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The summer of 2010-26

The summer of 2010 part 26/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


“Mhmmm, this is perfect.” Night is falling, but it isn’t chilly yet. They are on the beach. Scotty is behind him, holding Kevin in his arms and they both feel warmed by the fire that James made on the beach. Kevin hears Scotty’s hum behind him, but he feels too lazy to reply.

“Tess, that was a great idea to have a small party here on the beach.” Kay compliments and Tessa smiles.
“Glad you liked it. It did have everything that makes a holiday worthwhile. Food, wine, music, good company…. Do you need help, Jordan?”

“I got it.” A voice comes from behind Jordan and his nurse, Tony, pops up and helps Jordan to get up.
“Thanks.” Jordan says. “I need to stretch my legs a bit…” His body still hurts from the stab, but he can walk around and do almost everything for himself.

However, James and Kay, feeling guilty over what happened, had hired him a young male (and gay) nurse, who gets along with everyone amusingly well. The first day he had tried to be professional and stay out of Jordan’s way, until he felt his help was needed, but trying to be professional had been useless against the charms of Chad, Kevin, Scotty or Jason.

Tony quickly found out that he fitted well into the little group and he was received with kindness. Everyone hovers around Jordan a lot, so basically his work is very easy. Jordan is not a demanding patient. In fact, he’s glad that Tony is not so pushy as some of the nurses in the hospital. He enjoys having some room to breathe.

“If you want to go back to the hotel…?” Tony suggests, but Jordan shakes his head.
“No, I just wanted to walk along the beach. After my time in the hospital I often feel this need to get some fresh air and just be alone…”
“It’s not smart to walk all by yourself. You’re still not strong enough.” Tony replies automatically. Jordan smiles.

“Then, come along, walk with me, just… don’t talk.”
“I can do that.” Tony grins and the others watch Jordan and Tony walk towards the waterline.
“That’s not a bad idea, walking off some calories. Jason?” Chad asks.

Jason lets Chad help him up and then looks at Scotty and Kevin.
“Not me, I’m fine where I am.” Kevin replies, taking Scotty’s hand and pressing a kiss on it.
“I agree.” Scotty kisses Kevin softly on the shoulder in reply.

“You two are so icky.” Chad tries to sound sarcastic, but the soft smile on his face betrays that it’s all not so bad.
“You’re just jealous.” Kevin immediately tells him. Chad doesn’t reply, but just gives Jason a little push towards the waterline and they go in the opposite direction to where Jordan and Tony went.

Scotty kisses Kevin again and then whispers:
“Maybe we should just go back to the hotel?” Kevin smiles at the suggestion, knowing full well why Scotty wants to head back so quickly.
“Half an hour more, just out of politeness to Tessa, James and Kay?” he negociates. Scotty nods.


“I’m sorry.” Chad starts once they are far enough away from the others. “Are you still mad at me?”
“No. I’m not happy about it, but you made a deal with that film-studio a while ago, when you and I weren’t together anymore and you must honor your contract. I get that…”

“It’s just three months.”
“Yeah…” Jason replies, but something in his voice sounds like it will not be just 3 months.
“Do you believe that I will cheat on you?” Chad now asks, slightly defensive.

“No.” Jason lies. “.. besides, I said I would let you be free.” His eyes are on the water, so that he doesn’t have to look at Chad. Chad stops walking and it takes Jason a few more steps to realize that Chad isn’t coming with him. He turns around.
“What?” he asks, perhaps more defiant than he planned to.

“Stop lying to me. Tell me the truth. Tell me how you really feel. I know you’re mad.”
“Yes, I am.”
“Then be mad! Yell at me! Express your opinion. You used to do that all the time.”
“What would be the point?” Jason asks tiredly.

“You’d at least be honest and not walk around like a martyr to some cause.”
“What?! I’m sorry, but you made the rules. Whatever you to plan to do and who with,.. it’s all your decision and I just have to take it or leave you.”

“That’s not true.” Chad denies.
“We’ve had this fight before, it always starts the same and ends the same.”
“Tell me what you really think!”

“You want the truth? Fine! I think it sucks! I hate it that you go to Europe to make a movie and that you’re far away from me. I hate it because I know it will end up with you screwing your co-star, some busty, blonde bimbo, and I get to read all about it, front-page of some gossip-paper, preferably with pictures of you two ‘having fun’… And it hurts! It hurts when you do that, because I want you all to myself!

And… I know I can’t… It’s part of your job… Publicity, gossip, it’s all a part of your day-to-day life, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. And it doesn’t mean I have to enjoy watching you and whatshername laughing at me from the cover of a magazine, when I’m shopping for my groceries.”

