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The summer of 2010-24

The summer of 2010 part 24/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


“Chad, I’ve come to a decision.” Jason says, sitting down on the bed.
“What kind of decision?” Chad asks, looking up from the script, that he had been reading and, so far, had not interested him much.
“I think you were right.”

“Are you going to make me guess, what you’re talking about? Because you’re providing very little information.” Chad points out and Jason grins.
“About me. About relaxing a bit more. Not being so rigid in my opinions.”
“As long as you do keep other things rigid.” Chad teases and Jason hits him with his pillow.

“I’m serious!”
“Sorry, but it’s always so delicious to tease you.” He puts aside the script and givess his full attention to Jason. “I’m all yours. What is it the decision you’ve come to?”
“I want us to be together.” Jason replies shyly.

“Jason….” Chad sighs. “We’ve tried… Several times… And it always ends in heart-ache. I love being with you, but I’m not ready to settle down. I’m sorry, if I’ve given you the wrong impression…”
“No. You haven’t. I understand. No real commitment. No promises to uphold. I get that.”

“Jase…. This isn’t you. I don’t want you to compromise your beliefs for me.”
“I’m not. I’m going to do this with my eyes wide open. I’m not fooling myself. I’m not expecting anything and… I will try not to claim you.”
“Why? You couldn’t deal with this before, what makes you think you can this time?”

“If there’s one thing that Robert’s death has thought me, it’s that life’s too short. I ‘d rather be happy with you, knowing I’m not the only one for you, … because the alternative is sleeping alone in a cold bed, dreaming about some perfect partner that may never come along.

Who am I kidding? I long to be loved as much as anyone else does. I’m not above that. I know only one thing… I want to be with you… And if that means that it has to happen on your terms…. Then so be it. I’ll give you your freedom… No strings attached.”
“Hah? … Are you sure?” Chad asks dumbfounded.

“Sure. Trust me, I thought it through completely…. Besides, it cuts both ways. If I do find Mr Right, I’m not committed to you either, so I can do whatever I want too. You have no claim on me either….” Jason points out, slipping off the bed to hide his grin, when he notices the frown on Chad’s face and he suddenly realizes that this side-effect had escaped Chad’s attention.

Hiding his amusement, he undresses himself and returns to the bed to kiss Chad’s lips.
“That is of course, …” he says between two kisses. “if you agree to this arrangement?”
“Agree?” Chad repeats. “Oh, I agree…” he replies, wrapping an arm around Jason and pulling him down for another kiss, so that Jason is on top of him.


Kevin turns on the warm-water and closes the door of the small cubicle. He hopes that a warm shower will do him some good or at least lift his spirit up a bit. The door opens and the cooling breeze gets followed by a warm body being pressed up against him. Scotty wraps his arms around him from behind and kisses his neck.

“Hey? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. I just want to take a shower.”
“Really? Wouldn’t it be smarter to that afterwards?” Scotty asks now, letting his lips caress Kevin’s shoulder.

Kevin’s cock starts to respond. Kevin ignores it, swallows hard and replies:
“Listen, honey, you don’t owe me anything. I want us to make love, because we both enjoy it and not because it’s something that still needs to be ticked of your ‘to do’-list. I can fully respect that, with Jordan in the hospital, your mind is not on having sex.”

“But … it is. Jordan is doing great. And I may be a bit tired, but I still want to make love to you.” Kevin closes his eyes. Scotty’s voice is so full of lust as he lets his soaped up hands slide over Kevin’s back to his side to bring Kevin’s body even closer to his own. Kevin bites his lip, because he can feel how aroused Scotty is.

He slowly turns in Scotty’s arms and gasps when he feels the tip of Scotty’s cock caress his. Scotty pushes him against the wall and Kevin gives in to the warm, tender kiss. He’s trapped between the hard wall and Scotty’s body and he’s right where he wants to be, in Scotty’s arms. He’s not going to complain now.


Jason closes his eyes tightly. He’s so close, so close, but Chad just keeps him on the edge, he won’t let Jason go over it. Say what you want about Chad, but he knows how to use that mouth. Jason thrusts up once again and he begs Chad to let him go, but all Chad does is remove his mouth.

