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Review Deleted Scenes Brothers & Sisters Season 4


Deleted Scenes:

Disk 1.

Ryan steps up.
Nothing shocking, a short scene between Saul and Ryan about cost and the payables coming in. I don’t know, either Ryan seems to like Saul and really wants to help him, or it was a ruse to get out of the office and see Dennis York. Anyway, nothing missed with it.

Taking a second.
Must be 4.03. Short scene, Kitty & Robert enter Nora’s house, but Kitty is scared and needs a moment. Nora joins them.

Kitty caught in the middle
A slightly longer scene (1.32 min) where Kitty tells Robert that she wants the argument between him and her mother to stop, neither of them is helping her. (Leading to Robert showing up at Nora’s place)

Meeting of mothers
Nora is looking for Saul, but runs into Holly and Nora tells Holly that she hopes, that she hasn’t made the argument between Holly and Rebecca (about wedding-venues) worse. Holly is very kind and Nora confesses to her that she didn’t go with Kitty, because Kitty chose Sarah over her. Holly is very understanding in the fact that Kitty's choice is understandable, but ‘understanding doesn’t make less hurtful’. She offers Nora to join her for a glass of wine. Nora accepts.
It is TOO bad it got deleted. It was a sweet moment.

Disk 2.

What to do
David wants Holly to tell Rebecca honestly that she can’t afford the ‘dream-wedding’. Rebecca and Justin enter. Rebecca has a picture of a beautiful wedding-dress, when Justin pretends to want to take a look, Rebecca runs off.
No wonder this scene got cut. David and Holly are both reasonable and Rebecca and Justin are cute. They actually laugh and have fun, which is of course a big no-no for that couple.

Advice from Tommy
Sarah brings her kids to see Tommy, but the kids cannot know Luc is upstairs, but he comes out of his room, Sarah motions him to go away and Paige wants to know what she’s doing, Sarah tells her she’s doing some ‘happy-dance’ because Uncle Tommy is home. Funny!
Tommy tells Sarah to invite Luc downstairs, but she doesn’t want to. She instead asks his advice on Holly’s plan for the cheap wine. Tommy thinks it’s a good idea…
Lovely scene. Too bad it got cut. If only for Sarah’s happy-dance and Cooper joining in. Too cute!

Sorry, no pic. Sarah dancing didn't let itself be captured.

Phone connections
Two small scenes, back to back. Nora on the phone with Simon, she’s obviously charmed.
And then a shot of Scotty saying: “Hi, it’s me. No, no… I just want to talk…. How are you, mom?” OMG!!! I would have LOVED to see the rest of that scene. Deng! A scene for Scotty alone. Can you imagine?

Happy birthday, mr Governor.
OMG!! (again!) Why on EARTH did they cut this one?!?!? Kitty walks into the room, wearing a Marilyn Monroe-ish wig. She’s been on the phone with Evan’s birthmother, who was happy about something Robert had done and she also told Kitty that she couldn’t be happier that Robert and Kitty were Evan’s parents. (Tears)
Robert asks her to put on a wig with a Mohawk, but Kitty refuses, teasing Robert to put it on and when he refuses, she asks him very MM-like if he’s not "man enough to wear a wig". When Robert says that that was hot, she starts singing happy birthday to him in a way that rivals MM’s version. It prompts Robert to put on the Mohawk and they kiss.

I’ve seldom laughed so loud over Kitty/Robert. Absolutely adorkable. Both of them!

Official Entry.
Saul fills in the papers for the wine-festival. Ryan is with him. Rebecca walks in. Saul points out that this is her baby. Ryan jokes: “Congratulations, mom.” (not knowing of course that Rebecca is pregnant and that she believes that Justin doesn’t want it.) Rebecca, all smiles before, freezes, and suddenly remembers she has much to do. Ryan offers to bring the form to the Festival Office.

Going for it.
Saul, Sarah, Rebecca and Ryan need to decide if they go on with presenting their wine or not.

Disk 3

Justin’s promise
Justin’s moment right after the paramedics come for the child that got hit on the road. He had promised the boy to stay with him, and the boy asks him to. Beautiful little scene and it, once again, shows how strong Justin can be in an emergency.

Being there
Only 3.3 seconds, not one word, just Robert sitting down next to a very sick Kitty to hold her hand. A very touching moment.

Make a deal
Meaningless little scene between Holly and Dennis York, where Holly is rather teasing and York rather rude. Nothing lost.

Disc 4

Lost keys
Saul has lost his keys (during the dinner for Roy). Nora offers him to stay at her place. Saul wants to know why she's so nice to him  after he was so rude. Then Roy shows up, turns out he had the keys in his pocket and he's mortified!

Next republican senator.
Another OMG!WHY! did they cut it-moment. Kitty’s speech. In which she thanks Nora, explains that Tommy can’t be there, but supports her unconditionally, tells that she learned perseverance and fairness from Sarah and Saul

“... My brother Kevin, who lives with his husband, Scotty, and who challenges my husband every day in the office as his director of communications. From Kevin I have learned conviction and compassion.” Awwww. And she learned ‘true bravery’ from Justin and Rebecca. She will not run on family values, but on valued family. Beautiful speech.

Disk 5.

Tell me what happened?
Saul/Nora moment, where Nora can’t tell Saul her secret.

Second thoughts
Tommy wonders if Sarah has seconds thoughts about selling Ojai. They realize that William always pitted them against each other, because he never wanted them to find their own way. Tommy wonders if Kevin will ever forgive him (about the lies about Aaron), Sarah warns him not to do to that to himself.
Tommy confesses that he suspected that Aaron was badly hurt and that when William told him that it would be fine, he didn’t believe his father, he had to force himself to believe him. Tommy feels like he let Kevin down. Sarah tells him he didn’t, but Nora and William did. They let Kevin down and Tommy too. Camera moves away to show picture of William Walker.
It was such a beautiful moment. Again, too bad it got cut.

Mug shots
Just that. Mug shots of Holly and Nora. :D

Disk 6

What’s going on?
A brief Sarah/Rebecca moment, not sure what it was about. Seems to be the episode where she thought she was pregnant and Sarah is too pre-occupied with her own thing to listen to Rebecca.

Hell of a backhand
Kevin/Robert. Kevin ask Robert once again about Stanton. Robert tells him to not include him in his midlife crises. Kevin left his office to do something with his life. Do it!

Ojai foods
Sarah’s tape, where she talks about how special it was to be at Ojai, but that she can’t safe Ojai. Bittersweet, but somehow not as moving as Saul’s or Kevin’s.

Like old times
Holly/David. They are about to leave, when the drilling companies calls, Holly doesn’t want to talk to them, but when David hears what ‘the problem’ is, he tells her to take the call.

Well, that's the deleted scenes. I will also try and have a look at the other extra's and tell more about those. But that will be later on. It will be a busy week. ;)



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