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The summer of 2010-25

The summer of 2010 part 25/?

By Marea67

About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: NC-17-ish
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


Days pass slowly as routine sets in. Scotty and Kevin visit Jordan as often as they can. Chad and Jason regularly go with them. Jordan heals amazingly well physically, but psychologically he’s still not fine. Chad and Jordan often talk alone, without the others around them.

It helps them to talk about Ian and it creates a unexpected bond between them. One that sometimes frustrates Scotty endlessly, because the only one who seems to be able to chase Jordan’s sad moments away is Chad and Scotty feels a bit disconnected from Jordan.

And that feeling is something Kevin can relate to. Kevin had hoped that this holiday would give him a chance to reacquaint himself with his friends. However, with James back in England and Kay and Tessa working hard to keep the hotel going, there’s not much time to be together. This holiday doesn’t turn out as he had hoped.

But it seems to go around. Kay spoke to a furious James, who found out in England that his mother had known all about Ian, but hadn’t seen any reason why the family should have to pay for George’s sins. This Ian was born out of wedlock and therefore not really the responsibility of the family…

James had exploded in rage. It had gotten rather ugly and he had, on the spot, severed all ties with his family, shocking his mother by telling the truth about himself, his marriage to Karen, how much he hated Karen and that he was in love with Kai, or Kay and that, from now on, Kay and James would rather be on their own…

And while Kay impatiently waited for James’ return, Tessa drove her son back to the airport, because he would go to America to spend some time with his friends. Though he had offered to interrupt his own plans to be with Tessa, she wouldn’t hear of it. So, in all, Kevin knows he’s not the only one whose holiday didn’t turn out as expected.

“Hi, Kev.” Chad confiscates the chair next to Kevin.
“Hi. Alone? No Jason?”
“He had some errand to run. Besides, I wanted to talk to you about something. Can I?
“Sure.” Kevin puts his magazine aside.

“When did you know that Scotty was the one you wanted to be with?”
“Looking back? Knowing what I know now? The day he walked into my office the very first time…. It took me a long time to admit it to myself though.” Kevin grins.
“Have you ever regretted getting married to him?”

“Regretted it? How? Why would I?”
“Well, you know. Loss of freedom. Not being able to do what you want. Being limited to one person.”
“But I want to be with Scotty, so I’m exactly where I want to be. And it’s not a loss of freedom if you chose for it yourself.”

Chad nods quietly, sipping his drink, while his thoughts are obviously far away.
“Is there a particular reason for your questions?” Kevin asks, hiding his grin.
“Jason…. You know he wants stability. A real relationship… And I’m not blaming him. He’s entitled to ask for that… It’s just that I’m not sure … if I can really do that.”

“You’re afraid that you will cheat on him and hurt him?”
“Kevin, I can't understand how one can want that? To be with just one person for the rest of your life?”

“A wonderful young man once told that you can’ t be faithful to someone, unless you know why you should… I found my reason. And my reason is, that the alternative is losing Scotty, which is something that I never want to have happening to me again. I loved you, and Jason too, but what I felt and still feel for Scotty surpasses any of the feelings I’ve had for you two.” Kevin's sincerity makes Chad smile.

He plays with his glass and rubs his face, wondering if he can trust Kevin enough with what is really on his mind and, after some considering, he takes the plunge.
“Kev, I think I’m in love with Jason. And I mean really in love.” He says quietly.
“I think you may be right.” Kevin whispers in return, a smile on his face.


“Jason.” Scotty is surprised to see him in the hall of the hospital.
“Scotty. Aren’t you supposed to be with Jordan?”
“Doctor came for some routine checkup to see how the patient is doing. I got kicked out. So I thought I’d get myself some coffee.”

“Mind if join you?”
“No. Of course not.” Scotty replies, feeling just a little bit curious. They find a table near the window, allowing them to look at people and therefore have a good reason to not talk to each other.

They order coffee and it isn’t until the waitress has placed it before them, that Jason breaks the silence.
“Scotty, can I ask you a question? A personal one?”
“If you won’t mind that I won’t answer if I consider it too personal.” Scotty replies.

Jason smiles, he had expected such a reply from Scotty.
“Fair enough… Do you trust Kevin completely?”
“Depends. I don’t trust him around my chocolate chip cookies, but something tells me, that that wasn’t the reason why you asked me that question.” Scotty smiles.

“No.” Jason grins in return. “No, it’s Chad. I promised him that I would give him space and let him be free to do what he wants…”
“That doesn’t sound like you.” Scotty replies concerned.
“The alternative is breaking up with Chad permanently. I don’t want that either.” Jason sighs

“Makes sense.” Scotty agrees.
“That’s the reason why I wondered… You know, with Kevin’s rather promiscuous past, how can you deal with it. Are you never concerned?… I guess I’m just curious how you do it. Just forget about the past he’s had.”

