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By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty and several others.
Rated: G.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn't belong to me, plus the writers wouldn't come up with something like this.
Summary: It's Halloween and it starts with Robert telling Kevin a little secret
Extra: I'm going to pretend that this season 5 hasn't happened yet!!!!


"Kevin, can you stay in the office a little longer?" Robert asks.
“Oh, come on, Robert, it’s Halloween!” Kevin protests.
“It’s really important. There’s something I need to talk to you about.”
“Alright, then.” Kevin replies, though he’s slightly annoyed.

Time passes by and finally the last people have left the floor and Kevin and Robert are alone.
“So, what is it that you need to talk about?” Kevin asks impatiently.
“Here, take your drink.” Robert moves closer to Kevin on the couch.

Kevin gives the drink a suspicious look, he hasn’t had dinner yet, and wonders if drinking on an empty stomach is a good idea.
“Drink it. It’s not like I would poison you.” Robert laughs and Kevin, feeling slightly pressured, takes a sip.

“Robert, can we get to the point? Scotty is waiting for me at the restaurant and I don’t want to waste too much of my time.” Kevin replies.
“Oh, no, we shouldn’t.” Robert grins and he sits even closer to Kevin, who cannot help but back away a bit.

“Robert, what….” He starts, but Robert covers Kevin’s mouth with his hand.
“I have a secret.” He then says and he watches Kevin’s eyes grow big, as Kevin sees Robert’s teeth grow longer….
“You!... You’re a vampire!” Kevin yells in horror, but Robert only laughs and he throws himself on Kevin.


Scotty waits impatiently for the elevator-door to open. He loves Kevin very much, but this working on Halloween, of all nights, is just not acceptable. The doors open and the first thing he hears is a clattering sound and a scream. He runs to Robert’s office and sees to his surprise, Kevin shoving one of the desk-chairs in Robert’s direction.

What the….? What shocks him even more is the easy way with which Robert jumps over the chair…. Jumps over the chair????. Yes. That’s what he did. Scotty closes his eyes tightly as if doesn’t trust them, but when he opens them again, he can still see Kevin back away from Robert, now begging him to go away and leave him alone.

Scotty doesn’t hesitate. He grabs a baseball-bat that someone has lying on a shelve and runs into the room with it.
“Leave him alone!” He yells and Robert turns to him. Scotty sees the huge fangs and stops, shocked by what he sees.

“Oh, my God.” He says. Robert is distracted by Scotty’s sudden appearance and it’s long enough for Kevin to reach out for a metal award on the secretary’s desk and to throw it at Robert’s head. Robert makes a muffled noise and sinks to the ground. Kevin runs over to Scotty.
“Let’s get out of here.”

Scotty seems frozen, but Kevin takes his hand and pulls him away from the room and over to the elevator. He presses hurriedly on the buttons, but the elevator only slowly moves up. They keep looking over their shoulders, hoping that Robert doesn’t come to and finally the elevator is at their floor and they nearly throw themselves inside.

Scotty turns around and screams as he sees Robert stagger out of his office. Kevin pushes the ‘close’ buttons as hard as he can.
“Come on, come on, come on.” He prays. And just when Robert is near the elevator, ready to get in, the doors slam shut and Scotty and Kevin are alone on their way down.

“What was that all about?” Scotty breathes out.
“Don’t know. I think he’s a vampire.” Kevin replies.
“I thought they didn’t like the sun and looked pale…”
“I guess that’s what all the spray-tan was for… We have to get out of here. Warn the others.”

“I agree."
"Let’s get into our car quickly and move to mom’s house. They will be there tonight. Cooper and Paige will go trick-or-treating.” Kevin takes his keys out of his pocket and once the elevator-door opens they quickly move in the direction of Kevin’s car. Their foot-steps are eerily loud in the almost empty parking-space…

Kevin unlocks the doors from a distance and now they run to the car. There’s a whooshing sound and Scotty grabs the doorknob and gets into the car as quickly as he can.
“Quick, lock the doors! Lock them!” he screams and Kevin complies and then quickly starts his car.

