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The summer of 2010-20

The summer of 2010 part 20/?

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: Most of it is G. A little part is NC-17 ;)  
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


“Any news?” They all look up at Max, who finally has a chance to join them.
“No, not yet. They immediately took Jordan away to be operated. It’s been hours, days…” Scotty softly replies. “I just wish they would tell us something.”
“No news is perhaps good news.” Max tries.

Scotty doesn’t react and Kevin takes Max by the elbow and leads away from Scotty.
“We heard a few things from Chad, but Chad seems to be in an state of shock as well.”
“Yes, it got intense on that roof. I don’t believe that Ian felt much sorrow for killing George, Lorena, Karen and Pablo. He could rationalize those away.

But what he did to Jordan really hit home with him. I mean, Jordan was ‘innocent’, it had no ‘purpose’ to kill him and Ian couldn’t find a reason to make it ‘okay’ in his head. I think he genuinely liked Jordan, maybe he had even fallen in love with Jordan, I’m too angry to be too sympathetic towards Ian.”

James joins the two men.
“Is it true? Was he my uncle’s son? Did all this happen, because my uncle didn’t want to take responsibility for what he had done?”
“We don’t know yet. That is what Ian said. We’re trying to find out.”

“Well, let me know. If he was my uncle’s son, then I want to know… if he’s … family.” James’s words are hesitant, as if he’s trying to find out how the words taste like and what it's like to have a murderer as a family-member. He sighs. “I’m going back to Kay.” He then says and leaves Max and Kevin alone again.

“How are you coping?” Max asks Kevin.
“Better than Scotty, that’s for sure. I’m worried sick about Jordan, but Scotty…. Jordan and Scotty are such good friends, Jordan has always been there for Scotty, and Scotty for Jordan… I think Scotty can’t imagine a life … without him.”

“Maybe he won’t have to.” Max replies hopeful.
“I just wish…. I don’t know what I wish. I’m afraid for when that door will open and the doctor will tell us that they tried everything they could and they are very sorry… but....”
“Hey! Don’t think like that!”


“Fancy meeting you here.” Jason teases mildly, as he sits down next Chad in one of the pews of the small chapel that is linked to the hospital. “How are you?”
“I wish people would stop asking me that….”

“Don’t be.”
“I’m worried.”
“So am I. About Jordan.”
“So am I. About Jordan. And about you.”

Chad looks at Jason and suddenly smiles.
“You always have to have the last word, don’t you?”
“Yes… Imagine the long conversations I've had with Robert…” Jason grins.
“Must have excruciating.” Chad now smiles gently.

“Yeah, usually, by the end, we would just be insulting each other and then it would be a fight over who could fling the final insult.”
“Who’d win?”
“Me. Surprisingly enough, I was better at swearing than Robert.”

“Or Robert was smart enough to know when to stop?” Chad laughs.
“That too.” Jason concedes. “But you didn’t answer my question. How are you coping?”
“I feel weird. You know how they always say that you keep replaying things in your head? I don’t. I only keep seeing one thing, whenever I close my eyes.”

“Which is?”
“The resignation on his face when the fabric tore up. It was okay with him. He had just accepted his fate. And then he fell. Quietly. No screaming… That is what was so weird. In movies they always scream. Ian didn’t. And I… I can’t get past that.

It’s maybe one, two seconds… and then I fell backwards, because I lost the weight that was pulling me down, and … I didn’t see … below… Max didn’t allow me to look over the side…” Chad's hands express his incapability to explain what he tries to tell Jason, but Jason understands more than Chad thinks.

“It was for the best that Max didn’t allow you to see it. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.” Jason says quietly and he takes Chad’s hands between his own. “He made a decision about his death. Don’t let his decision affect your life.”
“I’m sorry. I just saw a man kill himself in front of me. I think I have the right to feel something about that.”

