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The summer of 2010-15

The summer of 2010 part 15/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


“Kevin, I’m not at liberty to discuss this with you….” Max starts as he sees Kevin just outside the police-station.
“I know, but I just want to tell you, that you have arrested the wrong people. Neither of them had a good reason to kill Karen.

They were full of plans, glad they could finally be together, … killing Karen would only jeopardize that future they wanted so badly. They were convinced that they had made a proposal that Karen couldn’t refuse.”
Could not refuse, because they knew she was dead?” Max points out.

Kevin is quiet, wondering if Max is serious, but Max doesn’t blink, he keeps his eyes on Kevin and though he sees that Kevin is momentarily taken aback by his words, not for a second is Kevin considering that his friends may be guilty. He is suddenly more careful though. Kevin seems to weigh his words before speaking.

“I can see why you might think that. I’ll give you that…. But I doubt it. You have to understand, that James comes a good home. A wealthy family that own stock, land, cars, houses, companies. They’ve always liked Karen and over the years have considered Karen a better person to run their business than James, which is why they never gave James financial freedom.

Karen herself is the only heir of her own family-fortune. James’ family would have embraced the idea of letting Karen take over. James and his ‘sordid’ life-style and, once they find about Kay, even more terrible choice for a partner, would be paid off and it would all be done with.

Karen was still young enough and she’d be filthy rich. Rich enough to buy anyone she wanted. All James wanted was a divorce and this place, which is just meaningless compared to what Karen stood to get. The biggest winner would be Karen and it was a price that James was willing to pay.”

“And I know that this whole Kai/Kay aspect is weird, but if prejudice….”
“Kevin! I’m not prejudice about anything! Two women were killed. That is a fact! Whether you like it or not!

One of those women was killed after an intense fight with her husband. Fact! Then a bloodied knife is found under the mattress of said husband. Fact! And he shares this room with another man, who had a very good reason to want to kill one of the women. Fact! We found the murder-weapon in a room that is available to two murder-suspects! Fact!

That has nothing to do with prejudice, but just with… with…. Bad luck for your friends if they should be innocent.” Max finishes less convincing.
“You’re not sure that they are guilty.” Kevin realizes.
“No. I’m not.” Max admits, shaking his head slowly.

“Alright. For one, James simply handed over the key to their room, in all conviction that we wouldn’t find anything. I’m sure of that. He and Kay was completely flabbergasted about the news that we found the weapon in their room. There’s no way they could have faked that.

Second, they strike me as being too smart. Sincerely. Anyone with half a brain could realize that they would be our primary suspects. And what do they do? With all the grounds they have, plus a complete hotel, an enormous beach and a huge ocean at their disposal, they hide the murder-weapon under the mattress, …

Because… yeah, that’s a place where the police would not think to look? It’s just stupid. And there’s a third thing. The knife, still bloodied, was put in a plastic bag and stuck under a mattress. Now aside from the fact that they could easily have disposed of it somewhere else, there’s something else.

Why didn’t they clean the knife? Time was not a huge problem. From what we understand so far, they’ve both been alone in that room and had plenty of time. And there’s not a single fingerprint on either the knife or the bag….”
“You think it was planted there?”

“Yes… And there’s a fourth thing…. My gut-feeling says it’s not them. Unfortunately that doesn’t hold up in court.”
“Yeah, I know the feeling.”

“Listen, Kev, Inspector McCord isn’t happy with this either. He knew James’ uncle very well and he has a hard time dealing with the fact that he has to arrest James, especially, because, he too, believes that James didn’t do it… with the verdict still out on Kay… There might be some prejudice there….” Max admits.

“Anything I can do?” Kevin asks.
“No. Just go back. Know that I’m working on the case, and that I believe in their innocence. I will do whatever I can to get them free. Just trust me.”
“Okay…” Kevin says, not entirely convinced.


The first thing he sees, when he enters the bedroom, is Scotty. It’s afternoon, the sun is high and obviously Scotty just wanted to get away from the warm weather outside. His book is still open before him, but Scotty is well off to the land of dreams. Kevin smiles lovingly.

Wearing only a pair of shorts Scotty’s long legs seem to be even longer than usual and Kevin has trouble resisting the temptation to caress them. From the ankle up to the strong thigh and then…. Kevin bites his lip. It would be unconsidered to think about sex with your husband when two good friends are in jail…

As if he can feel Kevin’s problem, the object of Kevin’s desire wakes up.
“Hey, babe. Any news?” Scotty's voice is still sleepy.
“No. Aside from the fact that the police has good reason to suspect them,  ...but Max believes they are innocent.”

“Well, that is good news, isn’t it?”
“Partially. It means they keep their options open, but at the same time, it will be difficult to prove their innocence if the evidence against them is so strong.”
“I’m sorry.”

Kevin lets himself fall on the bed, with a loud sigh.
“I just wish…” But then he interrupts himself. “There is nothing I can do. So frustrating!”
“Come here.” Scotty takes Kevin in his arms, their bodies entangle. Scotty kisses Kevin’s hair and Kevin lets the tenderness wash over him.
“This feels so good.” He mumbles and Scotty smiles, feeling how much Kevin needs this now. “I feel so useless right now, there’s nothing I can do to help my friends.”
“That is not your fault, it’s just a bad situation.”
“I know… but it doesn’t make me feel better.” Kevin sighs.

“Maybe this will.” Scotty, ever so gently, captures Kevin’s mouth. A part of Kevin feels the need to protest and point out that he’s not in the mood, but another part, particularly the lower part of his body, has a mind of its own.
“Scotty….” He whispers, not sure if it’s to tell Scotty to go on or to stop.

“There’s nothing you can do. Except maybe have a bit of faith that it will work out… And no, I haven’t been talking to Jason….” He teases. Kevin laughs, despite the severity of the situation. “So, come on, baby, just relax…. We don’t have to have sex,… just be together…”

Kevin gives in to the soft voice whispering in his ear, to the tender touches of the fingertips that search his body. The warm breath on his skin makes him shiver and the sweet tenderness makes him ache for more. He closes his eyes tightly, pushes away any bad thoughts about James and Kay and focuses all his attention on Scotty.


There’s a loud knock on the door. Scotty is out of bed before Kevin and quickly opens the door. Jordan storms in.
“Kev! You’re needed! Tess is almost hysterical!”
“Why? What’s going on?”

It’s only when Jordan sees Kevin’s naked body under the sheets that he realizes what’s going on.
“I’m sorry….” He apologizes awkwardly. Scotty dismisses it.
“We were just basking in the afterglow. Don’t worry. Tess?”

“She tried to call Kevin… He didn’t answer…”
“Battery is low. What’s going on with Tess…?”
“Kay called her from the police-station, asking if she could pick Kay up there.”
“Well, that’s good news, isn’t it? It means Kay is innocent?” Scotty concludes.

But Jordan shakes his head.
“No. James confessed to the murder.” Jordan explains, clearly upset.
“What?!?!” Kevin just stares at Jordan.
“James confessed that he stabbed Karen to death…”

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