“Whoa! I didn’t forget. But I don’t think you can compare Kevin to Chad. When I met him, Kevin was 34 years old, out, open about it and, I knew, he had had his own share of love-affairs. And I wasn’t exactly a virgin either. The last two times Kevin cheated on his boyfriends, Chad and you, he did that with me. It seems like we always ended up being together, regardless of how much we tried not to be.

Chad’s situation is different. He only came out when he was 34 years old and he had a lot to deal with. He is emotionally in a different place than Kevin and, with all respect, you’re not in the same place that I am…. I get thatm when you say that Chad can do what he wants, you mean flirting and dating other people?”

“Yes. I mean, it should be enough to know that I’m the one he comes back to, right?”
Jason asks and Scotty doesn’t reply. It’s not ‘right’ with him and he believes it's not 'right' for Jason either.  
“Are you sure that you can be satisfied with that?” He then asks. “Seems to me, that’s not what you really wanted when you were with Kevin.”

For a moment Jason is surprised, that Scotty would know that, then he remembers that Kevin and Scotty were ‘just friends’, when he just moved in with Kevin.
“No. It wasn’t. I wanted the real thing. Love with a capital L. It had to be my way. Just be perfect, but the perfect partner doesn’t exist. I guess, I have to adjust my own expectations.”

“There’s a difference between adjusting them and throwing them overboard. Forgive me for saying so, but I’ve gotten to know some of the McCallisters pretty well and I don’t believe it’s in your character to patiently wait for your boyfriend to come home, when he’s busy doing it with someone else.”

“I know…. but this is Chad… and I’d rather be with him on his conditions, than be without him because I’m clinging to my own convictions.”
“But only for Chad?” Scotty asks slowly, Jason nods. “Oh, man, you got it bad! You are in love with him….” Scotty smiles compassionately.


“Hey, babe! Good news! Jordan may be back in the hotel in a couple of days.” Scotty announces, jumping on the bed where Kevin is reading a book.
“Yes! Best news I’ve had all day! All week!”

Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin’s neck and kisses him. Kevin hums in appreciation under the kisses and slowly lets himself fall backward on the bed, taking Scotty with him.
“I have to admit, I like the effect that Jordan’s good news has on you. He should give you good new more often.”

Scotty laughs, gives Kevin one more kiss, before he gets of the bed and undresses himself.
“You took a shower. Please, tell me you’re not wearing anything underneath that bathrobe.” Scotty begs.

“Completely naked, trying to get dry.” Kevin admits. Scotty smile is big.
“Good.” He says, pushing Kevin back on his back and untying the knot in the belt of the bathrobe. “Just the way I like to see you. Stripped.” And without so much as a warning, Kevin can feel Scotty’s warm mouth on his quickly hardening cock.

“Oh, God!” He whispers. So much for foreplay then, but he can live with that. His fingers are in Scotty’s hair, gently pushing down his husband’s head, as he comes closer to the point of climax. “Don’t stop!” he begs. “Don’t stop.” Teasingly, Scotty lifts his head, letting his hand take over, while he moves back to Kevin’s chest.

“I had a talk with Jason this afternoon.” He says, with a grin, noticing Kevin’s annoyance over the loss of that warm mouth on him.
“Really?” It’s just a sigh. “And why should I care about that? Now, I mean?”
“He’s in love, totally in love, with Chad.”

“Good. Chad’s in love with him too.” Kevin confesses, gently pushing Scotty’s head back down, but Scotty shakes his hand away.
“And how would you know that?”
“Chad told me. This afternoon. Scotty, please,…..”

Scotty moves his hand faster. It takes Kevin’s breath away. Scotty can’t help but enjoy this. Kevin moves up against him and he can see that Kevin is close.
“Isn’t it amazing that they talk to us about their feelings?” Scotty teasingly kisses Kevin’s lips.

“I’m amazed.” Kevin replies curtly. “Now, will you please, just please…..” He begs. “Oh!!!” The climax takes him by surprise and he holds on to Scotty as he shakes and shivers from the strength of it all. Scotty’s lips caress his skin, kiss his eyelids and Kevin keeps his eyes closed and undergoes the sweet tenderness with pleasure.

Scotty caresses Kevin’s face and finally Kevin opens his eyes and gives his husband a dreamy look.
“That was … very pleasant, Mr Wandell.” His voice is soft and heavy with sleep. “This was so good that I’m not sure that I can return the favor.”

“Oh, you will.” Scotty promises and he reaches out for the drawer. “I’ve made my plans for tonight…” Kevin blinks a few times as if Scotty’s words shock him.
“Are …. Are you telling me that your plan is to just simply use my body, regardless of whether I approve or not?” Kevin asks is mock-fear.

“Good. I like that plan.” Kevin answers dryly and Scotty starts to laugh as he leans over Kevin to kiss him again and then claim his body.

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