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The summer of 2010-27

Hi guys! I'm sorry, but I'm wrapping this story up. My heart is no longer it. :(

For one, I don't seem to find the time to write.

Second, I'm terribly, terribly disappointed by the premiere of Brothers and Sisters and I feel completely disconnected from Kevin and Scotty at the moment. I just don't like either of them anymore. It was like someone flicked a switch inside me. I hope it can flick back. I'm counting on Matthew Rhys to get me through it, for he's still an amazing actor and he will get me back on track, but I didn't want to wait for it to happen.
On the other hand, there's also something positive that happened to me, that had me smiling for a day or two (and still puts a smile on my face, when I think about it).

I love to include Jordan in my stories, because I liked him so much in "Compromises". He's played by the actor Parvesh Cheena, who is currently on a show called "Outsourced", where he plays the character of Gupta. And he's very good in that comedy-series.

So, in order to 'promote' the series, I placed a post about   
"Outsourced"   on Imagine my shock and surprise when I receive an email from Parvesh Cheena, the next day, through live-journal, thanking me for it, which is incredibly sweet of him to do. (I did consider someone faking it for a moment or two, but I don't believe that.)

And suddenly I realize that the actor is 'real' (for lack of a better word). When I write Kevin or Scotty or Jason or Chad or anyone else, I never think about the actors or actresses behind them, only of the characters they play. So I never thought about the man, the actor, behind Jordan and suddenly I did... And it took me a few days to get Jordan back (without having to sit through 2.12 and watching Matthew forcibly sing out of key...) Plus, I have to say that I just LOVE Gupta, but there are things about Gupta that shouldn't flow over into Jordan.  :)

So, sorry, but here are the reasons why, on this autumn-day, I'm closing the story of "The summer of 2010". I'm sorry that the ending is rushed, but I had to end it. Holidays are over. :)



The summer of 2010 part 27/27

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring

Two days later.


Storm-clouds gather in the distance and the air is filled with lightning. Jason drives as quickly as he can over the small road that leads to the hotel. He keeps his eyes on the car before him.
“Hey, careful! I would prefer to reach the hotel in one piece.” Chad suddenly says.

“Sorry, but I want to be in the hotel before that storm hits us.”
“This is not a disaster-movie, Jase, we have plenty of time. Slow down, please,….” Chad begs, Jason takes his foot of the accelerator and the car continues at a lower speed. “Look, there’s the hotel. We have enough time, no need to kill ourselves.” 

Jason parks the car, that actually belongs to James and Kay and they quickly enter the hotel.
“I always wonder how the weather can change so abruptly.” Jason suddenly says. “It’s been hot all day and just when we finally have some time to ourselves on the beach, there are dark clouds heading our way. Hope it’s not an omen.”

“The weather didn’t change abruptly. We were too busy to notice the change.” Chad points out with a satisfied little grin.
“Where will we go? Your room or mine?” Jason asks in the elevator and Chad smiles.
“You chose.” He replies as they step out of the elevator.

“My room?” Jason suggests.
“Fine with me.” Chad pulls Jason closer for a kiss and with a little smirk Jason opens the door to his room and they stumble into the room. Their kiss seems to be endless, but eventually Chad lets go of Jason.

“Jase? Do you plan to go back to your work at the church?”
“No. I still haven’t found that feeling back, that I had before. This holiday hasn’t helped.” Jason immediately replies with a quick smile.
“I’ve been thinking….” Chad starts hesitantly.

“Yes…?” Jason teases just long enough to steal a kiss. It makes Chad smile.
“Why don’t you come with me?”
“To Europe?”
“Yes, we’ll be filming in several places. I won’t be working all the time and …”

“Nice thought, but as a what am I supposed to be hired on the set? I’m a priest.”
“No. Not hired by the film-company. But as my boyfriend, my lover, my partner…” Chad corrects Jason’s assumption.
“You want to go public with that?” Jason asks, not sure if he understood correctly.

“Most fans know about you.”
“They don’t really know about me. There have been rumors, which we never confirmed or denied. We were both always very private about our time together. We never went out, for instance.”
“You didn’t want to.”

“It was not a reproach. I don’t like to be in the spotlight, not like you do. And our private life was important to me. Also because of my congregation. And Robert.”
“But that is not a reason now, to not be open and honest about ourselves anymore, is it?” Chad replies cleverly.

Jason bites his lip. True. He was angry that Chad was always flirting, but on the other hand Jason never really ‘claimed’ Chad either.
“Paparazzi is going to hunt us down.” He then quietly says.
“It’s a part of my life. My life that I want you to be a part of…” Chad reminds him.

