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The summer of 2010-16

The summer of 2010 part 16/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


“Chad!” Jason moans tiredly. He can feel how Chad, who’s spooned up against him, gets hard again.
“Stop wiggling your ass like that against me.” Chad replies, humor is his voice.
“I’m tired.”

“So am I. You are the one starting this again.” Chad points out.
“Mhmmm, I want to stay here forever, just lying in your arms, be satisfied and never do anything again.” Jason nearly purrs. Chad grins, he likes to see Jason this relaxed.
“That may sound like fun, but I’m sure that after a few days, you’d get tired of it.”

Jason moves away from Chad, so he can turn around and face Chad.
“So? What are we now? Are we back to being lovers?”
“Just friends… Good friends.” Chad answers curtly and Jason can feel him pull away emotionally.
“I’m good friends with Kevin, Scotty and now even Jordan. I don’t….”

Chad doesn’t allow Jason to finish his sentence.
“Jason. Please. We both know how these discussions go. You want me all to yourself. I feel smothered. You sulk. I’m mad. I act out. You get mad. Break up…

Can’t you just enjoy the moment? Just relax. For you it always needs to be black or white. Grey is beautiful color too. Come on, we’re both having fun, why do you almost insist on a ring on your finger, as proof that I love you. We both know, it means nothing. And we both know, that it only makes me want to break free and do stupid things.”

“I know, I shouldn’t be so jealous, but … I really like being with you and when I see you look at others…. I’m worried that somehow I’m not good enough. God knows, it’s difficult enough with religion standing between us, and our lives in general and … we’re just not compatible and  yet…

I want to be with you, because I feel good when I’m with you. Maybe that is also why I needed this break from the church. I kept wondering ‘What if…?’ and it made me crazy.” Chad listens to Jason, but doesn’t say anything. He knows, deep inside, that Jason’s insecurity won’t last and then Jason will chose the church again and Chad will be alone again…

“I think that is why we should enjoy the time we have….” He says, not sure if his words are a reaction to Jason’s words or his own line of thought.
“Maybe you’re right.” Jason sighs and he moves closer to Chad, wraps his arms around Chad and lifts up his head, his eyes begging for another kiss.


“Feel any better?” Ian asks. Jordan nods. A few days ago he would have laughed at the idea of a cup of tea, but now, thanks to Ian's kindness, it’s just what he needed. “I’m sorry, Jordan, I can’t keep our date. With James and Kay….. not here… I need to manage the hotel. The crew needs someone to turn to.”

“They are fortunate to have you.”
“James is so nice. I don’t mind helping him.”
“You’re the greatest!” Jordan laughs and Ian smiles at him.
“Does that mean that you’re not angry and that I still get to kiss you?”

“You can kiss me anytime you like…” Jordan replies and Ian takes immediate advantage of those words. The kiss is long and warm and again Jordan feels like he’s the luckiest man alive. Ian slowly breaks the kiss with smaller kisses.
“Well, maybe we can’t go out, but can we perhaps dinner? Your room? I’d still have to available, but…”

“… as long as they don’t call you, we’ll have the time to ourselves?” Jordan finishes. Ian nods. “I’d love that. My room….” Another kiss, but then Ian gets up.
“I…. I really have to leave… and get back to work.” His face is so full of regret that Jordan can’t help, but feel very special. He nods in approval, as Ian, clearly disliking it, leaves Jordan’s room.


“Are you completely insane?” James gives Kevin a hurt look. How can Kevin ask him this?
“It had to be done. I did it. I killed Karen and I could not let Kay take the fall for it.”
“Oh, come on! You didn’t kill Karen anymore than I did.”
“Yes. I did. What do you know about this anyway?”

“I believe in your innocence.”
“Well that’s foolish.”
“James!” Kevin warns.
“I have to do this.” James says.

“But why? It makes no sense. There’s not enough evidence.”
“Like they will actually look for evidence. I fought with her and now she’d dead. Of course the blame will be put on either Kay or me. And what chances does Kay have on a fair treatment?

They think she’s some freak, mentally disturbed for being a man in women’s clothes. What if they put her in prison? I don’t even dare to think of what they will do to her.”
“Prison? Nobody even talked about prison!”
“And I’m not going to wait for it!”

“What makes you think that anyone would blame Kay?”
“Oh, come on. I’m not stupid.”
“No, seriously, what could they bring up against Kay? She was with you all afternoon!” But as soon as the words leave his lips, Kevin catches the look of disaster on James’s face.


“That is exactly the problem, Scotty.” Kay says, brushing away another tear. “I wasn’t with James when Karen was murdered. James was with his lawyer. And I had been there with him, for a while… But… I was anxious to become Kay again and I wanted to start the change…

I still had to do some errands and so I left earlier. I told James that I’d take a taxi and meet him at the hotel. So, you see. No alibi, no witnesses, … I’m going to jail. It’s just a matter of time…. James took the blame, but he only did that, so I could get out…. He.. told me to run. To leave this place. Go back to Germany.” Kay’s voice breaks and she cries again.

“You can’t run! The police will catch you before you reach the airport!” Scotty says shocked at the pure insanity of James’s plan.
“I won’t run. What would be the point? Does he really believe that I would have a life in Germany, if I was that far away from him?

We thought we would finally be together, and now… I can’t believe that bitch. Even dead, she manages to keep us apart….” Kay shakes her head in disbelief.
“I’m sure … that it there will be a solution.” Scotty says, but his voice isn’t  as strong as he would have liked.


Kevin sits down next on Scotty, at the foot of the bed. He feels as tired as Scotty looks.
“Did you talk to James?” Scotty asks. There’s something hesitating in his voice that makes Kevin ask:
“Why? What did Kay say?”

“She left the lawyer earlier than James. That puts her here, in the hotel, around the time Karen died. She’s afraid that the police will think it’s her.”
“James is afraid she killed Karen. That somehow they ran into each other and then….”
“What? Kay pulled a knife from underneath her skirt and stabbed Karen…? Ridiculous.”

“I know. It’s not me that you have to convince.” Kevin says with a sigh.
“So, all we can do now is wait?”
“Yes, and pray for a miracle…”
“In that case, we’d better call Jason. Prayer is his department.” Scotty jokes, but neither of their smiles is very sincere.


A short knock disturbs the conversation between Inspector McCord and Max. A young police-officer enters and, still out of breath, he announces:
“They found another one.”
“Another what?” Max asks, annoyed at the interruption.

“Another body, sir. At the same resort. A man. Stabbed. Probably last night.” Max jumps up and turns to McCord.
“This could be the break-through we’ve been waiting for.” He says, feeling more excited than he should be. McCord nods.

“Fine. Let’s see what this body brings us. I still believe, just like you, that James is innocent and so is this … Kay…” McCord obviously still hasn’t come around on the topic of Kay, but Max lets it pass. He hopes that McCord is right. He would love to be able to tell to Kevin that his friends are definitely off the list of suspects.

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