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The summer of 2010-19

The summer of 2010 part 19/?

By Marea67
: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.  Warning: This chapter has a death by suicide


“Let Max look after Jordan.” Kevin says and he pulls Scotty away from Jordan.
“He’s still alive, barely breathing, but alive! Call an ambulance! Now! Scotty! Here. Press these to his wounds to stop him from losing more blood. I need an ambulance!!!” Max yells.

“On its way…” McCord says. “We have to find Ian.”
“You find him. I’ll stay here with Jordan.” Scotty tells Max.
“I’ll go to the front-desk and make sure that the paramedics get here as fast as they can.” Kevin says, glad he can do something.

Scotty watches Kevin rush off and then he hears Jason’s voice.
“Max, Chad and I heard someone go up to the roof, Chad went to see who it was. Perhaps you should check it out…?” he tries to not show his fear with regard to Chad’s safety. Max nods and McCord agrees that it sees a good idea.

Scotty can hear them leave, but he’s too busy with Jordan.
“Hang in there. Do you hear me? Just, please, fight for your life.” He begs Jordan.
“Scotty? Is there something I can do?” Jason asks. Scotty looks up at him.
“Pray? Please, pray for his life.” It seems a most logical request and Jason complies.


Chad keeps a safe distance from Ian. He watches Ian pace left to right and back, throwing his hands in the air and seemingly talking to himself. He’s not sure, if there’s any other way for Ian to get off this roof. He hopes not, because it seems like Ian is not in control of himself anymore.

Chad slowly backs away, back to the door that leads to the roof. Once he’s inside the hotel again, he can call Max and McCord for help, but for now there’s nothing he can do. His hand comes in touch with a lose brick, he tries to grab it, but it’s too late, it falls down with a crashing noise, that makes Ian turn around.

Ian hadn’t seen Chad before, but now he does. He can see Chad turn to make a run for the door.
“Don’t!... If you run any further I’ll kill you.” He screams. Chad stops almost immediately, not taking any chances.

He slowly turns around to face Ian. He holds up his hands, signaling his surrender.
“What are you doing here?” Ian asks.

“Max is looking for you. He wanted to ask you some questions. I saw you go up here and I followed you to point it out to you. But you were so wrapped up in your thoughts, that I didn’t want to interfere. So, I thought I’d leave quietly.” Chad calmly says, though his heart is racing.

“Liar! You’re lying. You’re standing there with your hands in the air…”
“That’s because you said you’d kill me, if I'd leave!” Chad defends himself.

He prays that Jason told Max and McCord that Ian is on the roof and that they will show up soon, to free him.
“I’m sorry if I startled you,…” Chad continues. “… but I didn’t want to take any chances in case you were wearing a gun or something. With all the murders….”

“What does Max have questions about?”
“Ahm, .. about Lorena…? That she was probably having an affair with that guy who got killed. Her sister’s boyfriend?”
“She didn’t. She hated him. She told me so. That was her problem. She talked too much.”

“Good. Then maybe we can go downstairs, find Max and tell him that.” Chad suggests. Ian laughs sarcastically.
“Do you really believe I’m a fool? You’re scared. Terrified.” Ian is slowly moving around and has put himself between Chad and the door.

“Listen. I don’t know what your problem is. And it’s none of my business. I often see men like you in the business. Nice one day, assholes the next and usually it’s drugs or booze and, you know what, it’s your problem, not mine and I don’t intend to make it mine. I was just looking for you because Max asked me to.

I’ve passed the message on to you. And I don’t know what is upsetting you this much, but it scares me, yes. I don’t want to get involved in whatever issues you have. I just want to go downstairs and go to the beach with Jason, who’s waiting for me to come back.”
“He knows you went after me?”

“Yes, he saw you go up the stairs and then I said that I would go after you. So, please, I just want to leave and be with Jason and whatever issues you have, are really not my concern.” Chad speaks more bravely than he feels and tries to casually walk around Ian, hoping that Ian is too surprised and that he can get out, but Ian isn’t fooled.

“I know how to use this very well…” Ian replies, now showing the knife very clearly and Chad nearly stops breathing as he now obviously see the blood and he doesn’t even dare to think about that means. Chad can feel fear grab him by the throat. Not again. Not after all the trouble with Alex.

“Drop the knife!!” Chad’s heart skips a few beats when he hears Max’s strong voice behind Ian. The knife falls to the ground and the blade leaves a smudge on the pebbles on the roof and Chad’s attention is morbidly drawn to it. It slowly starts to register with him, that it must be human blood. The blood of someone he knows.