Jason undresses even further without saying a word. When he turns to Chad he sees that Chad is still dressed and it occurs to him that Chad will want an answer.
“I need to think if over..” he starts, but when he sees the disappointment on Chad’s face he continues: “I’m not against it, it just came a bit unexpected.” And he kisses Chad again.


Jordan wakes up from the knock on his door. What idiot wakes him up at nearly midnight? He carefully gets up and walks to the door.
“Jordan?” he hears from the other side, followed by another rapid knocking sound. Jordan quickly opens the door.

“Can…? Can I stay here tonight? My boyfriend and I had a fight…”
“Yes, yes, of course.” Jordan says, opening the door even further to let Tony in. “It’s just that,… uhm….” He looks around. There’s only one bed.

“I can take the sofa…” Tony points out. “I just want to be in someplace where he cannot find me. Let him worry about me for a night.”
“Sounds like a good idea. There are some extra blankets in there… You can use one of my extra pillows.”

“Thank you, Jordan, you’re amazing.”
“You’re welcome.” Jordan smiles, watching how Tony tries to create a bed on the sofa.
“What happened?” Jordan asks, now fully awake.

“The usual. We meet, go to a bar, have a few drinks and then he start hitting on other boys… I just wanted an nice evening out and not watch my boyfriend all over some other guy. So, I said something about it and he told me to stop being such a demanding bitch.”

“Nice boyfriend.” Jordan comments, pouring some wine for Tony.
“Oh, I don’t drink wine.” Tony says.
“You’ll sleep better.” Jordan replies. “Come on, I’m not allowed to drink it, it would be a shame if it got wasted.”

“If you’re sure….?” Tony takes the glass from Jordan’s hand and sips. “This is … good.”
“Liar. You don’t like it.” Jordan grins.
“I’m not used to drinking wine.” Tony apologizes.
“That’s fine. I didn’t really learn to drink it until Scotty thought me. He learned it from the Walkers. They are the experts.”

“Thanks, Jordan. I didn’t know what else to do. I don’t know many people on the island. I came here for my boyfriend, but I’m seriously considering going back.”
“Where to?”
“My family lives in Santa Barbara.”

Jordan whistles in appreciation and for a moment, he’s glad that Tony lives closer by than he thought, but then he realizes that this makes no sense, since Tony will most likely go back to his boyfriend tomorrow and Jordan isn’t sure he’s over Ian yet either. So the happy feeling fades as quickly as it came.

A low rumbling noise makes both of them look up.
“Looks like the weather really means business.” Tony says with concern as he sees the pitch-black clouds move closer to the shore. Jordan tries to get up, but Tony signals him to stay seated on the bed and he closes the doors to the balcony, so the rain will not enter the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” He asks Jordan, now that he sees several boxes on the floor.
“These are diaries that belong to Ian. James became the closest family-member after his death, so the police handed over Ian’s personal possessions to James… who then gave them to me. I’ve put them in the right order, giving me a rather detailed account of Ian’s life over the last five years…”

“Learn anything new?”
“Define new. He was lonely. Especially after his mother died.” Jordan sighs. “It’s actually sad, if you read how lonely he was and how happy he was, when he found out, that George was his father. He couldn’t believe it at first, because he admired George so much. He was very reluctant in bringing up the subject with George.

It took him two weeks to gather the courage to go to George and talk to him about it. George didn’t deny his relationship with Ian’s mother, in fact he had been suspicious about certain similarities between Ian and his brother in England, family-traits and such. He immediately agreed to a DNA-test. Ian was so thrilled that George didn’t get angry at him… That makes Georges silence after they found out, so sad.

Ian so painfully describes his feelings in his diaries and his feelings are all over the place. Anger, fear, concern, understanding. And he had no one to talk to. His mother’s illness and his own workhours had made him a bit of a loner. He wasn’t the sort of man to go to bars or go out with friends. He didn’t have anybody….”

Jordan sighs again, his hand caress the book before him.
“This is the last one… the days, before he died, are in here… I’m not sure I want to read it. I’m not sure, that I can handle reading about myself. If he writes about me. I want to believe that he cared, and I’m afraid he didn’t.

I don’t want to read that he just slept with me, because he finally found someone stupid enough to just…” Jordan’s voice breaks and he bites his lip, obviously controlling his emotions. Tony sits down on the bed.
“Do you want me to read it? If he writes good things about you, I’ll tell you to read it.”

