kevin, but not entirely sober either. He hasn’t been with another man since he broke up with Kevin and to suddenly feel those familiar hands on his skin, instantly turns him on. Those lips he knows so well are on his and he melts into the kiss. His body moves against Kevin, pushing Kevin in the direction of the couch, but it is eventually Scotty who ends up on his back with Kevin on top of him.
Kevin forgets about Chad, no need for him to go back in the closet when he's with Scotty. Scotty just wants to make love to him, with no secrets between them. It is so liberating. He doesn't have to be anyone other than who he is. He forgets how lonely he is. All the hurting dulled by the fingertips that rediscover what they had to do without for so many months.
He loves the feeling of that strong body against his. They kiss and touch. They explore each other and it doesn’t take long for Scotty to realize that he cannot leave. He wants Kevin as much as Kevin needs him.
“Kevin, shouldn’t we continue this in the bedroom?” he suggests.
“Yes, we should.” Kevin eventually answers.
2.08 Something new
 “Yeah, you should….” Kevin replies, when Scotty says hoarsely that he should go to his air-mattress,  but within a second he’s in Scotty’s arms, feeling Scotty’s lips on his. He shifts in Scotty’s arms. Lowering himself until he’s on his back and Scotty on top of him. Eagerly he pushes himself up against Scotty. He knows this is what they both want, what they both desire deep within.
Scotty’s reaction is one of unrestrained passion. The alcohol has crumbled the wall between them. Scotty is as filled with lust as he is. He can feel that in the way that Scotty silences any protest, that Kevin could possibly have, with kisses that set him on fire. The only way left to convey his desires is by the little moans he makes as Scotty’s hands caress his skin and the way he lets his body follow Scotty’s touch.
He forgets about Jason, he forgets about promises made, he forgets his pain of waiting for a phone-call that will not come, he forgets how lonely he is. All sense of right or wrong wiped away by those lips kissing on his shoulder. All the hurting dulled by the fingertips on his chest. All that is left is this passion invoked by the man who’s pressing his body closer to Kevin’s.
From this moment on Kevin knows, that this hunger in him, can only be satisfied by Scotty and that is a fact he should have to accept.... he really should.....

The End
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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