He moves towards the exit and suddenly he sees Robert appear before him.
“Hit him! Just hit him with the car!” Scotty yells in sheer panic. Kevin presses the accelerator and closes his eyes. He cannot bear to see Robert get hit, but the loud thud on his car says enough….

“Don’t stop. Just drive. Get out….” Scotty whispers in shock. The lever forms no real stop for Kevin, as he drives through it. “Do you think we killed him?” Scotty asks.
“I don’t know and I’m not going back to find out either.” Kevin answers. They drive off into the dark night.


Nora’s house is all dark when Kevin and Scotty, still out of breath, enter the hall.
“Kitchen!” Of course. Scotty follows Kevin to the kitchen. It’s all dark in there and the smell is terrible, as if Nora’s washing old socks in water from the sewer

“Nora…” Scotty turns on the light and screams in horror. In front of him stands Nora and she’s hideous, like some old witch. “What are you doing?” he asks.
“Nothing, baby, just my favorite soup of the day.” She cackles and Scotty stares, completely lost, at the dead rat that drifts by on the surface

“Oh, don’t look like that.” Nora scolds him. “It’s not like you haven’t eaten them before, you just didn’t know it.” Scotty starts to feel sick and turns to Kevin.
“I want to get out of here.” He says quietly, Kevin nods, backing away to the door. But the door swings open. It’s Sarah.

She hold up her chainsaw and informs them:
“We need some meat on the barbecue tonight!” And walks up towards them. Kevin and Scotty don’t wait, but take the other exit and end up in the hall.
“Let’s get out of here.” Scotty opens the door, but there are Rebecca and Holly.

It takes Scotty only a second.
“Oh, my God, they’re zombies.” He shrieks.
“We have to go upstairs!”
“NO! Never a good idea!”

“We have no other option! All other exits are closed.”
“What about your father’s study?” As if to answer Scotty’s question the door flings open and Kitty steps out, looking very angry.
“I just spoke to Robert… You wanted to kill him.” She says nearly hysterical with anger, her own fangs are now showing as well.

Kevin doesn’t hesitate and grabbing Scotty’s hands he leads the way to second floor and into his former room. From there, they can take the fire-stairs that William installed there years ago. But the door to go outside is locked and nearly hysterical Kevin looks around to see if he can find something to break the chain on the door with.

Behind him is a loud crashing noise as an ax breaks it’s way through the door, creating a huge hole.
“Here’s Juuuustin!” Justin nearly sings as he looks close to being completely insane. Behind him they can see Nora, Kitty, Sarah… All looking equally blood thirsty.

Kevin turns to Scotty, no longer able to deny that the situation is bad.
“I love you.” He says, and his hands unite with Scotty’s.
“I love you too.” Scotty replies, with equal love and tenderness. Kevin closes his eyes and feels Scotty’s lips on his…..


“Hey! Sleepyhead! Wake up!” Scotty gently wakes him with another kiss. Kevin blinks against the light. “We promised we’d keep an eye on Paige and Cooper, during trick or treat, remember?”
“Yes. I’m sorry. I had a meeting with Robert….”

“Oh, I’m sorry about that,” Kevin can hear Robert’s voice. “.. my other meeting got delayed and I was late for meeting you… You had fallen asleep and I didn’t want to wake you.” Robert smiles.
“And you’re not a vampire?” Kevin asks, still a little sleepy.

“I know that most people consider politicians to be blood-suckers, but, no, last time I checked I wasn’t a vampire.” Robert laughs.
“And mom is not a witch, boiling rats in her soup.”
“What?” Scotty starts to laugh.

“I dreamed that Rebecca and Holly were zombies and that Sarah wanted to cut us into little pieces….” Kevin replies disorientated and Scotty laughs out loud.
“Happy Halloween, baby, seems like you had a bad dream…”
“Yeah,… Happy Halloween.” Kevin replies and he now laughs as well….

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