“And if he doesn't? Not reading would still mean knowing he wrote bad things about me.” Jordan shrugs. Tony can see his point.
“True, but you won’t have to know how bad it was. And knowing that he didn’t care about you, might help you let go of him.”

“Would you do that for me?” Jordan asks. “Read it and be honest?”
“Of course, sleep is overrated anyway.” Tony laughs. “Besides, I am curious about what went on in that man’s head.”
“He missed his calling. He should have been a writer.” Jordan replies as Tony opens the book.


Kevin slowly opens his eyes, his little nap disturbed by Scotty’s strong hands on his back.
“Mhmmmnot again.” He moans, sending a contradictory message by pushing his body closer to Scotty’s.
“Protest noted.” Scotty whispers in his ear and he nibbles on Kevin’s earlobe, making Kevin laugh.

“That tickles.” He tries to raise his head to look at Scotty, but Scotty is too heavy on him. Scotty pulls at the sheets, that cling to their bodies and not just from the oppressive warmth in the room, due to the coming storm.
“It’s too sticky in here.” Scotty complains.

“That’s what you get for not cleaning up after sex.” Kevin says wisely.
“That’s what you get for making me work that hard.” Scotty replies.
“It wasn’t the hardness I was complaining about…” Kevin tries to turn around to face Scotty and Scotty lets himself roll back on the bed, so that Kevin can move.

It’s warm in the room and, in the dark, Scotty gets out of bed and he opens the doors to the balcony to get some fresh air.
“Better keep those closed for tonight. They said it would rain tonight.” Kevin says.
“I know, but this hot weather makes me all .. hot…” Scotty says, looking over his shoulder.

Kevin slips out of bed as well and joins Scotty on the balcony. It’s quiet outside, even the crickets no longer sing, the air is heavy and it seems as if everything around them is holding their breath, waiting for the storm to crash on the shores. Standing behind Kevin, Scotty wraps his arms around him.

“I love this.” He sighs. The air lights up with lightning and they both count.
“The thunder is still far away.”
“Not if the wind picks up.” Scotty says and as if to confirm Scotty’s theory, there’s a sudden breeze.

Scotty can feel the quick shiver in Kevin.
“No. How can I be, if I’m in your arms?” Kevin asks sweetly, turning around to seek another kiss.

He can feel Scotty’s hands caressing his back, sliding down along his spine. Scotty makes the embrace even tighter, until Kevin is completely pressed up against him.
“Are you sure you don’t want to have sex ‘again’?”
“I wasn’t protesting too loud, was I?” Kevin asks in mock-concern and Scotty grins.

“I love you so much.” Scotty then says, caressing Kevin’s face, before kissing him once again.
“…. inside?” Kevin’s question is muffled by Scotty’s kisses.
“The room or you?”

“Both.” Kevin answers, moving back into the room and taking Scotty with him. Between their kisses, touches and laughter it seems to take forever to cross the room and get back to the bed, but eventually Scotty pushes Kevin down and before Kevin finds comfort on the mattress he can feel Scotty’s hands on him, holding his hips pinned to the bed as Scotty’s warm mouth pays attention to Kevin’s cock.

Kevin squirms and begs, his hands in Scotty’s hair, pushing Scotty’s head down as Kevin arches of the bed. Just when he’s close to coming, Scotty stops abruptly and re-claims Kevin mouth for a hard kiss, before, without much further warning, enters Kevin’s body.

Kevin gasps at the immediate pain. Though they had sex earlier, Kevin hadn’t expected Scotty to this so suddenly. He hears Scotty’s whispered apology about wanting him too much to wait any longer, and then Scotty’s hand take his cock and makes sure that any pain is instantly covered with pleasure. He relaxes as he lets Scotty’s thrusts wash over him.

His fingers grab the sheets underneath him, he doesn’t have much leverage anywhere else, because he’s in the middle of the bed. His grip slips away however and eventually all he can do is hold on to Scotty. A flash of lightning illuminates the room for a few seconds and in those few seconds Kevin can see Scotty’s eyes.

The lust, the passion in those deep blue eyes only serve to fan the flames inside Kevin. He closes his eyes, he can feel Scotty move, he only has one desire left and that is to satisfy Scotty’s needs and his own. When the climax finally hits him, Kevin completely surrenders to his husband.


“All set?” James asks.
“Yes, we’re ready. The plane leaves in a few hours.” Jason says. “James, we’re all very grateful for this holiday, it was really amazing and you have a wonderful place here.”

