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Vegas? That’s what THEY think!

Vegas? That’s what they think!

By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: They are ABC’s, not mine.
Summary: Following 5.09 and my frakking outrage! NINE (!!!!) bloody episodes and still no kiss between Kevin/Scotty! At first, I could get it, marriage in a bad place, that god-awful, utterly ridiculous ‘Scotty cheating on Kevin’ bullshit. But now…? Kitty gets to shag some kid who looks (and behaves) like a 17 year old, Suc does their habitual fu**ing, even NORA is implied to have had sex, but not Kevin/Scotty? WTF?!?!?!

And what SECOND honeymoon? They never even mentioned having a first one! Yes, in fanfiction only…. Which reminds me….. Continuity!!! See if you recognize it! ;)


“What?! But you just told Angie….” Kevin starts.
“… that we were going to Las Vegas for a second honeymoon, I know. I was there, when I told her.” Scotty replies dryly and with a certain amount of sarcasm. “… that does not mean we are actually going to Vegas.”

“Oh?” Kevin gives Scotty a puzzled glance.
“We are really going on a second honeymoon.”
“Wasn’t that the plan behind going to Vegas?” Kevin now wonders.
“Yes, but we didn’t have our honeymoon in Vegas, now did we?”

“No, we eventually had it in…. Ooooooh!” Kevin suddenly understands. “Did you book?”
“Same room. Same view.”
“Yeah, because I really want to go there for the view.” Kevin replies jokingly.
“I don’t know. I liked the view… of you... naked on that bed…”

“I see what you mean. Yes, I agree, when you came out of the bathroom… the scenery was breathtaking… as was the sex afterwards.” Kevin remembers with a huge grin. Scotty turns the key and the car starts humming. He quickly bends over to Kevin to kiss him, before putting on the safety-belt. The smiles they give each other are very promising.


Hotel Sunbeam, it’s still like Scotty remembers. Room number 7, at the end of the narrow hallway. A real key, not some key-card. The vanilla and blue colors still give the room a certain fresh warmth. The huge four-poster bed still takes centre stage in the room. It still breathes romance.

Scotty drops their overnight bag on the round table and opens the balcony-doors. It’s chilly outside, but the view of the ocean and the rocks underneath their balcony is still amazing. Scotty closes the doors again. It’s too cold to go to the beach. Maybe for a walk on the sand, but not for swimming.

Now Scotty quickly goes to the bathroom. The large, deep bath-tub is still there as well. He sighs with contentment.
“It’s still looks as great as I remember…” Scotty looks at Kevin with a grin. “… and so do you.”
“Thanks.” Kevin replies shyly.

Scotty opens the overnight bag, that he put on the table, and rummages through it. Kevin expects to see the usual ritual of Scotty unpacking and he doesn’t get disappointed. He watches how Scotty puts their clothes on the shelve. He places their toothbrushes on the table however, because he searches for something else.

Kevin picks up the menu, smiling as he sees they have a dish that has lobster. He’s about to turn back to Scotty and mention it, when he feels Scotty wrap one arm around him from behind. With the other hand he throws the lube and condoms on the bed and Kevin holds his breath for a second, as he realizes what this means.

Sure enough Scotty’s grip around Kevin’s body tightens, while he lets his hand slide down Kevin’s belly, play with the zipper and undo the button. Kevin breathes faster, getting aroused by the way that Scotty goes straight for what he wants and from the hardness poking him in the back, he understands that Scotty isn’t unaffected either.

He rubs his body against Scotty, silently letting him know how much he wants to move on. Scotty pushes him closer to the bed and, supporting himself against one of the posters of the bed, Kevin kicks off his shoes, while Scotty forces his head back so he can kiss Kevin on the lips. The kiss is wet and sloppy, but Kevin doesn’t care.

Scotty pushes him forward and Kevin bends over the bed. Scotty’s hands caress his back and his ass. Kevin pushes back.
“Take of your jeans.” Scotty orders. “I want you naked.” He doesn’t need to say more. Kevin immediately complies.

Then Scotty pushes Kevin down on the bed and straddles Kevin’s body. He moves so he can bring his mouth to Kevin’s ear and warn him.
“I’m going to fuck you… until you beg me to stop.”
“That will never happen.” Kevin replies, arching his back and pressing up against Scotty.

“Stay like this.” Scotty tells Kevin, getting of the bed to take off his own clothes. When Kevin looks over his shoulder he can see that Scotty’s erection and he knows that Scotty wants to be satisfied. He’ll never last long, Kevin just knows it. He bites his lower lip, eagerly awaiting Scotty’s first move.

He raises his body to Scotty’s fingers at the first touch, but Scotty places his hand on Kevin’s back, forcing him to stay down on the bed. Soon enough one finger, then two fingers are not enough.
“Please….” Kevin begs.
“You’re not really ready.” Scotty pants, his cock rests against Kevin’s ass.

“Yes, I am. Do it.”
“I’ll hurt you.” Scotty warns, but he can no longer control the desire to be inside Kevin.
“Do it!” Kevin orders and he doesn’t have to ask a second time. Almost immediately he feels the tip of Scotty’s penis against him.

“Fuck me.” he whispers and Scotty no longer waits for Kevin to be ready or to accept him. He pushes and Kevin moans at the pressure, but after a short gasp, he pushes himself closer to Scotty. “Do it!” Kevin encourages. “Move! … Faster! .. Just do it… Just… f---.” He doesn’t get any further than that, because Scotty answers to Kevin’s words.

Kevin’s loud moans fall into rhythm with Scotty’s thrusts, until Scotty’s grip around Kevin tightens.
“Kevin… I can’t …” Scotty nearly cries, but it’s too late. He pushes himself even closer on Kevin, tries to reach even deeper and Kevin’s cry, as Scotty goes over the edge, is soundless.


The sheets are bunched up around them. Scotty’s spooned up against Kevin’s back. Kevin plays with Scotty’s fingers, the ring on that large hand, the ring he put there. Scotty kisses his ear and Kevin smiles contently.
“I love you.” Scotty whispers.

“Love you too.” Kevin replies, before slowly turning over. “It’s amazing to have sex with you. I love it so much.”
“You’re not so bad either.” Scotty replies. He caresses Kevin’s cheek and kisses Kevin’s lips. “I could do this all night.” He sighs.

“I know. But you won’t. I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry.”
“I got all the food I need right here.” Scotty replies, licking Kevin’s skin and letting his teeth graze Kevin’s skin in a fake bite.
“Ah! Yes. But the restaurant has lobster….” Kevin points out.

Scotty stops kissing Kevin and looks up.
“Lobster?” He asks, as if he didn’t know what was on the menu. Kevin nods. “Why didn’t you say so….?” Scotty rolls out of bed and reaches out to Kevin. “Come on, baby, let’s have dinner…. And Kev? Can we have sex for desert?” He then asks.

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