“I’m sorry too, but I sat next to Scotty, who was begging Jordan to hang on to his life and I prayed for help for someone who wanted to live. A life that may have ended too soon because of Ian. Forgive me for not being too compassionate towards him, right now” Shocked by his own sharp sarcasm, Jason tones it down a bit.

“Please, I don’t want to fight, but we’ve been through two different experiences today. You saw a murderer commit suicide, while I sat next to his victim, who was fighting for his life…” Jason rubs his face. He feels so tired. “All I’m saying is that you’re entitled to be shocked, but don’t let it control you.”


“Well, of course. I must.” James says.
“Are you crazy? James, Ian is a murderer.”
“He might be family, Kay.”
“Yes, I would forget about that, if I were you.”

“It is because everyone forgot about him, that this happened. This could perhaps have been avoided if my uncle had been honest to everybody, just like he promised he would be. Instead he waited and kept quiet. I’m not saying that Ian was right about what he did, but if he’s family, then I want him to have a proper funeral and for him to be buried next to my uncle.”

The little noise Kay makes, conveys how much she disagrees. James caresses her face.
“I’m tired of all the lies. I can’t do this anymore. If Ian is my uncle’s child, then everybody will know about it. I’ve lived apart from you so long, because of all the secrets I had to keep. No more skeletons in the closet. I’m done keeping secrets.” He says and Kay kisses him.
“If that is what you want, darling, then that’s what we’ll do.”


The door opens and everybody turns to the surgeon, their eyes filled with hope and fear. Scotty only hears that Jordan is still alive, but the rest of surgeon's words seem disconnected.
“The patient has lost a lot of blood…. We believe that we have found all internal injuries…. Needs time to heal…”

The overwhelming relief becomes too much for Scotty, his knees get wobbly and the room starts to spin. He can feels hands on his body and when he blinks again, he realizes he’s on a chair, with Kevin rubbing his ice-cold hands.
“I’m sorry.” He whispers. “I’ve been so afraid…”

“It’s okay.” Kevin says with a gentle smile.
“It’s not the first time that we see this kind of a reaction.” The surgeon smiles. “We’re sorry that we couldn’t give more information sooner. There was a lot that needed to be done and our first priority is the patient, and not those in the waiting-room.

Your friend’s situation is still critical, but hopeful. He responds well and now we have to wait. He will not wake up before tomorrow morning, maybe we’ll even keep him asleep longer, to give him time to heal. His best chance now lies in having the time to recuperate. This means that you will not be allowed to see him tonight.

I want all of you to go home and get some sleep. There’s nothing that any of you can do here. And you will be of no help to him now… I know that all of you are scared, but honestly, it’s in God’s hands now. We have done what we could, we have no reason to assume that there will be complications, but he needs to rest.”


“Jase? Will you stay with me tonight?” Chad asks at the door of his room. “I don’t believe I can handle sleeping alone tonight.”
“Sure. Just let me get a few things from my room and I’ll be with you.” Jason promises and he sticks to his word, when he appears in Chad’s room a few minutes later.

“I know it’s unwise to pass pills to someone else, but.. these sleeping-pills helped me very good after Robert died and I couldn’t sleep at night, because I kept dreaming that he was calling for me….” Jason’s voice trails off, the memory is still a painful one. “I can’t force you to take them, but it could help you get through the night....”

Chad looks at the labels.
“I know these… They work very well… I’ll take one for tonight, but not one more after that. Do you hear me?… I found them hard to get rid of, once I got used to them a few years ago…”
“Fine with me. And Chad?… I’m glad that you asked me to stay with you.” Jason softly says and he kisses Chad’s lips.


The shower provides more than enough warm water, but Scotty feels like he can’t get warm. Jordan’s blood had been on his hands, on his clothes, when he had arrived at the hospital, and yet, no matter, how hard he scrubs he can still feel it on his skin. He lets his forehead rest against the cold shower-wall and he clenches his fists.