“Then, why do you take it?” Chad asks.
“Because I want to be with you.” Jason replies. Chad shakes his head, that is not the answer he’s looking for.
“That’s not good enough.” Chad says.

Jason stares at him in disbelief and he starts to feel confused.
“Not good enough? What do you want to hear from me?” But as he asks the question, the answer comes to him and makes him mad with anger. How dare Chad ask for words of love, when he can’t say them himself?

“This conversation is pointless.” Jason’s voice is determined and he turns around.
“Oh, yes! Walk away! Very mature!” Chad yells. Jason turns back.
“Why don’t you come back to me, when you’re grown up enough to keep your dick in your pants and then we’ll talks about maturity?” Jason suggests and he walks away…

Frustrated, Chad walks away from Jason as well and then he phone goes off.
“Do not walk away! If you do it now, you might never get him back. Fight!” Kevin warns.
“He doesn’t love me.”

“He does.”
“He won’t tell me that.” Chad sighs.
“Have you told him that you love him? …. No, I didn’t think so. You’re the one who will have to say it first.”

“Why should I?” Chad sulks, though he knows, deep in his heart, that Kevin is right.
“Because you’re the idiot that continuously hurts Jason by cheating on him. If you want him to take you serious, you have to start making some concessions of your own.

He loves you enough to give you your freedom, although he’s terrified of losing you. Now you owe it to him, to give him the security that he needs. He needs to know that you love him too and you will try to do it right this time and you’ll honor you commitment to him.” No longer able to listen to Kevin making a lot of sense, Chad breaks the connection. He closes his eyes tightly, takes a deep breath and turns around.

“Jason! Wait!” He closes the gap between them, just in time to hear Jason say:
“Chad is here. Got to go.” And Jason switches off his telephone, to look at Chad with defiance again. Chad can feel his resolve to talk to Jason disappear, wondering if breaking up wouldn’t just be ... easier.

“Jase, I’m sorry… I’m .. unreasonable… but love isn’t supposed to be reasonable and I’m … in love.. with you…” The words sound nearly alien to him. “And I can’t bear the thought that I might lose you, but at the same time I can’t promise you forever either… I just know that I love you very, very much…

And to know that I’m leaving you, when you have the idea that I will cheat on you and that I will hurt you, is unacceptable. I need you to trust me. I know I’m asking a lot of you, but I know how I feel and I’ve never felt so good about a relationship before in my life. I want to give us a chance. An honest and sincere try.”

“You idiot.” Jason sighs, caressing Chad’s face. “I love you too, but I didn’t want to say it, because it would make me even more vulnerable to you….” Chad silences him with a kiss and Jason quickly puts away his phone to kiss Chad back. He’s glad that Scotty called him, to warn him not to walk too far away from Chad.


“Those two will give all of us an ulcer.” Jordan complains without much sincerity as they watch Jason and Chad kiss each other in the distance. He came back from his short walk on the beach to find Kevin and Scotty on the telephone with Jason and Chad, trying to get them to continue their talking.

“Yeah, I will send Chad my phone-bill and ask him to reimburse us the charges for the many phone-calls to fix his relationship.” Kevin mumbles, then he grins. “Good thing that Chad warned me that he wanted to talk to Jason about his film-project going through anyway… They obviously needed love-experts like Scotty and me.”

“Yes, we’re certainly experts at screwing it up several times before getting it right.”
“Don’t say that, Scotty. Consider our mistakes a personal experience that we can wisely pass on to others.” Kevin replies philosophically and Scotty laughs.
“If you say so…. I hope that Chad and Jason can make it.” Scotty sighs. "They are so cute together."  

“And, my dear husband, is there something that I need to know? Since when are you and Jason suddenly so close?”
“We’ve talked a bit these last two years, and even more these last two weeks. We’re not exactly BFFs but I’m glad we get along.” Scotty ‘defends’ himself. He knows, that Kevin knows that he has nothing to worry about.

“I don’t want to break up the party, but I want to go back to the hotel. I think the effect of the pain-killers is wearing of.” Jordan says, a little look of pain on his face.
“I do believe that Kevin and Scotty were a little tired as well…” Tessa grins. “Maybe you four should go ahead. We’ll wait for Chad and Jason.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Kevin gets up. Though he’s not that happy about leaving Scotty’s arms, he has the idea he’ll be soon be back there, but then in a far more comfortable place and when he turns to Scotty to help him up, he can see by the grin on Scotty’s face, that Scotty shares his idea.

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