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The summer of 2010-13

The summer of 2010 part 13/?

By Marea67

About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


Jordan cannot believe how entertaining the evening is. He cannot remember ever having felt more alive. Ian is nice and charming, interested in what Jordan has to tell and very funny with his own stories. Though he started a bit shy, as the evening progressed, he clearly became more confident and now he’s openly flirting with Jordan.

After the dinner, they had a drink at the bar, where they talked even more, ever so slowly sitting closer and closer to each other, until Ian’s hand casually rests on Jordan’s leg and the looks they give each other are close to making the fire-alarm go off, but the hand softly moving up his thigh makes Jordan uncomfortable.

“I.. I had a wonderful evening, but I’m tired and I think that maybe it’s best if…” he stammers and Ian takes his hand away.
“If I was moving too fast…?” he replies, suddenly not so confident anymore.
“No. No… Well, yes, kinda. No, you weren’t moving too fast.. I’m going too slow…”

Okay, that was silly and the confused look on Ian’s face proves that he doesn’t get it either. Jordan feels even more stupid.
“It’s been a long time since I was… you know… with someone and, I really like you, but at the same time, …”

Jordan curses at himself. At the same time what? Admit he’s a hopeless romantic and he wants to be swept off his feet like some movie-diva from a 50s movie? And that unfortunately, most of the men he meets are more interested in a quick recap of a porn-movie….?
“Why don’t you let me walk you back your room?” Ian offers.

“Why? It’s just 2 minutes away from here.” Jordan replies, still not daring to get it.
“Silly! How else can I kiss you goodnight at your doorstep?” Ian laughs, letting his fingers caress Jordan’s hand. Okay, …. Jordan smiles and considers that maybe he should just remember that there’s nothing wrong with porn… occasionally.


Max sits down with Kevin, Scotty, Jason and Chad.
“Of all the places!… Why are you here? Please, tell me Alex hasn’t escaped.” Kevin laughs.
“No. Not to my knowledge. No, they had this exchange program and all my colleagues wanted to come here. You know how it works.

The crimes are easily solved and it’s all more relaxed here. Plus, I can actually spend my evenings sitting on the beach with a cold beer and just feel great. With so many wanting to be in this program, I didn’t think I’d stand a chance, but my partner requested it for me anyway and … here I am!”

“Can you tell us why you’re here at the hotel? James Griffiths, the owner, is a friend of mine.” Kevin now asks.
“I think, it’s just a routine-investigation. One of his employees was reported missing. They just found her.”

“Found her?” Scotty asks.
“She’s dead. Stabbed. For now, they… we… think it might be a relational crime. Jealous or dumped boyfriend or something. We need to talk to the people here and get more information on the girl. That’s all.”

“Oh, good. Things are finally looking up for James, I’d hate it, if he got hurt again.”
“Do you know him well?” Max asks of Kevin and after a quick glance at the other three men, once again, Kevin tells the whole story about how they met twenty years ago and how they came to be reunited.


“This is my room.” Jordan says and Ian stops.
“Well, I had a nice evening… Can we perhaps try again tomorrow?” he asks.
“Do you really want that?” Jordan asks in return,
“I’d love to.”

Laughing sheepishly at each other, they stand there, feeling a little awkward.
“Would you feel that I’d be too pushy if I’d kiss you?” Ian asks. Jordan shakes his head. He’s too scared to trust his voice. Ian takes a step closer and kisses Jordan softly on the lips. His lips barely brush against Jordan’s, but Jordan can feel it go straight to his groin.

There’s a second kiss, more solid this time and still Jordan can’t believe it. He hesitantly lifts his hands, letting them rest against Ian’s arms. The third kiss is the one that really makes Jordan’s head spin. He moves closer to Ian, allowing the kiss to deepen. By the time that Ian breaks their kiss, Jordan is floating on air.

“I really enjoyed that.” Ian says, caressing Jordan’s face. “Why don’t we continue this tomorrow?”
“You don’t want to come in and… stay?” Jordan asks, not sure if he’s happy or disappointed. Ian laughs.

“I want nothing more, but … I want to do this right. You’re an amazing guy and I’m not interested in some quick sex….” He kisses Jordan one more time. “I’ll see you tomorrow?” Ian asks. Jordan nods and with a little smile Ian leaves him. Jordan quickly enters his room, lets himself fall on the bed, takes his phone and starts texting.


“Hee! Jordan got lucky. His date kissed him.” Scotty smiles reading Jordan’s message.
“Awww, lucky him. He such a nice guy, he deserves to have a nice boyfriend.”
“I agree. He’s always so sweet. I really hope he finds some happiness.” Scotty turns to Kevin, who’s already in bed.

Kevin looks back at him.
“Are you shocked by everything you heard tonight?” Kevin asks.
“Shocked? No. I don’t think that’s the right word. I was surprised by Kai turning into Kay. That took some adjusting.”

