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Quietly remembering a kiss

Quietly remembering a kiss.

By Marea67
Rate: R
Disclaimer: They belong to ABC and not to me, but at least I let them kiss and play.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty talk about their ‘first’ kiss.


“Do you remember our first kiss?“ The actress on their tv-screen swoons to her male co-actor. Scotty shifts against Kevin. He’s in an uncomfortable position, but at the same time he doesn’t want to get up and leave Kevin’s embrace.
“Do you remember ours?” Scotty asks.

Kevin doesn’t immediately reply, instead turns and twists a bit to give Scotty an easier position to sit in. Scotty smiles gratefully.
“The one at the Indian restaurant?” Kevin then asks. “What about it?”
“That wasn’t really our first kiss. That is when I kissed you.”

“Isn’t that the same? First time our lips touched…. and such.” Kevin has a hard time keeping his eyes open. It’s been a long day and the movie is moving at such a slow pace that Kevin believes he could actuallly see the grass grow, if he had had a lawn. So he’s not in a mood to have an argument over words.

“No. Not really. Not to me anyway. I kissed you, but you didn’t want or need it…” Scotty remembers, as a small wince comes to his face.
“I was shocked that you would be so open about it,… I wasn’t used to that. I …” Kevin stops, not in the mood for a debate. “… Never mind.”

Scotty sits up.
“I do mind.”
“Scotty….” Kevin begs and he motions Scotty to come back in his arms. Scotty refuses at first, but then nestles back against Kevin.

“I couldn’t wait to get back to the car and put my hands on you.” Kevin confesses suddenly. “Your kiss just shocked me, because I knew how much I wanted you, whereas I wasn’t sure about your feelings for me. You were always teasing and flirting, but … I somehow couldn’t imagine that you were seriously interested in me.

Not for real, I mean, as in a real relationship. I kept telling myself that you just were just playing and I was playing along. At the same time I was very interested in you and I knew, that if I wanted anything to happen between us, I would have to be the one to make all the moves.

However, I didn’t know where to start making the first one. I was a bit rusty at it.” Kevin smiles. “And then you suddenly got up and kissed me. In the middle of the restaurant! You just took over. You took the lead. Suddenly we were no longer playing a game. Suddenly it was real and I didn’t know what to do with myself….

I wasn’t ashamed…. Just shocked. And puzzled… But your kiss was most welcome…. Your kisses always are.” Kevin confesses to the last words with a shy look at Scotty, afraid he might have said something very weird.
“Thank you.” Scotty replies sweetly. He sits up and kisses Kevin’s lips.

Kevin at first replies to the kiss, but then softly pushes Scotty away.
“So, what do you consider our first kiss then?”
“The one at your door.” Scotty replies immediately. “You moved closer and kissed me. It was amazing.” Scotty sighs and one glance at Kevin tells him that Kevin has the same thoughts.

“We’re doing that not look away thing you like so much.” Kevin notices and Scotty smiles uncertainly, maybe a bit surprised that Kevin had bothered to remember. At that moment Kevin seems to come to a decision of his own. He takes a step forward, not knowing that this would be the most important step in his life, and his hand reaches out to Scotty and they kiss…..

“For a moment I thought the world actually stopped turning.” Scotty laughs at the memory. Kevin now grins as well.
“I was terrified, but I wanted it so much.”
“.. and then you slammed the door in my face…” Scotty laughs even harder.

“…just joking.” Kevin leans closer and this time he’s the one who kisses Scotty. “Just joking…. I couldn’t have left you there if you wanted me to, but it was fun to see your reaction…” Scotty, however, is less impressed with being teased and starts to tickle Kevin, causing an immediate retaliation fromKevin.

The tickle-fight and the fit of giggles that follow, make Scotty end up flat on his back with Kevin on top of him.
“This how we ended up an hour after that kiss as well.” Scotty reminds Kevin, while caressing Kevin’s cheek. “I thought I was the luckiest man on the planet.”

“Nope. That was me.” Kevin remembers and he feels a little pressure at the back of his neck as Scotty demands another kiss. This time their kiss lasts longer and becomes more intimate.
“We did this too that afternoon.” Scotty remembers between kisses.

“Yes, and then my hand ended somewhere … here…” Kevin’s hand traces Scotty’s erection through the thin layer of Scotty shorts. Scotty moans. “..just by accident… of course.”
“You didn’t take your hand away.” Scotty points out.
“You wouldn’t let me.” Kevin reminds Scotty.

“Ooooooh, right, now I remember….” Scotty’s grin becomes bigger as he feels, against his thigh, how aroused Kevin is. He purposely pushes his leg closer to Kevin, making it Kevin’s turn to moan at the pressure. Kevin shifts a bit so that he ends up between Scotty’s legs. Now it’s impossible for Scotty to get from the friction either. He arches up against Kevin, but Kevin gently pushes him back down.

