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The summer of 2010-11

The summer of 2010 part 11/?

By Marea67
: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


Estelle swears she will kill Lorena if that girl ever dares to show her ugly face here in this kitchen again. She used to be worried when that girl ran off like that, but not anymore. She’s done worrying. What bothers Estelle the most is not that Lorena disappeared without saying a word to anyone, but that she, Estelle, got stuck with the extra work.

She places the garbage bag outside, in the wooden shed, that is especially made, so that clients won’t see the mess that is made in the kitchen. She hates to return to that hot kitchen, but she has no real choice. She takes a few steps back to the kitchen-door when her attention is drawn by a buzzing sound.

Flies. She makes an ugly face. Dirty animals! She wonders what could attract this many of them. She tilts her head to pinpoint the exact direction of the buzzing sound and soon enough she sees them surrounding the bushes. She takes a few steps and looks behind the bushes, expecting some dead animal. A rabbit, a pigeon, a rat, something like that.

But the first thing she sees a hand. A human hand. Her brains cannot immediately process what that means. So she steps closer and sees the elbow, the shoulder, the face… Lorena’s face… Still her brains are blocked. It’s too unreal. She sees the blood… Lots of blood… Flies… Flies on the blood…. Then she starts to scream….


Jordan is nervous. A blind date. He hasn’t had one of those in quite some time. He stares at the floor. Blind dates always end bad for him. Usually the man in question is a geek, they don’t connect and if, by chance, Jordan does like him, the guy never calls back… Maybe he should cancel this…

He turns around and is face-to-face with Mr Porter and he’s alone.
“The guy was busy, right?” he concludes, not sure if that makes him happy or sad.
“No… The man I spoke of… is me… My name is Ian…. And I … I liked you from the first time I saw you. In the lobby. I just didn’t think….”

Jordan’s face clearly displays his disbelief, but Ian seems so nervous about this ‘confession’ that Jordan wonders if he’s telling the truth. He smiles unsure. Ian is cute. That’s true.
“I see.” He softly starts. “Are you sure about this?”
“All I know is, that I want to get to know you better.” Ian says.

“So, we’ll have dinner together?” Jordan’s voice is hopeful.
“I’ve reserved the best place for you.”
“I’m very happy with that…” Jordan replies. Ian smiles at him and show him to their table, where they both sit down.


The hand that is opening the lipstick trembles a bit. It’s been a while. But once the lipstick gets applied, the hand is steady and confident. The same happens around the eyes. A hint of hesitation, the knowledge of knowing what to do, but being afraid to do so. Fingers run through dark curls. The nail-polish on the fingertips match the lipstick.

Carefully shaved legs get covered by the thin veil of the panty-hose. The bra is always the problem, but nothing that can’t be fixed. Deep breath as the dress slips over the head. The soft fabric feels so comfortable on the skin. A quick adjustment to the sleeves. It’s perfect. Feet slip in the shoes with low heels.

Half-turn to the right, half-turn to the left in front of the mirror, just to see it all looks as good as it feels. The hand that slides over the flat tummy shakes a bit before it reaches out to the purse on the table. Finally. This is it. One more deep breath. No turning back. Time to step out into the hallway.

It’s only two doors further. The shoes are still not very comfortable. Time. Only time can do that. The door opens and James Griffiths looks astounded at the person before him.
“Done.” Is all the soft voice says and James smiles. Yes, it’s done.


Chad lifts his head to see what time it is. Nearly seven-thirty!
“Jase, wake up. We have to get ready for dinner.” He says quietly. Jason makes a little noise, but doesn’t seem to want to open his eyes. “Come on, baby, we’re expected to show up… We can’t stay in bed all day.”

“Yes, we can.” Jason mumbles. “No obligations. Holiday. Remember?”
“I remember.” Chad smiles and he caresses Jason’s naked shoulder, before kissing the back of his neck.
“I don’t want to leave this bed.” Jason moans.

