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2.16 ms 00011 missed message

2.16’s missing scenes: Cut 00011

We missed a lot scenes that should have been somewhere in one of the episodes.... but in 2.16 so many pieces were missing that I decided to write them after all. 

Here's the eleventh:
Missed message.
By Marea67
About :  Scotty/Jason
Rating: G
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine
Summary: Jason doesn’t get what he expected.
Scotty picks up the phone, a quick look on the clock tells him it’s 10.30 in the morning and he wonders who’d be calling.
“Hello?” No answer.
“Hello?” He tries again. On the other side a voice finally replies.
“Scotty? … It’s Jason.. McCallister… Jason McCallister.” He clears his throat. And Scotty nearly drops his phone. He hasn’t spoken to or about Jason since their ill-fated dinner over 5 months ago.
“Oh…uh… hi… Kevin isn’t here..” he stammers.
“I know… I…I expected the answering machine….” For some reason this reply from Jason seems hilarious to Scotty. He has to swallow his laughter away and he’s restraining himself as he answers with a broad smile:
“I can always… hang up, so you can call again,… if you’d rather talk to the answering machine.”
He hears Jason’s breathing hitch for a second.
“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to imply…. I don’t mind talking to you….” He semi-apologizes.
“Don’t worry. I wasn’t offended or something…. I guess you expected an answering machine and it threw you when you suddenly had a real person on the phone. I get that. Happened to me too…. I’ll bet that you already knew exactly what you were going to say?... Well rehearsed it?”
“Yes.” Jason confesses and Scotty can hear the smile on his voice. “Yes. I did.”
“So?... Do you want me to hang up so you can call again and leave the message your rehearsed or …. Are you boldly going where no one has gone before and improvise?” Jason’s laughter is pleasant and Scotty can’t help but grin too.
“I’m never good with improvisations,…. But here goes… I want to give you my congratulations. Robert told me about the plans you and Kevin had to get married.”
“Thank you. That is very nice of you.” Scotty isn’t sure if he’s feeling awkward, amused or perhaps even a bit like gloating. That would unkind, but…. “… I’m very happy with it.” He replies in a neutral tone of voice.
“You have every right to be happy….” The silence falls between them, until Jason says: “I have to go. Will you give Kevin my message?”

“Yes. Of course.”
“And Scotty? … I wish you and Kevin all the happiness and all good things… I really do.”
“I believe you.” Scotty smiles. “And Jason?... I hope you will find your own happiness soon. You deserve it too.”
“Thank you…. Goodbye.”
“Goodbye.” Scotty places the telephone on Kevin desk and sinks down on the chair and lets out a breath he’s been holding all along.
The END.
Tags: character - jason, character - scotty, series - missing scenes 2.16

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