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Three years

Three years

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters, which is too bad for Kevin/Scotty.
Summary: Aftermath to 5.04 Righteous Kiss – Contains SPOILERS !!!!!


“I’m so sorry for Saul.” Scotty says, quickly checking in the mirror if there’s no more toothpaste around his mouth.
“Yes, me too.” Kevin replies, stealing a quick kiss, enjoying the peppermint taste on Scotty’s lips.

“I would really love to see him in a happy relationship.” The rest of Scotty’s words are muffled by the wash-cloth, as he washes his face. Kevin stops to look at Scotty and tries to figure out if he understands, what Scotty says. It amazes Kevin how well he had gotten to know Scotty after three years of marriage, but this time Kevin is at a loss.

“Once again, please?” Kevin asks and Scotty lowers the towel he’s to smile at his husband.
“I would like to see him as happy as I am with you.” He repeats, amused by the way that Kevin looks away almost shyly.

Three years of marriage and still a compliment from Scotty can undo Kevin.
“I’m trying.” Kevin replies, slightly unsure. Scotty’s hands cup his husband face and he kisses him softly. At first, Kevin doesn’t react, but then his hands move to Scotty’s back, pressing him closer to Kevin.

They can both feel the hunger between them. It’s been a while since they actually took time to stop long enough to engage in some intimacy without it necessarily being sexual.
“I’ve missed this.” Scotty quietly says between two kisses.

“Me too.” Kevin sighs, breaking the kiss to let his head rest on Scotty’s shoulder. Scotty wants nothing more than to get Kevin in bed and make love to him all night long, but Kevin steps away, breaking the intimacy and Scotty lets him go.

“Is… Is Sarah talking to you again?” He asks to break the silence.
“Yes. I didn’t think she would, after she was so mad over the whole costume-debacle.”

They both laugh at the memory of the set coming down after “Julia” had ran off, shocked by the passionate kiss that “Romeo” Cooper had planted on her.
“Another couple of traumatized kids.” Scotty laughs.
“Yeah, but it turns out that Sarah took her revenge…” And Kevin repeats all the juicy details Sarah gave him.

Scotty laughs out loud as he tries to picture Sarah fighting those other two women.
“She’s an amazing mother..” He then says and the moment the words leave his lips, he cringes. The laughter on Kevin’s face momentarily stills, is replaced by pain, that, Scotty knows, makes Kevin look away for a second.

It’s long enough for Kevin to put the smile back on his face, but it no longer feels genuine to Scotty. When Michelle just found out she was pregnant, Kevin and he had daydreamed over their child. Lying on the bed, next to each other, they had laughed and giggled like a couple of schoolgirls as they had unleashed their fantasies on what their child would be like and what he/she would do.

Playing in school-drama had been one of the options. As had been captain on the football-team, a very good cheerleader, Olympic swimmer, an excellent young cook, but with fine nose for what was right and wrong in the world, head of the debating-team, outstanding actor or actress and, of course, prima-ballerina to be…

Enough dreams to fill 6 life-times, enough careers to go for, so many wishes that would never come true now. Scotty paints his own smile back on his face. If Kevin is trying not to dwell on what they lost, then he will make his own effort as well.
“Well, one thing’s for sure. This play won’t be forgotten.” Kevin replies overly cheerful.

“No, I don’t think so either.” Kevin tries to ignore the strained tone in Scotty’s voice, but as he pushes back the blanket, he catches the sad look on Scotty’s face.
“Maybe….” Kevin starts, but then the words don’t come. Scotty however nods.
“In time…” It amazes Scotty how well he had gotten to know Kevin after three years of marriage.

“I’m not ready.” Kevin nearly whispers the words.
“Time.” Scotty repeats, joining Kevin under the blanket. Scotty turns off the light. He wraps an arm around Kevin’s waist and Kevin’s hand caresses the arm on his body, until he slowly turns in Scotty’s arms to face him and capture a kiss.

Scotty immediately responds to the kiss, enjoying the feel of Kevin’s lips on his. He wraps his arms tighter around Kevin’s body and Kevin can feel how aroused Scotty gets and it sparks his own desire. He breathes more loudly when Scotty lets go of him, to push him on his back and then he lets his hand slip between Kevin’s legs.

Scotty’s caresses make Kevin shiver with pleasure and his lips part as he quietly begs Scotty not to stop playing with him, but Scotty has to when he needs to reach out for the lube and Kevin moans in disappointment only to arch up when Scotty’s hand comes back to him.

Scotty bites his lip upon penetration, wanting nothing more than just push himself deeply inside Kevin, but he knows he needs to give Kevin time to adjust. He also knows that Kevin won’t need long and sure enough, Kevin quietly signals him to move on. The first few thrusts are slow and careful, but not for long.

They hold on to each other, their lovemaking a mixture of pain and pleasure, lust and love, sadness and joy. Their desperation over their loss gets coupled with the love they have for each other. Scotty can hear Kevin gasp in the dark, his ecstasy sends Scotty over the edge as well.

In the dark they keep on kissing each other, as hands caress tenderly. They however, don’t need to speak words of love, no murmured I love yous in the silence of the night. Those are not needed. It’s amazing how well you can get to know each other after three years of marriage.

The End.
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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