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X-rated ;)


By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17 Welllll duh!!
Disclaimer: Not mine, but at least with me they have sex, which is more than they have at ABC’s Brothers & Sisters
Summary: Scotty is tired after a long day at work and seriously needs to relax! :D
Extra: Please read Patience first. Though they are independent stories, I feel that they should be read in the order Patience-X-rated.


“Hey.” Kevin acknowledges Scotty’s entrance with a single word, without looking up from his book. He’s in bed and has no desire to get up.
“Hey to you too.” Scotty replies with a little smile. The tired sound of his husband’s voice makes Kevin look up.

“Long evening?” he asks with just enough sympathy.
“My feet are killing me.” Scotty kicks out his shoes and rubs his neck. “I want a shower, a long hot shower and then go to bed, roll over and just ... die.....” Scotty sighs.

“One of those nights, huh?” Kevin grins.
“Really. We had a couple of whiners in the restaurant. This was too warm, that was too cold. One of them even had the audacity to tell me that I hadn’t used chicken, but beef instead.

He was so sure that he could tell the difference without a doubt, which is pretty awesome considering that the basic ingredient of the dish he ordered is tuna... Seriously? I came this close to shoving the food in his arrogant face. Some people do anything for a free meal.” Scotty rattles. Kevin tries to sympathize with Scotty, but it’s nearly impossible.

Kevin starts to laugh and the frown on Scotty’s face slowly disappears as well.
“Well, I’ll better take a shower. Maybe that will cool me off.” He gives Kevin a quick kiss and heads for the shower. Kevin gives the clock a quick glance. Past 1 in the morning. Luckily neither of them has appointments tomorrow-morning...

Scotty lets the water run for a few seconds till it heats up, before stepping into the stream. He shivers at the temperature-difference and feels his tension slip away as he lets the hot water fall on his neck like a massage. There’s a little noise behind him, so he looks over his shoulder. He smiles.

“Kevin...” he starts.
“Shhh.” Kevin replies, taking the bar of soap. Scotty watches it roll between Kevin’s hands and he can’t help but wishing it was something else between those quick fingers. Kevin notices Scotty’s growing arousal and grins.

“Nice to see your ‘brain’ still functions properly after such a long day...” He teases softly in Scotty’s ear, as he lets his soaped up hands slide over Scotty’s back, slowly turning the touches into a gentle massage. Scotty makes a hissing sound, when Kevin hits one of the more painful muscles in his back and Kevin spends a bit more time massaging his back.

Scotty turns around to kiss Kevin, but Kevin won’t let him move closer. Again he soaps up his hands, this time he takes care of Scotty’s shoulders and chest. His hands rest on Scotty’s hips for a few seconds, just long enough to steal a few kisses, but then he breaks the kiss to let his hands move lower.

Scotty moans as the touches become more intimate. The gentle strokes quickly turn firmer, but just when Scotty is close to losing himself under Kevin’s hands, Kevin takes a step back.
“No!” Scotty begs.

“Yes.” Kevin answers with certainty. “Don’t be so eager. I have all night.”
“Maybe you do, but I’m tired.” Scotty whines softly, trying at first to take get Kevin’s hand back, but Kevin playfully keeps his hands away from Scotty, instead he reaches for the shampoo.

Frustrated Scotty touches himself, but Kevin taps Scotty’s hand away with a stern ‘ah-ah’.
“I said no.” Kevin reminds him and he starts to wash Scotty’s hair.

In itself a difficult thing to do, because Scotty's taller than him, so he has to reach up. But now it's also giving Scotty the chance to touch Kevin’s torso and Scotty is determined to make Kevin change his mind by moving really close, kissing him, caressing him and making Kevin as aroused as he is.

“Un..fair.” Kevin complains between two kisses. Scotty laughs. However, Kevin has the last laughs, because he quickly rinses the shampoo of his hands, before he firmly kisses Scotty and backs away.