“You’re always welcome to come back.” James smiles and Chad and Jason hug Kay.
“Have you decided yet?” Kevin asks Kay. The question needs no further explanation.
“No. Not yet. James loves me as I am, I am no hurry to get an operation. I … I still have a lot of talking to do with my shrink. And then James and I will decide. For now, just being Kay is such a liberating feeling.”

“I wish you so much luck and happiness.” Kevin’s words are so sincere, that Kay quickly hugs him to make sure she’s not going to cry. “Where’s Scotty?”
“With Jordan.” James replies, pointing at the garden.
“Thank you for allowing Jordan to stay a little longer.”

“I felt we owed him that, Kev. He spent so much time in the hospital, thanks to my uncle and my nephew…” James replies. “Besides, a few more days, and he can travel with Tony back to America. I think, that I find it a comforting thought that Jordan is so well looked after….” James grins.

Everybody has noticed that the friendship is blossoming into something else. Tony doesn’t seem to be too heart-broken over breaking up with his now ex. He respects that Ian’s death is still fresh on Jordan’s mind and plans to wait patiently for Jordan’s heart to heal, which will most likely not take too long…

“Scotty, we’re ready to leave. Are you coming?” Kevin asks and Scotty looks up from the book he’s reading.
“Kevin, you should read this. These are the entries about Jordan, in Ian’s diary.” Kevin takes the book from Scotty and starts to read the highlighted passages.

“… I didn’t know what to expect when those friends of James would show up. And I certainly hadn’t expected that I would see a man in that group that I might like.”

“His name is Jordan. I don’t believe that he could be really interested in me. But I would like to talk to him.”

“We talked. It was amazing. He was all alone and we talked for a few minutes and I’ve done something really stupid. I said I would arrange a date for him… Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. … I hope he likes me.”

“It went better than expected. He’s so nice, so smart, so funny. And he’s a great kisser.”

Jordan smiles, proud like a peacock, and Kevin has a hard time trying to control his laughter.

“… Dinner with Jordan at the hotel tonight… If he again asks me to stay. I will…” It was the last entry.

“Wow. He really liked you.” Kevin says.
“Yes. It’s such a relief to me to know that. With everything I read, I think I can finally let him rest and not feel like a complete idiot.”
“You’re not. You never were…. But we really have to leave.” Kevin reminds Scotty.

In the hall they all gather. Kevin, Scotty, Jason, Chad, Jordan, Tony, James, Kay and Tessa. The goodbyes are heartfelt and there are promises to meet again. Scotty says one more goodbye to Jordan.
“I’ll see you next week, alright? I want you at the opening of my restaurant.” Scotty says.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Jordan replies.
“And you… Take good care of this wonderful man.” Scotty warns Tony, who only smiles.
“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” Jordan’s voice is very quiet. “Tomorrow, we’ll visit Ian’s grave and then I will try to close this chapter for myself. I promise.”

Scotty reluctantly lets go of Jordan and climbs in the bus that will take them to the airport. Everyone finds their seats and finally the bus drives off, leaving Kevin, Scotty, Jason and Chad no choice but to wave at those they leave behind. All of them hope that soon enough they will meet again.


“I’m so ready for the opening of the restaurant.. Two more days.” Scotty lets himself fall on the couch.
“Busy day, huh?”
“Yes, a very busy day…. I’m exhausted. Have you heard from Michelle?”

“No, not yet. She has her appointment tomorrow, remember, it got postponed.”
“Oh, right. I forgot.” Scotty sighs.
“Do you want to hear something funny?” Kevin asks.

“Shock me.” Scotty smiles.
“I spoke to Tessa. She called an hour ago…. She had news…”
“Is Jordan alright?”

“He’s fine. Enjoying himself with Tony. No worry. No, that’s not it. Do you remember her son telling us that I’m not his father…?
Well, it seems he had the same message for Kay… So, we assumed that James was the father.”

“Well, James wanted confirmation, but the doctor in England immediately said he couldn’t be. Their blood-types didn’t add up.”
“Oh, my God! Now what?”
“Tessa was in total shock! But her son spoke to his uncle and they have tested as well and the match is so overwhelmingly big that the doctors dare to say that it’s almost 100% certain that Kevin jr is a Vermeer.”

“Yes. Tessa and her husband had tried for so long, that the thought that just hours before his death, he had gotten her pregnant was inconceivable to Tessa. She has always been sure it had to be one of us. It never occurred to her that it could have been her husband’s.”

“She must be ecstatic!”
“Over the moon! She says she’s been crying all day.”
“And to think that in a little while we’ll have a child of our own…” Scotty smiles.
“I can’t wait!” Kevin laughs and he kisses Scotty. A kiss that holds a promise for more.


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