“Come on. You should be familiar with getting out of bed at the most impossible hours, you’re a priest.” Chad points out, as he sits up, ready to get out of bed. Jason doesn’t answer immediately and when he finally does, it is so soft that Chad nearly missed it.
“Not anymore, I’m not.”

“Excuse me?” Chad turns to Jason. “Did you just say that you’re not a minister anymore?”
“Yes.” Jason sits up. He looks miserable and he rubs his arms as if he’s cold. “Right after Robert died, I had another crises of faith… It’s all so unfair, what happened to Robert.”

“I’ll be the first to agree. It was awful, but to turn your back on the church…?”
“God and I are not on speaking terms at the moment…. I’m so mad…” Jason’s voice trembles and Chad sits down on the bed again. “I lied about coming here. I said that I needed time for prayer and meditation…. Restore my faith...”

Chad’s frown of concern becomes an irritated one.
“I may not be too religious myself, but I don’t like this. I don’t think that many churches will consider fucking your ex a form of meditation… If your church finds out that you’re here, instead of seriously working on your crises of faith…”

“I know.” Jason says and Chad jumps up.
“No! You don’t know. Who are you? The Jason I know would not lie to his church, to his congregation, …”
“I’m not that same Jason anymore!”

“Yes. You are. You’re hurting, I get that. But what you’re doing is wrong. Do you believe that Robert would be proud of you for doing what you’re doing right now?”
“Don’t do that. Don’t bring Robert into this.”
“He’s at the core of all this.”

Jason wraps his arms around himself and bows his head. Chad turns away, lets his fingers run through his hair and wonders what to do next. He turns back to Jason to tell him exactly what he thinks of all the lying, when he notices that Jason’s body is shaking.
“Are you crying?” Chad cannot imagine that Jason is this upset.

“I feel so lost.” Jason suddenly admits to Chad. “I miss my brother. He was all I had left after mom and dad died. I love Kitty and Courtney, they are both amazing women. It’s always a joy to be around Evan or Jack or Sophia. The rest of my family calls me all the time, but none of them are Robert! I want my brother back!”

Chad doesn’t know what to do or say. He’s used to hysterical divas and fake emotions, just for the camera, but not to the raw pain that Jason now shows. He slowly sits down on the bed again and wraps his arms around Jason.
“It will be alright, baby. We’ll get through this.” He whispers, holding Jason tightly.


“It is not funny!” Kevin angrily says.
“I know, baby.” Scotty replies, trying to hold his laughter.
“You and your stupid ideas! Sex on the beach! How could I have been this crazy!”
“I’m sorry, babe.” Scotty desperately fights the urge to laugh.

“Don’t laugh!” Kevin warns.
“I’m not laughing.” Scotty tries to deny. “How was I supposed to know that we would fall asleep after the hot sex we had and that while we were sleeping the sun turned and that suddenly we were no longer in the shadow of the rocks, but in the full sunlight…?”

“It should have been you on top!” Kevin replies in cranky voice and Scotty, hopelessly trying to sympathize with Kevin, takes the soothing after-sun to put on Kevin’s sunburned ass, but when he turns back to Kevin and sees him lying there, Scotty can no longer stop. He starts to laugh uncontrollably, annoying Kevin even further.

“I..I’m s-so… s-s-sorry.” Scotty hiccups with laughter. “It’s just… not funny… I know… It’s just, they’re so red and you like those apes… you know, the ones with the…”
“Say it and I swear, I’ll divorce you.” Kevin warns and Scotty bites his lip to not say another word. He guiltily tries to not laugh, but it only has the opposite effect.

Scotty’s laughter is contagious, because, now, even Kevin can’t hide a smile and Scotty ruffles his hair with tenderness.
“Come on, let me take care of that..” He says, still grinning. “You’ll feel better in the morning.”

“I hope so. I still have a dinner to sit through tonight though.” Kevin mumbles, making a hissing sound when Scotty’s fingers touch the sensitive skin.
“Mhmmm, I wonder who should call first for this? .. Sarah? Kitty? Justin?...” Scotty teases.

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