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The gift

The gift 

By Marea67
About: Scotty, Justin
Rated: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, if they were they would be… Oh, wait, this Scotty and Justin… A simple "B&S is not mine" will suffice.
Summary: Scotty has something to say to Justin.


“Scotty! What takes you to this place?” Justin says cheerful as he opens the door to his house a bit further to let Scotty in.
“A little gift.” Scotty replies and he pushes something in Justin’s hands. Justin, curious, immediately lifts the lid.

“Mhmm, macaroni-cheese... The Scotty way?”
“Is there another?” Scotty asks cheekily.
“Not as long as you refuse to tell me how you make it so delicious.”
“Sorry, if I tell you, my mom will kill you.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be the one who should kill me?” Justin enquires.
“No. It’s my mom’s family secret and she’ll kill anyone who knows, outside the family.”
“You start to sound like mafia with all this ‘family’-talk.” They both laugh and Justin sets the micro-wave, but doesn’t switch it on just yet.

“Are you joining me for dinner?” Justin asks, wondering if that’s the reason why there’s enough for two.
“No. I have to get back to the restaurant. I just...” Scotty bites his lip and suddenly he looks a little shy. “I just wanted to thank you and I couldn’t think of another way.”

“Thank me?”
“For keeping an open mind about me, for not judging me... These last few weeks were pretty tough and I’m grateful that you were there. It meant a lot to me.” Scotty confesses carefully. Justin shakes his head.

“Nah, don’t be silly. I’m glad I could be there for you.. And for Kevin. It took my mind of Rebecca and ... I know I cannot fix Rebecca and me, but I can try to help my brother and his husband.” The words come so naturally from Justin’s lips that Scotty is almost surprised by them. 'My brother and his husband'. It just sounds so good.

“That sounds a lot better than ‘my brother and his ex’.”
“It would not have come to that.” Justin says with certainty. “I would have chained you two together until you two would finally talk to each other and be sensible.
“Sounds kinky.” Scotty laughs.

“Argh, I would not have put you two in the bedroom!” Justin says in mock-anger.
“Too bad. There goes my fantasy.”
“Don’t put me in your sexual fantasies. This family has enough trouble as it is.” Justin warns and Scotty starts to laugh.

It's funny how easy Justin and he can joke about this, without it feeling awkward.
“Don’t worry, you’re firmly out of them.”
“Phew! Glad to hear that. No offense.”

“None taken... Anyhow, I’m leaving you alone again. Work is waiting and I only came by to say thank you. You weren't just a brother-in-law, but a friend as well and, looking back, I realise how important it was to me that you didn't judge me immediately, but gave me a chance. I know that you were angry over my cheating, because I hurt Kevin, but you were also willing to listen to my explanation.”

“You’re welcome....” Justin walks up to the door with Scotty, but when Scotty wants to open the door, Justin takes Scotty by the wrist and forces Scotty to look at him. “.. But if you hurt my brother like that again, I swear, I’m going to make you wish you hadn’t.” Scotty just knows that Justin is not joking this time.

“I believe you.” Scotty says. “Though I also believe, that if I did something like that to Kevin again, you’d have to wait in line to get a ticket and I’m sure I’d have reason to fear your mother’s wrath the most.” For a moment they both think about what Nora would do to Scotty and Justin grins.

“You’re a smart man, Mr Wandell. I see why Kevin chose you.” Justin’s tone of voice is lighter now that the teasing is back.
“Thanks.” Scotty says again, not sure if he’s thanking Justin for the warning, for the jokes or for being there when he needed a friend. “Got to go.”

Justin closes the door behind Scotty and leans against it for a few seconds. Yes, it had been good to focus on Kevin and Scotty and not on Rebecca or Holly and David. It had given him perspective on his own problems. Also, he had never doubted that Kevin and Scotty would find their way back to each other again.

He knows his brother well enough to know that Kevin would not so easily walk out on his marriage. In fact, there are moments where Justin wishes he had done the same... Then, putting the memory of Rebecca out of his mind again, he quickly goes to the kitchen.
“Macaroni-Cheese! Prepare to meet your doom and prepare to be eaten .. by me.” He warns and he presses the on-button of the micro-wave.

Tags: character - justin, character - scotty

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