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Let me explain something...

I've received a few (concerned) PMs etc. about "Written in rock " and also  "Forgiven, not forgotten"

Just to make something clear, I'm still a fan a fan of Kevin/Scotty and as long as Matthew Rhys and Luke Macfarlane continue to be the great actors they are, then I will continue to be so.

But, yes, the current storyline has created quite some problems for me. I don't want to re-start the entire debate, about who's 'right/wrong' or what coulda, shoulda, woulda been and what 'if only...'s" there still could be, because it's pointless. It happened the way it happened, I can't change the story, I can't change the outcome, I can't change their future and the writers sure as hell aren't interested in MY opinion. (Or that of any of you) So going back and forth over this is just a pointless conversation,

However I still struggle with it all, especially when it comes to my writing my fan-fic. I view it a certain way and it has an effect on my writing.

For me, personally, it hasn't made Scotty 'less boring'. If that was purpose of this storyline, the writers utterly failed, as far as it comes to MY view. To me, Scotty was never 'boring', he just wasn't 'used' as a character. But this storyline has made me lose a large chunk of respect for Scotty, because I DO take cheating FAR more serious than the writers do. I have issues with writing him as 'loveable' at the moment.

This is not so much Scotty's fault or Luke's, but just MY own view on the topic of cheating. And this goes for ALL characters. It was that way for Nora, for Sarah, for both Tommy and Julia, and also for Robert and, as much as I dislike Luc, I don't want to see it happen to him either.... No one 'deserves' to get cheated on because, if an open-marriage is not your thing and you're not casual about this topic, then getting cheated on hurts like bloody hell! 

And what bugs me is that all this was supposed to make Scotty more interesting, when all it does ultimately, is that Kevin wil be the one who has to make the changes in his personality, he has to change who he IS (needy, loveable, neurotic, strong, high-maintance, caring, loyal, always loyal).

This will be an important struggle for Kevin, not Scotty, who cannot change anything about Kevin's character (because only Kevin can do that), but also Scotty has no changes to make of his own. There's no growing 'together', only Scotty standing by while Kevin is supposed to do the 'growing'.

All Scotty has to do, (because he made NO other mistakes), is not cheat again and that  shouldn't be the hardest thing to do, considering how upset he was about having done it in the first place.

Scotty is still the same Scotty he was before, interesting if only given half a chance, but I've lost a certain feeling about him. And I still think that Kevin is the most flawed between them, who now has to do the near impossible to change himself.

And (pout!) I don't WANT Kevin to change. I love him with all his flaws and mistakes and how I sometimes want to hit him over the head because he's an idiot and how I sometimes want to hug him, because he's so sweet.

I HATE this storyline! And I feel stuck, because, unlike the writers,  I can't move on as if 'nothing happened' and it wasn't  a big deal, because to me cheating IS a big deal.

I've seen a sneak-peek and the boys seem to be in a better place, but I haven't followed them there yet

Give me time. ;)


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