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The summer of 2010-17

The summer of 2010 part 17/?

By Marea67

About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


The medical examiner looks up, when Max and McCord join him.
“Died yesterday night, somewhere between nine and eleven. Stabbed repeatedly.. Seems to be the same weapon as the other two…” His gloved hands slide over the dead man’s body and finds a wallet.
“I know him from somewhere… Can’t put my finger on it just yet….” He says, concentrating on his search.

He hands over the wallet to McCord and checks further, but he cannot find any other signs of damage on the body.
“Same sort of knife, huh?” Max asks.
“Yeah, most likely…” The coroner says slowly, taking of his gloves. He doesn't want to have to take back his words.

He gives the instructions to take the body to his lab, only to suddenly turn around.
“I know where I’ve seen him. When the sister came to identify the girl… uh… Lorena? He was with the sister. Her boyfriend or something.”
“Seriously?” Max asks intrigued.


Kevin is the first to see him enter the dining-area.
“James!” He jumps up and is the first to greet James. James only has eyes for Kay and it’s not until he holds her in his arms that he can relax.
“What happened?” Scotty asks.

“They found another body… Murdered last night… But the time of death coincides with the time that Kay and I were with Max and McCord, talking to the kitchen-staff. It couldn’t be one of us. So, for now, they let me go. But Kay and I are supposed to stay here. They have posted people to guard us….”

“Max and McCord weren’t convinced of you guilt anyway.” Kevin says.
“That’s what they told me as well.” James laughs sarcastically. “I wanted to protect Kay.”
“Sweetheart, that was very sweet, but I don’t need protection. I didn’t do it. I swear on everything I own that I didn’t touch Karen.”

“I don’t know anymore what to think. I’m so confused.” James shakes his head.
“What you need is a good meal, a hot shower and some sleep.” Kevin says. “I suggest that you go to Kay’s room and get just that. Above all sleep! We’ll put our heads together in the morning.”

James is about to accept Kevin’s idea, when Ian comes in.
“I heard you were here.” Ian says, when he sees James.
“Yes…. For now anyway… Ian, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you’re here for us, for the hotel, for the staff.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Ian says. “Jordan and I will have dinner here in the hotel tonight. So if the staff needs me, I’m here. Just get some sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning.” James hears the others like Tessa, Chad and Jason say the same and his eyes fill with tears.

“I’m so lucky to have all of you…. And to know that you all believe in my… our innocence. I can’t begin to tell you how much that means to me.”
“Come on, baby.” Kay says softly and James lets her take him out of the small dining-area, no longer able to fight. He’s too tired.


“First Lorena and now Pablo?” Celeste looks up at Max, her big eyes are filled with tears and she just can’t stop crying. “Why?!”
“That’s what we’d like to know…. I know that this must be a shock to you… but can you think of someone with a grudge against your family?”
“No… Not that I can think of… We mind our own business and we don’t get involved in fights… Oh, my mother will die of a broken heart…” And she starts to cry again.
“Please, miss, I hate to have to ask this of you, but….” Max takes a deep breath. “Could it be that Lorena and Pablo were … seeing each other behind your back?”

“No. Pablo hated Lorena. Said that Lorena was a stuck up girl, who believed she was better than him… He hated it, that I asked him to pick her up at the hotel. She was my younger sister, I didn’t want her to walk alone at night… I had to nearly beg him to go, because he said he couldn’t care less if she was attacked or not….

And he was so  furious that she didn’t show up…. He, of course, didn’t know that she had been murdered… He said that she was laughing at him… taking him for a fool… Said it was the last time, he had driven there to bring her home…. He didn’t know… He was so sorry for his hard words, when he found out she’d been murdered….”

Taking Max aside, McCord mumbles.
“So, Pablo doesn’t like Lorena, she makes him feel inferior and … he kills her…?
“But, then, who killed Pablo? Don’t expect me to believe that it was Lorena.”
“Her sister?”

