marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Mistletoe to remember

Mistletoe to remember.

By Marea67
Rate: PG-13 at most!
Disclaimer: They are not mine. Sadly. For them.
Summary: Scotty has "amnesia". 


“Brought the mistletoe….” Scotty sings, as he enters Kevin's office and shows something that Kevin assumes is the mistletoe.
“Good, hold it up, so I can kiss you.” Kevin volunteers, but Scotty turns around.
“No. I’m going to hang it over our bed, so you don’t forget to kiss me goodnight.” He "pouts".

“Whah? No! As if I would do such a thing.” Kevin protests.
“You forgot last night.”
“No, nah-ah, didn’t.” Kevin shakes his head.
“You did not kiss me last night.” Scotty corrects.

“I did kiss you, that’s why you started to touch me all over and we...”  He suggestively cuts off his own sentence.
“Can’t remember.” Scotty shakes his head, but Kevin can see a twinkle in his husband’s eyes and a smile playing around his lips.
“Hey! Don’t blame me or the mistletoe for your lack of short-term memory.”

“Maybe you ought to… refresh my memory?” Scotty suggests, waving the mistletoe. Kevin groans, but his objection is just make-belief.
“Refresh your memory, huh?” He takes Scotty by the wrist and pulls him closer to kiss him. Scotty hums during the kiss, but when Kevin breaks the kiss, he shakes his head.

“Sorry, doesn’t spark anything.” Words that would probably have a larger impact if he wouldn’t be grinning so widely. Kevin makes a hissing sound.
“That is serious, isn’t it?” He asks in mock-concern, Scotty nods and claims another kiss.
“Very serious.” He then murmurs in Kevin’s ear. He can feel a shiver run through Kevin.

“Then we have to go for more desperate measures.” Kevin warns, as his hands tug up Scotty’s shirt and he lets his fingers caress the skin of Scotty’s back in the most deliciously, erotic way. This time it’s Scotty that jolts closer to Kevin. Their kisses become more heated and intimate and are no longer playful.

By the time they come up for air, their lips are swollen from the many kisses and they look at each other with more lust than they have felt in a long time.
“There’s.. something… on the edge of my memories….” Scotty whispers out of breath, not sure if he can keep this game up.

“Then…. I have no other choice…” Kevin replies menacingly, as he pushes Scotty onto the couch. “… but to bring on the big guns…” And he pushes closer to Scotty, happy to find Scotty as aroused as he is. There’s a little moan from Scotty…
“I love your gun…” he replies breathlessly and his eyes meet Kevin’s.

He sees the laughter on Kevin’s face and then he can no longer stay serious either. They both laugh at their silliness, happy to realize that they have come this far, especially after the last few difficult months.
“I love you.” Scotty confesses sweetly. “And I  do remember everything you did last night.”

“I kinda knew you did.” Kevin replies with loving smile. “But that doesn’t mean, that I mind doing it again.”
“I was hoping you’d say that.” Scotty reaches out to Kevin and demands another kiss. As their kiss deepens, the mistletoe, no longer needed, falls on the ground….

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - short story

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