McCord walks up to Chad and pushes him away from Ian.
“Go downstairs!” McCord orders quietly. “We’ll take care of this.” Chad nods, but by the time he reaches the door to get back in, he turns around one more time, when he can here Max ask his question to Ian.

“Why? Why did you kill George? Was he your lover? Lorena caught you two in an embrace and thought that you two…?”
That is exactly the reason why I killed him.” Ian’s voice was bitter. “You know why Lorena thought that? Because George never told anyone the truth!”

“The truth? Which truth?” McCord asks, who knew George very well. 
“That he wasn’t my lover,… he was my father!” Ian cries out and Chad can almost touch Ian’s pain. From where he stands, he has a good view of what is happening and he can hear what is being said. He can hear Ian go on.

“I didn’t know. Not at first. But just before my mom died, she told me who he was. All these years I worked for him and I never knew. I didn’t believe her at first, but George didn’t deny, that he had slept with her, although he didn't know I was her son, said that he would agree to a DNA-test and ... the test came back positive. I thought he was very happy.

He even hugged me, called me his son, that is when Lorena walked in on us… He… he said he needed to work a few things out for himself, that it would change so much for him and he asked me to give him time to deal with this news… News that he, and he said that very clearly, was very happy about…”

“Then what?” Max asks.
“Nothing. I waited and waited. Nothing happened.”
“That must have hurt.” Max sympathizes.
“He’s lying. I played card with George once a week. For years. And he never said a word to me.”

Ian turns to McCord now.
“I’m not a liar! I still have the DNA test! And it’s real! He was my father!” Ian’s voice becomes higher pitched as his upset shines through.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to call you a liar. He just never said anything.” McCord’s voice doesn’t help to calm down Ian.

Instead he laughs cynically.
“No. I know. He didn’t tell anyone! That’s what pissed me off! But the worst was yet to come. You know what happened then? He asked me to look for a price-list, that was on his desk. And amongst his mail I found a letter, sent to him by his lawyer.

It contained a will. Yes. A will! It was dated four weeks ago. Long after my father found out about my existence! He left everything to his nephew. Some guy who would write him every couple of months and then George would boast about it, like it was a fucking gift from God that his nephew had bothered to sit down and write a couple of words.

I didn’t even get mentioned. And I was his son! His flesh and blood! I could understand that he didn’t care about me, when I was the manager of his hotel, when he didn’t know, that he was my father… But that had changed! He knew! He saw the results of the test! And it wasn’t about the money! I just wanted him to acknowledge me!

I gave him plenty of time! I tried to be patient! But when I saw that will, I knew …. He never would accept me… And at first I was very hurt, … and then I got mad… I wanted to talk to him, but when I saw him, at the dock, and he looked up at me and smiled. He was such a hypocrite.

And I just gave him a shove, suddenly disgusted with him and he fell in the water and… I pushed him under again when he came up. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. That nail certainly helped me a lot. He was never going to lie to me again and I didn’t have to wait anymore for something that I was never going to get.” He replies bitterly.

“But, still… Lorena?” Max asks. “What did she ever do to you?”
“She talked too much…” Ian sighs. “What I did to George wasn’t premeditated. It just happened in a fit of sudden anger… I hadn’t planned to kill him. But Lorena? I planned to kill her.

I could see why she thought something about George and me. She knew I was gay. George didn't have a partner. He was married to the hotel. I could see her reason. But when she just kept on blabbing about how sorry she was for me that I had lost him, I became more and more grossed out by it all. She was constantly assuming that he and I were lovers. … He was my father…

I kindly asked her not to talk about it and she said she wouldn’t, but then she told me, out of the blue, that, the night that George died, she had seen that the sleeve of my shirt was wet and she wondered how that was possible…. If anyone would connect my wet shirt to George’s death… I just had to shut her up.”

“And so you killed her? Just like that?” Max shakes his head, feeling nauseous. “So why Karen Griffiths? She was a stranger. Had nothing to do with George. Or Lorena. Or you.”

“She was rude and obnoxious. For all her education, she sure never learned to behave like a lady. The way she treated people like meaningless insects was awful and her scene with James…? So cheap! When she walked away, she passed me in the hall and ordered me to stop staring at her, and told me, that once she’d run the hotel, she would have me and the rest of my staff of complete morons fired.