Max looks at Celeste and shakes his head.
“I can’t imagine her killing anyone, let alone her boyfriend…”
“I agree with you. This case makes no sense whatsoever.” McCord sighs.
“It has to. Somehow it has to. We just don’t see it. That’s all.” Max replies.


“Well, I am very happy that James is free again…” Jordan says. Though Ian and he had promised not to discuss the murder, or James and Kay’s situation, it became just inevitable by the end of the dinner, that they had in Jordan’s room.
“I agree. And I hope, he’ll be back on the job tomorrow.”

“That would be nice.” Jordan says politely.
“It sure would be, because it means that I can devote a bit more time to you….” Ian leans a little bit closer over the table. “I want to have dinner in a restaurant with you and seduce you over desert.”

“I think you’d have me seduced before they bring the entrées.” Jordan replies, slightly less teasing than he planned to. In fact, he sounds like he’s about to rip Ian’s clothes off his body, which comes pretty close to his feelings. Ian laughs. Jordan is such an open book and he knows what Jordan wants.

So, he stands up and walks over to Jordan and kisses him longingly. Jordan makes a little sound between two kisses and Ian helps him up, still kissing him, taking Jordan in his arms to make the kiss even more intimate. Jordan goes with it, until he breaks the kiss and pushes Ian away a bit.

“You… We can’t do this. You may be needed….” He sighs, clearly not happy.
“Which is why I will still dressed and ….” Ian lowers his voice to whisper. “You won’t…”. He pushes Jordan on the bed and covers Jordan almost immediately. His kisses silence Jordan’s not too loud protest.

He takes off Jordan’s t-shirt and if Jordan does feel conscious about his not so perfect body, the hungry way that Ian kisses and caresses him, makes him forget all about it. By the time that Ian’s mouth reaches Jordan’s belly-button, Jordan is lost in his feelings and he has only one thing in mind, when he pushes Ian’s head even further down.


“Do you think that James and Kay are out of trouble?” Scotty asks. Kevin pours the wine in the glasses before he answers.
“I’d like to think they are. They had no reason to kill Lorena and could not have killed Pablo… Oh, how that name reminds me of Kitty’s boyfriend…” Kevin grins.

“I hope so. I hope they’ll find the killer soon, so we can enjoy our holidays again. I don’t want to worry about our friends anymore…”
“Thank you.”
“For what?”

“For saying our friends. I like that you have accepted Tessa, James and Kay.”
“I have to admit that at first they made me nervous, because I didn’t understand what was going on, but now… I worry about James and Kay…”
“I’m so fortunate to have you as my husband.” Kevin sighs, kissing Scotty’s lips.

They are both quiet as they watch the sun slowly fade away. They both feel tired after all the troubles in their first week on this resort. Kevin takes another sip of wine and then lets his fingers caress Scotty’s hand. Scotty smiles at the tenderness and he takes Kevin’s hand and brings it to his lips.

He kisses Kevin’s fingers, the palm of his hand, the inside of the wrist and he can see the lust grow in Kevin’s eyes. He wants to move closer to kiss Kevin’s lips, when the sound of Kevin’s phone breaks the silence. At first they try to ignore the sharp tone, but it’s too annoying.

“Hold that thought. It’s probably mom.” Kevin laughs and he wants to refuse the call when he sees the name on the display. “Oh, no, it’s Max.” Immediately they both tense up. “Hi, Max.” Kevin says, feeling Scotty’s hand cover his own. “Yeah, sure…. I’d love to talk to you..”

Scotty’s lips form the word ‘Now?’, Kevin shakes his head.
“Fine. …. Just Scotty and me? … No. No problem at all. We’ll see you then… Bye.” He breaks the connection. “Tomorrow-morning at about nine. Breakfast downstairs. Just the three of us.” Kevin and Scotty look at each other. Suddenly the fear is back.

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