Frustrated Jason moans, he trembles because he needs his satisfaction, but Chad kisses his belly, moves up to Jason’s chest and then his lips, before his whispers in Jason’s ear:
“I want you… inside me.” Jason can feel how he gets even harder, if that is at all possible.

“I won’t be able to last long, that is, if I don’t come the moment I enter you. You’ve been torturing me too long Chad.” He warns, but Chad only laughs and presses himself down on Jason’s cock. Jason is so surprised by the sudden movement, that he stares at Chad in bewilderment.

So, that was what Chad had been doing, preparing himself. Jason starts to laugh and pushes Chad’s hips down and his own up. He can see how much Chad enjoys this. Jason closes his eyes, he lets Chad set the rhythm, knowing he will not regret doing that and he surrenders to Chad completely.


Kevin breathes slowly. Scotty’s fingertips caress Kevin’s cock, but not with enough pressure to make Kevin come. Scotty is in no hurry. He’s playing with Kevin and Kevin doesn’t mind being played with. This is what he wants. On his back on the bed, Scotty covering his body and moving against him, making it very clear what he wants.

His lower body jerks up a bit when Scotty gently squeezes a bit. Scotty chuckles at Kevin’s reaction and kisses him.
“What do you want to do?” he asks Kevin. Kevin shakes his head.
“I don’t know… You chose.” He replies before demanding another kiss.

“Why do I always have to make the choice?” Scotty whines softly and it’s hard for Kevin to answer that with Scotty’s tongue in his mouth. Scotty breaks the kiss and takes Kevin’s chin, forcing him to look at Scotty.
“What do you want?” Scotty ask, though they both know the answer too well.

Kevin doesn’t reply, he only spreads his legs, so that he can feel Scotty even better against him and he smiles when he sees Scotty reach for the lube. They kiss again and soon enough Kevin can feel Scotty’s finger inside him. He moans and moves his body against Scotty’s hand, eager to feel more, much more.

It seems to take forever, but then he sees Scotty take out the condom…. Kevin breathes faster and more shallow. Scotty hears it and grins. He loves it when Kevin responds to him with this much desire.
“Wait!” Scotty suddenly says, slightly amused by the annoyed look on Kevin’s face.

“Now what?” Kevin asks, not willing to accept another delay.
“Wait. Wait…” Scotty quickly moves to the door and opens it a bit, making sure that his naked body can’t be seen by someone outside. Then he closes the door again and goes through Kevin’s clothes.

“What are you doing?” Kevin asks confused.
“Sign on the door with ‘do not disturb’…. Door locked….You telephone … off. My telephone ... off… Hotel-phone off the hook….” He sums up. “And now, without further delay…” He pulls Kevin’s hips closer to his own body. “… Mr. Walker,… I’m going to fuck you.”. And Kevin starts to laugh.


It seems to Chad that this is still the most wonderful part about being with Jason. That moment when he feels Jason in his arms, asleep after hot sex, his breathing slow and calm, his body relaxed, his hair tickling Chad’s arm. Chad softly kisses Jason’s shoulder. Jason makes a little noise, but doesn’t wake up. Chad smiles and nestles closer to Jason and he closes his eyes as well. He finally can without seeing Ian. 


Kevin opens his eyes with a shock. This is it!
“Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop….” He begs of Scotty, as another of his deep thrusts throws Kevin over the edge. “Don’t … stop….” He whispers again, unaware that Scotty just came as well and is still too lost in his own climax.

It seems like an eternity, before Scotty falls back on the bed, right next to Kevin.
“You, Mr Walker, are amazing.” He laughs.
“You, Mr Wandell, inspire me to be amazing.” Kevin replies with equal admiration.
“This was really good.” Scotty says, wrapping an arm around Kevin.

“Yes, it was…. We are.” Kevin corrects himself. Scotty grins and his fingertips touch Kevin’s face very lightly.
“I could never get enough of you.” Scotty sighs and he reaches for the sheet.
“Nor I of you.” Kevin mumbles as Scotty spoons up against him. Scotty’s arms and the sheet form a nice little cocoon around him and Kevin feels so safe there.

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