My hotel is one of the best on this island. The people that work here are very dedicated to their work and considered highly skilled. They didn’t deserve to be treated like dirt by someone who doesn’t have an ounce of grace herself. And that it would give me a way to put the blame on James and get rid of him was just a bonus.

As long as James wasn’t around, at least I’d be the manager of the hotel. I thought that with Lorena silenced and James out of the way, I would be able to charge of my life again.…. And then Pablo came to me. Told me that he had seen me that night, with Lorena. And that his silence would cost me.

The idiot. Did he seriously think, that if I could kill an otherwise sweet girl like Lorena, that I wouldn’t be able to kill a thug like him…? Tsss, he didn’t even pay attention to me. All he saw was the money. I think that the knife between his ribs was quite a surprise to him….”

“What about Jordan? Why Jordan?” Max now asks and finally there’s something of remorse, when Ian looks at him.
“I..” Ian bites his lip, suddenly overtaken with grief. “He was in the bathroom… I took the knife… in my hand… I thought about getting rid of it.

I didn’t think he’d come out of the bathroom so soon. He saw me. He saw the knife. He was so much smarter than people think. He immediately made the connection. You should have seen the look of disgust on his face….” The memory obviously triggers something in him, because suddenly he seems to crumble to pieces and he starts to cry. “I really liked him…”

Pressed up against the wall Chad can’t believe it. Jordan?! He has known Jordan for only a few days, but even he had grown to like him, enjoy his company and he can’t imagine that Jordan is no longer there and this man killed him in cold blood.
“You bastard!!!” He runs forward, not sure what he will do, but Max stops him.

“Chad! Don’t! Don’t!” Max warns him. Ian’s eyes come in contact with Chad and, while Max stops him from coming closer to Ian, Chad can see the incredible pain that Ian feels, but at the same time his own sadness just overrules everything else.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry about Jordan.” Ian whispers to Chad.

He turns around and starts to run. Max shoves Chad aside and goes into pursuit.
“Where the hell does he think he’s going?” He yells at McCord.
“I have no idea. Other exit?” McCord replies. Chad can hear them and at that moment he realizes what Ian will do.

“No way, you filthy little….” He starts to run parallel with McCord and Max, but on the other side of the roof.
“Shoot him!” Max yells at McCord, who stops to try and aim at Ian. The shot misses Ian, but not by much.

Ian makes a move. This is it. At one side of the hotel is the giant pool and the garden, on the other side, is the concrete street… He turns and runs for the other corner of the roof. There’s no escaping death now! But just a few feet away from the ledge he gets stopped when two arms encircle his body. Chad has intercepted him, just as he’s about to jump off the hotel.

“No!!!” Ian punches and kicks around, having only one objective: the ledge of the roof. Chad tries to keep him down, but Ian’s desperation is bigger that Chad’s and with one last punch he manages to get just enough space to get up and jump. He expects the moment of free fall, but instead he smacks against the side of the hotel.

Chad holds Ian’s shirt in his hand, but feels that Ian is dragging him over the side of the roof as well.
“Hold on!” Max tries to grab Ian as well, in a attempt to take the weight of Chad, but it’s no use.

The fabric starts to tear. Chad sees the resignation in Ian’s eyes.
“No…” Chad whispers and then he feels like falling back, when the stitches no longer hold the weight and he can see Ian fall. There’s a thud on the street and screams of horror down below, as Chad tries to get his balance back.

He tries to look over the side, but Max stops him.
“Don’t! Let it go! You really don’t want to see this.”
“I tried to stop him. He was going to kill himself. I tried to stop him.”
“You did. You did everything you could. He didn’t want to be stopped.”

Max takes Chad’s face between his hands.
“Chad, you did okay. He could not be stopped. This is not your fault… Don’t worry about him. Concentrate on Jordan.”

“Jordan was still breathing when we found him… Kevin, Scotty… They will need you. Now, come on. Move away from the ledge. Come with me. We’re going downstairs… Come with me.” Max carefully moves the shocked Chad away from the scene. Max can hear McCord say that he will take care of matters.

“I will be with you soon. I just need to make sure that Chad is no longer anywhere near.”
At the reception-desk they find James, who can’t give them more information, other than that Jordan is on his way to the hospital and that Scotty is with him in the ambulance.

Kevin and Jordan are, with Kay, on their way to the hospital. Tessa is about to leave. So Max quickly tells her what happened and she agrees to taking Chad with her to the hospital. Luckily she's smart enough to guide Chad through the back-door making sure he won’t see Ian lying on the pavement.



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