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2.16 ms 00008: ... brother in law

2.16’s missing scenes: Cut 00008

We missed a lot scenes that should have been somewhere in one of the episodes.... but in 2.16 so many pieces were missing that I decided to write them after all.

Here's the eighth:
… & brother in law
By Marea67
About: Kevin/Robert
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Kevin/Robert run into each other in the kitchen.
Kevin’s fingers slide over the kitchen-table. All the food is ready and Kevin cannot help but admire Scotty for the incredible amount of work he has done. Kevin himself is not bad in the kitchen. He always liked to cook, although lately, it’s true, that part seems to have been taken over by Scotty. He still likes to help Scotty though, cutting ingredients and talking to each other is just one of those little moments he enjoys.
“Are you ready?” A voice behind him asks. Kevin straightens his back, ready for a fight. A verbal one, as he used to having with Robert. But when he sees Robert, there is a certain gentleness in Robert, Robert is no mood to argue and quite honestly, neither is Kevin.
“As ready as I will ever be.” Kevin replies. “I can’t wait for it to begin.” And although Kevin is all smiles, Robert can see a nervousness shine through it.
“Scared, huh?” he grins.
“To death.” Kevin confesses.
“That’s how I felt with Kitty, too. So many questions and insecurities.”
“I guess, I should have more … faith.” Kevin says hesitantly, as the words conjure up a memory, he sighs and asks: “Have you heard from Jason?”
“He’s alright. Working a lot. We don’t see him often.”
“Is he…. Is he seeing someone?”
“Not that I know of.”
“Did you tell him about Scotty and me?”
“I told him. He asked me to congratulate you… and Scotty… Honestly, I forgot to give that message.” Robert looks a bit embarrassed.
Kevin notices the awkwardness and cannot help but grin.
“I know. He called last Tuesday to congratulate us. I just wondered who told him. Kitty or you….From what Scotty tells me he was very friendly, but then… he always is. ”
“Yes, he called last Tuesday-morning at around ten-thirty, a time at which I am usually at work, if he would still remember my working-hours. I think, he meant to leave a message on the answering machine, but got to talk to Scotty instead…”
Yes, that makes sense to Robert.
“I’m glad he called.” He says.
“Yes, a part of me is glad that he talked to Scotty and not me. I didn’t know how Scotty felt nowadays about Jason, but Scotty said they had a nice chat and he was good with it. We even debated whether or not to ask Jason, but we felt it would have been inappropriate. It still felt as if it was too soon.”
Thinking about his own talk with Jason earlier this week, Robert agrees with Kevin on this. At that moment Justin and Tommy enter the kitchen.
“We’ve been looking all over for you. We lose track of you for 2 seconds and you're gone.... Thought you escaped through the back-door..” Justin starts.
“He tried. I blocked him.” Robert says.
“Good job.” Tommy nods at Robert “We had too much troubles, these last 2 years, to let him add the crime of leaving his terribly-worried groom-to-be ‘at the altar’.”
“It’s not an altar.” Kevin protests. “And he’d better not be the one escaping through the back-door.”
“Not a chance, Mom has him handcuffed. He will be only be released in the living room once Kitty and Sarah have their shut-guns ready. He’s not going anywhere and neither are you.”
“A handcuffed Scotty, hmm?” Kevin makes a little growling noise. “No need for mom to take them off, I can do that.” His voice is low and suggestive.
“Kevin!!!” yell Robert, Tommy and Justin.
Tags: character - kevin, character - robert, series - missing scenes 2.16

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