“Hey, babe, you’ve been in there for nearly 30 minutes now.” Kevin reminds him.
“I know… I can’t wash away Jordan’s blood, I can feel it on me.” Scotty suddenly cries. Kevin opens the door the small cubicle. He reaches out and turns of the shower.
“And you won’t be able to get rid of it, even if you would spend another hour in there.”

He takes Scotty’s hand and forces him out of the shower, he wraps a huge towel around him and starts drying him up.
“It’s all in your head, baby, you can’t fix it by scrubbing.” Kevin says calmly. He pushes Scotty towards the bed and after a shove from Kevin he falls on it.

“Kevin…” Scotty’s voice is defensive, but Kevin ignores it.
“You’re going to lie down, drink this, and get some sleep. You heard what the doctor said. You’re of no use to Jordan now, but Jordan will need us later on.”
“Sleep? Kevin, ….”

“Drink!” Kevin orders and for once his voice is so demanding that Scotty doesn’t dare to disobey him. The water tastes bitter.
“You put a sleeping pill in there? You know how I feel about taking drugs.…”
“Yes! I know, but, too bad, you’re going to get some sleep, whether you like it or not.”

Scotty lies down. The irritated sound shows that he disagrees with Kevin. Kevin lies down next to him. He ignores Scotty’s anger. Instead, he caresses Scotty’s cheek.
“Close your eyes, baby.” He nearly whispers. “Close them.”

Scotty closes his eyes. He feels Kevin’s lips brush against his own. At first, just a light caress, then slowly more insistent. Scotty keeps his mouth closed on purpose, to show Kevin that he doesn’t agree, but when the tip of Kevin’s tongue seeks permission to enter, Scotty can’t deny access.

His lips part and the kiss intensifies. He feels the need to make it stop, because the timing is completely off, at the same time, he feels terribly aroused. Kevin kisses his nose, his eyes and his cheeks and slowly Scotty’s desire to respond becomes impossible to control.

When Kevin’s mouth finds that sensitive spot just underneath his ear, something unleashes inside of him. As if his body is filled with static electricity, his body reacts to softest of Kevin’s touches with a hunger like he never felt before. Kevin’s hand on his belly just makes him frantically push his body up towards Kevin’s fingers.

Finally, unable to handle the pressure any longer, his hand covers Kevin’s, his fingers forcing Kevin’s fingers around his hard cock. He doesn’t want tenderness or gentleness.It’s purely desperation, the want for satisfaction that drives him. Kevin is rougher with him than Scotty is used to, but Scotty completely agrees with it.

Undoubtedly Kevin's kisses will leave traces that will be seen the next day, but neither of them cares about that. Scotty mouth claims Kevin’s. He begs for Kevin to not stop, to go faster and Kevin wants nothing more, than to give Scotty what he needs. He can feel Scotty tremble underneath him, such is a tension growing inside him.

Suddenly Scotty comes all over Kevin’s hand. It’s so strong that it send shockwaves all through Scotty’s body. Kevin just keeps using his hand until Scotty, totally exhausted, whimpers, because it becomes painful. Scotty is aware that Kevin’s hasn’t come, but with all the tension gone, he feels too tired, too heavy to do something about it.

He turns a bit to face Kevin.
“I’m sorry, I’m so tired…” He apologizes, hardly able to keep his eyes open.
“That’s okay, baby, just sleep…. Just sleep.” Kevin’s voice is soft and warm and Scotty can no longer keep his eyes open, he drifts off to sleep, leaving Kevin to take of himself.

Kevin doesn’t mind. He’s glad that Scotty is too exhausted now to worry half the night over Jordan. Kevin tries to find his own satisfaction, but can’t, so he gives up, too tired as well to really be bothered by it. He turns around and lifts Scotty’s arm up, so that he can be with his back against Scotty’s chest. Immediately Scotty’s arm wraps around him tightly and now Kevin feels safe enough to find his sleep as well.

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  • Turn a different corner 102/102 (final part)

    Nah, not half as a hot as I planned, but it will have to do... The boys refuse to give me more details. (sigh ) Turn a different corner 102/102…

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