“I can imagine.” Kevin replies, while browsing through some paper-work that James had asked him to look into.
“So, do you think, that now that Kay is free, she’ll have some operation done?”
“I don’t know. Kay doesn’t know it either, when I asked her.”

Kevin stacks the papers differently, a sign that he’s organizing his thought.
“Kai is afraid. He’s been trapped in this world of silence over his feelings for so long, that he’s scared to make the choice. Personally, I think that he needs some serious counseling and a lot of conversations with James, but that’s between them.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before about Kay?”
“I wasn’t sure what Kai wanted to do. Plus, I wanted you to get to know him and realize that he’s a nice, caring and gentle person, who’s very much in love with James, before letting a possible prejudice pre-determine your opinion of him.”

“That was a good thought. Were you ever weirded out by it?”
“I don’t know… I was still struggling with my own sexual identity at the time. I felt like I wasn’t in a position to judge Kai, when I hadn’t figured out my own feelings just yet. Like Tessa said: we did a lot of soul-searching those days.”

“I was thinking about it while in the shower. I’ve always known about my attraction to men, but I never really wanted to be a woman.”
“Neither did I. Whole different situation.” Kevin says and he pulls Scotty closer for a little kiss, before allowing Scotty to join him under the sheets. Scotty’s lies close to him, his hand resting on Kevin’s belly.

“I guess,” Kevin then thoughtfully says. “that I’ve always admired him for his fight, but that doesn’t mean I can understand what he feels. We, - you, Jason, Jordan, me and maybe to lesser extend Chad – all went through different processes regarding coming out and how we experienced it, but I think that all of us can find situations where we have something in common.

I don’t have that with Kai, because what he was going through is so fundamentally different from the process that I went through, that I don’t think I can say that I know how he feels. All I do know, is that he’s happier and more comfortable in his skin when he’s Kay.

I can only hope that he can work through his feelings and come to the right decision, if he makes one and that James and he will find the happiness they deserve.”
“I agree, that’s a nice thought….” Scotty replies quietly. Kevin turns to his side, so that he can see Scotty.

He caresses Scotty’s cheek with his thumb and he enjoys watching his husband's face. Scotty's eyes are closed.
“Want to make love?” Kevin asks softly, wondering if perhaps Scotty already fell asleep. Scotty opens his eyes.
“Do you?” Scotty asks.

“Only if you do.”
“So, it’s up to me now?”
“Yes. I want to make love to you too, but … maybe we should wait a little longer….”

Though the sunburn doesn’t hurt as much as before, Kevin still makes a little hissing sound when Scotty’s fingers caress the sensitive skin.
“I hate the sun…” Kevin moans disappointedly. Scotty laughs.
“Well, let me take your mind of it then…” and Scotty lets his hand disappear under the sheet and a few seconds later his head.


“Did you bring it?” Pablo grins. A bag is placed on the ground before him. He’s glad to have found such a quiet little place where no one can see them. He doesn’t need a witness to the exchange of this large sum of money. He kneels down.
“Too bad for Lorena, but that girl will make me rich.”

With the arrogance of youth, Pablo realizes too late, that if this person could kill Lorena, than killing Pablo wouldn’t be too difficult either. The knife comes from out of nowhere. Its sharp blade creates an incredible pain, Pablo falls down and he can see a shadow fall over him.

The knife gets pulled out of him, his body falling back on the floor. He screams in terror, as the arm goes up again. He watches the knife come down for the second stab. And the third. Too bad that he chose such a lonely quiet place to exchange the blackmail-money… No one hears him scream.


Scotty knows that if Kevin doesn’t let him come soon, he’ll go crazy. The way that Kevin moves inside him is maddening, especially because Kevin doesn’t allow Scotty to touch himself, instead only playing with Scotty’s cock to keep the tension growing.
“Kevin….” He begs, his muscles trembling with the want for release.

Kevin smiles and nods that he heard Scotty. He takes his hand away.
“I want to see you satisfy yourself.” Kevin whispers. Scotty moans, but obeys, hissing as he touches himself. He’s just too aroused. At the same time, he feels he can no longer postpone it either.

Kevin watches the look of relief on Scotty’s face as he comes closer to his climax and he catches Scotty’s rhythm, matches it and enjoys the amazing sensation of feeling Scotty coming underneath him. It takes one or two more thrusts, he screams out Scotty’s name and then he too gives in.

He collapses down next to Scotty and Scotty slowly turns to wrap his arms around Kevin.
“This was so good.” He says, still out of breath.
“Mhmm, I’m glad there are no more secrets between us…” Kevin kisses Scotty’s hair and smiles at the sweet little noise Scotty makes.

“I guess, that from now on the holidays will run smoothly and we’ll finally have some time to relax.” Scotty hums and he kisses Kevin’s shoulder.
“Yeah, nothing but smooth sailing from now on.” Kevin agrees and he closes his eyes to sleep.

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