“I already took a shower.” He then grins.... “Now you wash all the shampoo out of your hair and the soap of your body and then come to bed like a good boy....” Teasingly he lets his finger slide along Scotty’s erection. “... and don’t spill anything.” He warns in a low sexy voice, before turning away with a smirk and leaving the shower.

“I’m going to nail you the bed for this.” Scotty warns with a growl.
“Promises. Promises.” He can hear Kevin’s nearly sing the words... Scotty shakes his head. He’ll get Kevin for this, he swears, as he quickly gets rid of soap and shampoo. He reaches for the towel and wraps it around him, but then changes his mind and drops it.

He enters the bedroom naked. Without delay he gets to the bed and pushes the blankets away and to find his husband just as undressed as he is.
“I intend to keep my promises to you.” Scotty replies with a wicked grin.
“Bring it on.” Kevin provokes, sitting up.

Scotty pushes him back on the bed though and immediately starts to kiss him. He expects Kevin to concede, spread his legs a bit and let him start the preparation, but instead Kevin breaks the kiss and pushes Scotty away.
“Thought you said you were tired?...” He laughs.

He pushes up hard enough to make Scotty tumble over and within seconds he’s on top of Scotty, pinning Scotty’s hands over his head. “So, why don’t you relax and let me do the work?” He suggests, bending his head and kissing Scotty in a very languid way, but holding Scotty’s hands over his head so he can’t really respond to the kisses.

If Scotty wants he can easily break free and take Kevin, but it excites him to have Kevin control him like this. He’s more than willing to play along, so he pushes his body up to Kevin’s. His parted lips beg for another kiss and his body aches for satisfaction. Kevin kisses his lips, his eyes, his nose and Scotty can’t do anything else but enjoy it.

“I’m going to make you come and then I’m going to make you come again later on.” Kevin suddenly whispers in Scotty’s ear. Scotty moans at the promise, but true to his word, Kevin’s hand takes Scotty’s cock, causing a shock in Scotty and making him arch of the bed.

“Kevin!” It is the only sound Scotty can make. He can’t even warn Kevin that he’s going too fast, because his orgasm hits him faster than he expected.
“Good boy.” Kevin laughs softly, kissing Scotty again, not letting go of him until Scotty is completely satisfied.

Scotty feels a bit disappointed, because he had wanted more from this night and he can’t understand why Kevin took him over the edge so quickly. It isn’t until Kevin reprises kissing him that Scotty understands that Kevin sticks to his promise. Scotty relaxes as Kevin adds gentle caresses to his kisses.

He guides, with soft pressure, Kevin’s head over his chest, feeling Kevin alternate between kisses and soft bites, that make Scotty shock and shiver. Kevin is aware of the feelings that he so easily creates in Scotty and he smiles.
“Turn over.” He orders softly and Scotty obliges.

He feels some cool liquid on his back and then Kevin’s strong hands spread the oil on his skin. He starts with the shoulders, moves down Scotty’s back to his long legs. Scotty moans with delight. It’s been too long ago that Kevin had done this for him. There’s usually not much time for this, as they are both too tired.

But now, Kevin takes his times and the sensual motions awake Scotty’s lust again. He gets hard again and Scotty knows that Kevin has noticed it too, when he sees the grin on Kevin’s face, when he looks over his shoulder.
“How come you can be so patient?” Scotty suddenly wonders, realizing that Kevin hasn’t come yet, but is still aroused.

“I told you. I had a shower earlier. It took the edge of my tension.” Kevin replies with a wink. The words ‘you cheated’ burn on Scotty’s lips, but he holds them in, knowing he can’t say that, not even in teasing, without changing the good mood.
“Isn’t that a bit unfair?” he asks instead.

“Yes....” Kevin almost continued with ‘what’s a bit cheating between lovers?’ but he holds his words in, not wanting to hurt Scotty’s feelings. “... do you want to submit a complaint or do you want me to go on?” He replies, holding up the tube of lube for Scotty to see.
“No complaint.” Scotty grins. “Just... carry on.”