“Can we continue this in bed?” Scotty wonders.
“We didn’t have sex in bed that day.” Kevin frowns.
“But we can have it now…” Scotty suggests.

“Good point.” Kevin switches off the tv, Scotty places the popcorn back on the table. Kevin blows out the scented candles, while Scotty goes to the bedroom. On the threshold of the bedroom, Kevin stops to watch Scotty undress. For one moment he thinks about the fact that only two months ago, he nearly walked out on his marriage, but then he shakes his head and sends away the sad and dark thoughts.

As if Scotty can feel the sudden sadness, he looks over his shoulder. He smiles. That little uncertain smile that Kevin has seen too often these last two months. That little sign that things are still not completely as they should be, but that they are getting there. Slowly.

“I love to watch you strip.” Kevin says, his eyes practically ordering Scotty to get rid of his last few clothes. He walks up to the bed, dropping his own clothes along the way. Scotty quickly gets under the covers, it’s not that warm in the bedroom, but Kevin pushes the covers away to look at Scotty’s naked body.

“Can’t we at least turn off the lights?” Kevin asks uncertain.
“Kevin! Come on! You’re not serious, are you? I want to see you.” Scotty laughs cheerful.
“It’s just that…” Kevin’s hands show his nervousness perhaps better than anything else and Scotty raises an eyebrow. “That … might.. not be that so interesting… to see.”

It never occurred to Scotty that Kevin might be nervous to show himself. He’s so used to being open about himself, that it had not entered his mind that Kevin might feel uncomfortable. Scotty stops laughing and hesitates a moment before he dares to reply to Kevin’s suggestion.

“I think that… I really want to see you… in the light… open and honest… but if it makes you uncomfortable…”
“It’s just that… I’m not getting any younger and I haven’t been working out much lately and maybe I haven’t been eating all that good either and….”

“I think I wouldn’t mind love handles on you. Though I’m sure they are more in your head, than on your body.” Scotty teases. “Come here.” He reaches out to Kevin and pulls him down on the bed. Scotty’s kisses and touches makes Kevin forget his concerns and soon enough he even forgets that the lights are still on.

“I’m sorry, baby. I just remembered how scared was the first time I got naked in front of you… I was so aware of how bad I looked. I was sure you’d find me completely unattractive…”

“Oh, Kevin, come here.” Scotty reaches out to Kevin and pulls him down on the bed. “I thought you looked amazing. Not like one of those skinny kids or steroid-filled machos I used to meet.. You were so different.” He forces Kevin on his back and then kisses Kevin’s belly. Kevin’s hands grab Scotty’s hair and pushes himself closer to Scotty.

Scotty lifts his head and he kisses his way back up to Kevin’s mouth.
“Do you want to know what really turned me on?” Scotty then asks. Kevin nods. “The way you looked at me. You made me feel so special. Like I was the most precious person on this planet...”

“You are.” Kevin says and he caresses Scotty’s cheek. Scotty looks down on Kevin’s face, but Kevin doesn’t even blink until he suddenly starts to laugh: “We’re doing that not look away thing again…. And I’m starting to see why you like it so much.” A little smile plays around Scotty’s lips.

He lowers his head and Kevin expects another kiss, but instead Scotty whispers:
“I love you. I love so very, very much…” Somehow it sounds so fragile to Kevin’s ears, so he whispers back:
“I know you do and I love you too….” Kevin’s lips part and this time Scotty does kiss him.

However it’s not playful or passionate, but more intimate, slow and long. Scotty moves against Kevin’s body, but all in a very languid way. He’s in no hurry. He doesn’t feel the immediate need for satisfaction. It turns him on to just to feel Kevin underneath him, to be so intimately close to the man he loves and nearly lost to his own stupidity.

He lets his hand slip between their bodies and he can hear Kevin gasp, when Scotty’s fingers close around his hard cock. They don’t stop kissing, not even when Kevin comes closer to the edge. Their kisses only become more desperate, more demanding.
“I ... I don't know how much longer I can hold on.” Kevin moans.

“Come for me then.” Scotty suggests and it’s a suggestion that Kevin eagerly accepts. With growing satisfaction Scotty watches as Kevin comes closer and closer to his release. To just know that he’s the one who can make Kevin beg like this, who can make Kevin lose himself like that... It’s just amazing.

“Scotty!” The soft cry comes unexpected nonetheless and Scotty can feel the sticky wetness all over his hand. Kevin is nearly out of breath, squirming against him, yet he continues to kiss Kevin, until Kevin pushes him away.
“That was ...” Kevin can obviously not think of the right word and Scotty starts to laugh.

“Was it now?” Scotty teases. “Care to show me your gratitude?”
“How?” Kevin asks ‘innocently’, though his hand is already on its way down.
“Return the favour?” Scotty begs. Kevin starts to laugh also and pushes Scotty on his back. Scotty closes his eyes and anticipates Kevin’s touch.


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