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Written in rock?

Written in rock?

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Marcus and a few other passerby’s
Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine. If they had been Kevin/Scotty wouldn’t have been such idiots.
Summary: So what if Kevin HAD been at the opening of Scotty’s restaurant?


Scotty looks up when Kevin walks in.
“Hey, babe, thought you had a meeting…?” Scotty asks. Kevin frowns and shakes his head.
“He cancelled. One flight was delayed, he had to immediately catch the other one.”

“I’m sorry.”
“Yeah, me too.” Kevin replies with a crooked smile. He feels guilty because he had  told Scotty that he wouldn't be there tonight, but Scotty had seemed so disappointed, that Kevin changed his mind.

Though, truth be told, he cannot see any reason why he's here. He's of no use to Scotty, he knows. It seems like lately everything that involves him, turns to disaster. Whether it's Robert's coma, his own plans to start a practice or having a baby.
“But I’m really glad you’re here.” Scotty'swords break his thoughts and Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin’s neck and kisses him.

“Whoah! Can’t you guys get a room or something?” Justin laughs, placing a tray full of glasses on the bar.
“No, my office is stashed with booze.” Kevin answers.
“Sounds like my kind of office.” Sarah comments, letting herself fall on one of the chairs.

“Will Kitty come as well?” Scotty asks.
“No. She’s with Robert.” Nora says and the smiles fade a bit. Noticing this, Nora claps her hands cheerfully and says: “Let’s not worry about that tonight. Tonight is for Scotty and Saul…” And everybody agrees.


Scotty takes off his wedding-ring and places it on the shelve above him. He washes his hands quickly under the warm water. He wishes he wasn’t so nervous. This was the third time in less than two hours that he had to go to the bathroom.
“Scotty, first guests are coming…” Kevin yells. Scotty dries his hands quickly and forgets to put back his wedding-ring.


Marcus stretches his back. This place is packed! Well, if this goes on, Café 429 will be a successful place. He sees Scotty, the chef, concentrated on the finishing touch of a dish. That guy is hot. He smiles as he observes Scotty a bit longer. No ring. He had heard the chef had a boy-friend, but ‘boyfriends’ doesn’t mean anything.


Kevin helps behind the bar. People are waiting to be shown to their places and the bar-tender finds in impossible to keep up. Kevin had been worried for the first night. What if, after all their other failures, this would have been one too? Scotty and he had put everything they had in this.

But as the place started to receive more people, Kevin had felt a certain rush come up. He had felt a bit more alive. He talks and laughs with guests. And to think he didn''t want to come here. Now, he’s glad he did. Kevin is so proud of Scotty, his husband. This might be a new start for both of them. Some good luck, for a change.


They come from left and right. A slice of lemon here, some strains of decorative chives there. The sauce is perfect. He knows he comes across as calm and in control, but that’s just the outside appearance. He needs to be in ten places at the same time and he’s doing it! He’s scared and excited as the adrenaline rushes through his veins.


“Kev, we need more red wine.” The bartender says. Kevin nods that he understands. He navigates through the crowded place until he reaches his office, gets the wine and wrestles back to the bar. When he looks around he feels happy. This is really great. He’s almost emotional about it. He knows it’s Scotty’s night, but it also feels a bit like it's his night.


The air outside is cooler than he had expected, but Scotty breathes it in anyway. Ten minutes! That’s all he asks for.
“Cold, huh?” Scotty turns around to the voice behind him.
“Oh, uhm, yes…. Marcus, right?”

“Yes.” Marcus nods, happy that Scotty remembers his name. “Cigarette-break.” He explains. Scotty nods. That’s what most people do at the back entrance anyway. “It’s quite a busy night.” Marcus states.
“Fortunately. I was afraid no one would come.”

“You sure are the star of the evening.”
“Thanks. I enjoy it.” Scotty replies, a little shy by the compliment. Marcus takes a step closer.
“You look so hot.” He says softly. Scotty pretends to not notice the meaningful glance.

“There are a lot of things cooking in there.” Scotty answers, feeling strangely aroused when the young man comes even closer to him, lifts his hand and caresses Scotty’s cheek.
“That’s not what I meant.” Marcus says. Scotty’s lips part, he wants to say something, but then Marcus’s lips are on his.


“Two more orders.” Kevin says, entering the kitchen. He quickly looks around but he doesn’t see Scotty anywhere. “Where’s the chef?” He asks cheerfully. Someone points at the door. Of course, the back entrance trying to catch some fresh air. Kevin smiles and walks in the direction of the door.


Scotty will never know what possessed him. One moment he feels Marcus’ lips on his own, the next his fingers are in Marcus’ hair. Maybe it’s the adrenaline-rush that makes him this horny, but there’s something intoxicating about the sudden kiss, the being wanted because someone thinks he's 'hot'.  He leans against Marcus, pushing him against the wall.

Marcus’ hands rest on his hips, pulling him closer, Scotty leans into the kiss, as aroused as Marcus is. He knows he shouldn’t do this, but it feels so good. It’s been so long since he had felt someone other than Kevin against him. It's strange and exciting to  be touched another man. He can hear Marcus’s sighs against his mouth, as his movements find a rhythm

“This is crazy.” Scotty laughs, feeling super-powerful.
“Scotty?” He hears Kevin’s soft question in the dark. Scotty’s smile freezes on his face, he slowly turns around. He sees Kevin on the top of the stairs. He sees the pain in his eyes, the disgust on his face and he knows his marriage is over.


I don't believe in fate, I don't believe in the blind luck of the draw
I don't believe in love, I mean I don't believe anymore
They all thought, we were the real thing, I had the bloody coat and wedding ring
But nothing's written in rock, I know I'm not the one
Was I just the great pretender? Written in rock
There was no battle won, Only a mutual surrender
No guarantees, that's alright,
If I was gonna stay, I would have stayed all night,
Bye bye love, you were so damn right
Nothing's written in rock, Nothing's written in rock
~ Rick Springfield – Written in rock.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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