“That’s what I thought.” Kevin teases, letting his fingers caress Scotty’s ass. Scotty moves against his hand, but when nothing else follows, he looks over his shoulder again, to see what Kevin is doing. He sees an annoyed look on Kevin’s face, as he watches the condoms.

Scotty’s heart sinks. It’s a price he pays for his infidelity, the loss of a certain amount of trust, that he has not been able to get back. It will take time to get back to the same intimacy they had before, if they ever get it back.
“I’m sorry.” He says quietly. “If you want to stop...?”

He doesn’t want Kevin to stop, but he doesn’t want to force Kevin either. Kevin shakes his head.
“I’ll get over it,... once I’m inside you.” He promises with more bravery than he really feels. He will not disappoint Scotty.

Scotty shifts a bit, giving Kevin a better access to his body. Kevin knows exactly how to turn Scotty on. One finger, Scotty moans, by the second he starts to beg for more. His lips part, the arousing noises come in rhythm with the way Kevin moves his hands.
“Kevin! I want you inside me... Now!” Scotty eventually demands.

Kevin takes his hands of Scotty’s body. Scotty listens for the sound of the package of the condoms to be opened, but it remains quiet. He gives Kevin a questioning look. Their eyes meet. Kevin holds up the condom.
“I don’t think I need them.” He then says and he throws the package on the nightstand.

Scotty has no time to process Kevin’s words, because Kevin’s cock is against him. He gasps as the meaning really sinks in. There’s not the slick feeling of the condom, instead he feels Kevin.
“Oh, God!” he whispers at the true significance of Kevin’s action.

Tears of overwhelming happiness burn in his eyes. He keeps his eyes closed tightly, concentrating on Kevin’s thrusts. He’s caught between Kevin and the mattress. Kevin is true to his word, deep inside him, taking him and Scotty enjoys every movement, moves his body to take Kevin in even more, if that would be at all possible.

He hears Kevin’s breathing change, Kevin’s grip on his body tightens, the thrusts become faster. Scotty moans, lets his hand disappear under his body, to take hold of himself. He begs Kevin not to stop. Their bodies just become one. They know how to satisfy each other and they’re moving to that point where nothing else matters.

“Please....” Scotty whispers. “Do it! Just... Just come... Please!” The only reaction is the shudder that runs through Kevin’s body as he gives in to Scotty’s request and he takes Scotty with him. Kevin keeps moving gently as Scotty tries to get his senses back.
“Satisfied?” Kevin asks teasingly, knowing very well that Scotty is completely spent.

“Yes.” Scotty replies dreamily. Kevin slips out of him and Scotty regrets the loss.
“You’ll have to shower again tomorrow.” Kevin warns him.
“It was worth it.” Scotty replies and he turns in Kevin’s arms. “I’m grateful that you did this. I can’t tell you what it means to me.”

Kevin caresses Scotty’s cheek, with a serious look on his face.
“I love you and ... I trust you. I believe you when you say that you’re sorry. You had yourself tested. Repeatedly. If we need to work through this, then I need to take this leap of faith.”

“I’m very happy you did.”
“It wasn’t easy... It was scary... But ... I love you and I believe you love me too. And that’s all I have to hold on to. Please, don’t prove me wrong.”
“I won’t. I’m so glad we came this far.”

“I can’t promise that I will still feel the same tomorrow. I keep going back and forth on so much.”
“I know what your mean.” Scotty replies. “We’ll take it one day at a time, but I’m glad that you came to the decision you made tonight.”

“Yes, it was very satisfactory.” Kevin grins. He kisses Scotty once more. “But it’s very, very late.... And I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.”
“You’re right. Let’s get some sleep.” Scotty smiles. He wraps his arms around Kevin and soon enough the only sound in their bedroom is their slow, content breathing.

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