marea67 (marea67) wrote,

OMG! It's been 3 years ago

.... that I wrote/posted my very first B&S fanfic. I nearly forgot.

I still sometimes get comments on my older stories and then I read them again. I have my favorites and I sometimes wonder if those who read my stories have them as well?

I should have written something fluffy for K/S, or at least Kevin, to mark the date. (Sorry for Luke Macfarlane, but I seem to have fallen for Matthew Rhys all over again! He's amazing!

I'm however not really in the mood to write, though there a few plot-bunnies hopping around in my head, but I can give you guys this drabble:


It has taken Scotty a long time to see all the different layers that make Kevin who he is. Insecurity covered by arrogance, pain hidden under sarcasm, a strong man who can be as vulnerable as a child. So many masks. Kevin knows his own flaws: high-maintenance, self-centred, needy ... all of them true. However, as Scotty watches Kevin sleep, he can see the other aspects: loving son (in-law), caring brother (in-law), dedicated lawyer. And, above all, the forgiving husband who tries to give all the love he has to offer Scotty and who deserves to be loved in return.

The end
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - drabble 100 words

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